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Hello and welcome!

Glad you clicked through the about page & decided to read our journey.

I ( me ) and a few of my friends decided to grow plants in our house a couple of years back as a hobby and after trying to figure out everything by myself ( because I was a complete beginner ), my friends and I realized that this is not just a hobby for an hour. In fact, it’s a full-time dedication job that needs your attention all the time.

We also realized, there are plenty of people out there who want to grow plants and do gardening. But don’t have any clue.

So we took our chance and built out this website to share plant-related tips with the world.

Who is the “Us” in About Us

While the website is my second home, it’s really a combined effort of myself & a few houseplant enthusiasts.


The founder of this plant and gardening resource center. 


If you read our articles regularly, you would recognize Maria’s name as the author and/or editor for the posts on the website.

She has been a huge help when it comes to taking our researched content to the next level. And basically making sure that we are good to go whenever we publish something.

Together we’re able to combine our decades of growing, propagating, and caring for indoor plants & gardening to create this website.

One of our many shared goals is to try to answer as many of the questions that we had when we were at the beginning of our journey so that you don’t have to keep searching.

Why You Should Hear Me?

Well, there are many reasons to do that. But first,

We own a full garden full of plants in my local area and have already done 3 professional courses on plants

​I did a lot of mistakes and killed plants that can’t even count. These are hard mistakes that nobody should do.

I am with my plants most of my day & nurture and observe their behavior and their pattern so I can pass the lesson to you.

I am researching and gaining knowledge day by day and I experiment a lot. Thus, whatever I say, comes from my experience. No fluff stuff.

​However, you should definitely check out my disclosure page and treat the articles on a strictly informational basis.

Meet The Entire Team

​I would not be here without my team. It’s necessary that someone should help me with all the moving parts of running this free site. I have a dedicated team of people who are helping me with certain aspects. They all are awesome just like you!!.. wanna see? Head over to the meet the team page here

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