Medicinal Plants Links

The world of medicinal plants is fascinating to explore.  Take it from me, Flora Delaterre--I spend lots of time doing just that!  The following links are great pathways to start out on.  Have fun, get informed, and get inspired to help medicinal plants!

To Find Out More about Using Phytomedicinals

The American Botanical Council is a great source of science-based information about medicinal plants. When you’re in doubt about the safety of a certain plant, what to think about the regulation of herbs, or anything else medicinal-plant-related, find out the Council’s position on it–it’s sure to be reasonable and credible. With lots of information resources and databases, especially for members, ABC is one of my favorite organizations. Check them out! is a wonderful, in-depth resource, maintained by the nonprofit Alternative Medicine Foundation, about various medicinal plants. 

Another good source of info about medicinal plants from the Herb Research Foundation.

The American Herbalists Guild is a resource for both professionals and lay people. One especially helpful resource: "Finding an Herbalist" on the home page. Click to find out about accreditations and training to look for in an herb-based health care professional.

To Find Out More about Conserving and Protecting Medicinal Plants 

If you care about protecting and preserving medicinal plants, then you gotta know about United Plant Savers–though their scope is limited to native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada. UpS is all about protecting plants and their native habitat while ensuring sustainable supplies of medicinal plants for generations to come. There are lots of ways for you to get active with UpS. Or they might be able to refer you to other organizations working in your area.

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, England, have been leaders both in botanic study and action for a long, long time. They’re doing good work around the world and could use your help. 

Way to go, National Park Service! A helpful and inspiring resource, including opportunities for networking worldwide with others interested in the subject. 

TRAFFIC is one of the leading international organizations watch-dogging the trade of medicinal plants and fighting for their preservation. Right on! 

The National Tropical Botanical Garden is in Hawaii. Check out their excellent magazine, Plant Talk. The website for the magazine has “100 Plant Facts for Campaigning Conservationists” if you just click on “Plant Facts.” 

The US Fish and Wildlife International Affairs page has information about endangered species, both plants and animals. 

Exciting Projects around the World Involving Medicinal Plants 

People and Plants is an organization cooperating under the World Wildlife Fund, UNESCO, and the Royal Kew Gardens, Kew. It promotes “the sustainable use of plant resources and the reconciliation of conservation and development by focusing on the interface between people and the world of plants.” Exciting! 

Finally, a listing of cool links of interest around the world.


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