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Are Coffee Grounds Good For Succulents? [ Know Here ]

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Succulents? [ Know Here ]

Coffee, no doubt, is one of the most popular beverages consumed all over the globe. Are you wondering what coffee grounds actually? Well, these are the residue of brewed coffee that stays behind after the preparation of the beverage.

Many people think it to be of no use, and hence, discard it. However, recent studies have shown the enormous benefits of using coffee grounds for fertilization.

We are sure once you go through the details of it here, you will never think about discarding it off in the future. You can even buy some coffee grounds from many coffee shops if they are ready to give them away.

Do succulents love coffee grounds?

If your garden has some succulents planted outside, you can add some coffee grounds to the soil. The coffee grounds first disintegrate and then release nitrogen into the soil. These help in improving both the growth and development of a plant.

Coffee grounds are a very important nutrient for succulents. Moreover, the coffee grounds improve the drainage of the soil and aerate it. Coffee grounds can indeed keep the pest at bay and minimalize weeds.

Such residues are full of healthy nutrients, ensuring optimal support for the development of the plant. The extracts contain around 2% nitrogen along with magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, zinc, etc.

The nutrients of coffee grounds depend on the place from where these come from. That decides the type of minerals it is containing. However, there is not much difference in the nutrients; it is more or less the same.

Benefits of using coffee grounds on succulents

Time to look into the benefits of coffee grounds!

  1. Improves soil: Adding some coffee grounds to your succulents can remarkably improve the quality of the soil. It increases the amount of nitrogen in the soil and is one of the most important nutrients for the development of a plant. The production of chlorophyll also improves by the ratio of Nitrogen in the soil. Moreover, other minerals and components also help in improving the progress of succulents.
  2. Improves Aeration: Soil aeration is the process where plants exchange gas with the atmosphere. Coffee grounds improve the capacity of the plant for soil aeration. Because of this process running smoothly, plants can easily acquire the required quantity of gas. Therefore, coffee grounds by helping with aeration improve the growth of the succulents.
  3. Better drainage: Coffee grounds can improve the drainage capacity of the soil. This in turn will help the succulents flourish and be healthy.
  4. Restores pH level: The tap water used in plants is a little acidic in nature with a pH of around 8. Plants tend to grow better with soil having a pH of 6-7. So, whenever you water the plants, the acidic level goes towards the higher side than what the plants actually need. When you add coffee grounds to the soil, its acidic nature will try to balance out the pH level of the soil according to the plants’ needs.
  5. Protect from cats– If you have a furry pet in your house, adding coffee grounds will help in protecting your succulents from the cat. They find the strong smell of coffee repelling. It is a great way of protecting your tiny fragile succulents from your pets.

Do all kinds of succulents like coffee grounds?

Not all the succulents like coffee grounds act as fertilizer. It also depends on the position of the succulents. The care and maintenance that an indoor succulent need is different from an outdoor succulent.

An indoor succulent, if planted in a pot, doesn’t go very well with coffee ground.

Potted succulents cannot easily break down the coffee ground since it does not have enough microbes. Here, you can first dilute the coffee with water and then add it to the pot. This method will work great for succulents planted in pots.

The outdoor succulents love coffee grounds. You can add coffee grounds directly to the soil.

The coffee ground breaks down completely, and the soil absorbs the nitrogen efficiently. This component, along with other minerals is highly beneficial for succulents.

What kind of succulents like coffee grounds?

There are various kinds of succulents. However, the best to like coffee grounds are as follows:

  1. Snake plant– Snake plant is a carefree plant used mainly indoors. It needs a little acidic soil to grow right. Therefore, you can add a cup of cold-brewed coffee for it to nourish. This succulent does not need water very often. Thus, when you add water mixed with the coffee ground once in a while, it will serve to be one of the best fertilizers.
  2. Jade Plant– Also called lucky plant, jade loves coffee brewed water as it helps its leaves to grow bigger and greener with thick stems. Always allow the soil to dry completely and then water it thoroughly.
  3. Christmas Cactus-This is yet another plant to love coffee grounds on the soil. There is no need to water it regularly. The coffee in the soil will provide all the nourishment that the plant needs.

Using coffee grounds for succulents: Things to keep in mind

By now, you must be aware that coffee grounds are good for succulents. However, there are a few things that you should know before you decide to add coffee grounds to your succulents. If not used properly, it can prove to be harmful to the tiny succulents.

Avoid overwatering: Succulents do not need a lot of water. Moreover, adding tap water, which is more acidic than what the plants need, can prove to be harmful to the plant.

Therefore, coffee grounds, also acidic in nature, balance out the pH level of the soil. It makes the soil more suitable for the succulents to develop.

Therefore, when we add coffee grounds to succulents, there is no need to water them frequently. Let the soil dry out completely before watering it again.

It might take a week or more than that to dry if you have provided water enough for a thorough soaking. Upon overwatering, the succulents might turn purple and will start attracting pests.

Use black diluted coffee: It’s better to add cold black coffee to your succulents, especially indoor ones. In case you brew your coffee and add it straight to the plant, it might burn the roots.

This will damage the succulent. Always dilute the coffee grounds before adding to indoor succulents whereas you can add it straight in the garden soil.

Use acidic soil: Succulents like a little acidic soil for their development. Coffee grounds are a good way of balancing the pH level of the soil.

While you add coffee to the succulents, it is better to use well-drained soil. The roots will breathe better and the plant will surely develop more.


After all the discussions on coffee grounds, you can conclude that these elements are certainly good for succulents.

One can also use coffee grounds as alternatives to chemical fertilizers. You can try applying coffee grounds both for indoor and outdoor succulents other than the three succulents mentioned above.

Simply take care not to overwater the plant and check on adding a little bit of coffee ground first on any plant you want. Experts recommend trying it out on a small scale initially since succulents are a little tender and fragile.

Chemicals present in fertilizers can easily burn them, as compared to other plants. Therefore, it makes sense to take substantial guard when choosing and adding fertilizers in succulents.