Acknowledgments and Friends of Flora

Thanks to the following people and organizations who have shared their photos or other resources with Flora for the website.

Joseph Dougherty. Check out Joe’s great website pages linking biodiversity and health.

Jack Scheper

The Starrs

Mitsuko Williams, Associate Professor Emerita of Library Administration, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

The following people have contributed to the radio show in various ways and supported Flora: Terry Conrad, Robyn Klein, Patricia DeAngelis, Mark Blumenthal and the American Botanical Council, Betsy Griffing, Lee Esbenshade, Sarah LaFont, Sandra Toigo, Kay Whitlock, Phoebe Hunter, Kelly Chadwick, Margaret Williams, Peter Lesica, William Marcus, Linda Talbott, Beth Anne Austein, Annie Garde, Gus Chambers, Michael Marsolek, Paul Judy, Mary Ann Judy, John and Sanni Judy, Carol Cronin, Hannah Gretz, Mary B. Fort, Nancy Romalov, the Cactus Club, Walter Roberts, David Aronofsky, Lynn Purl, Gwen McKenna, Jay Kettering, Joan Richarde, Kathy Gronau and Wayne Knickel, Paul Zalis, Butch Turk, David Freudberg, David Patterson, Tina McGerald Smith, Irene Yen, Beth Montgomery, Deb Watts, Bob Griffin, Pat Lawler, and many more.