Why Trust Us?

This website is called Flora Delaterre . A website dedicated to plants, houseplants, & green living. Plants are our dedication. We spend days and nights with our plants and share everything here so that you can learn from our experience.

Our goal is to teach 1 million people about gardening and plants to grow them in their homes and anywhere they want.

We also thrive on calling ourself as The Plant Detective. Why? Because we investigate each plant in a detective manner and figure out their specialty and use cases.

In each article on our website, we investigate plants and their medicinal compounds, benefits, efficacy, risks, or more.

Our existence has been here since 2003. This project began as a side hustle & just for fun to educate people o plants & gardening.

Flora Delaterre is a free resource available to any public or community around the globe.

As you can see, a lot has changed. Flora Delaterre was one of the pioneers in the plant and gardening industry. It covered mainly scientific uses of plants, medical plants, etc., and much more.

Now, Flora Delaterre changed its owners! However, the mission now has a new team and motivation. We are doing our best to gather and share valuable information on different plants and teach people gardening.