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Are Monstera Plants Expensive? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Are Monstera Plants Expensive? [ Here’s The Answer ]

A houseplant admirer often scrolls down on the internet to find out which plant is now trending. If you are such a houseplant enthusiast, you must have seen the gorgeous Monstera plant on the trending indoor plant list.

But then the four digits price tag will leave you in shock. Surprisingly, the leafy herb can cost you even thousands of dollars, and still, the vine will be in demand.

Even though some common plants with appealing looks come with a decent two-digit price tag, any rarely beautiful shrub, like the Monstera herb, can cost you thousands of bucks.

Are Monstera plants expensive?

Yes, the Monstera plants are expensive, and the price elevates with the variegation. The Swiss cheese plant is now one of the most demanding plants all over the world. So, the craze and the hype have made the houseplant one of the priciest plants in the world.

The usual variety with patterned green foliage features a pocket-friendly price. But, the variegated beauty makes the cost mount higher.

Gardening has become a popular hobby for the last few decades, and surprisingly the internet has made it more familiar.

People from one part of the world come to know about some rare houseplants with stunning beauty that grows mainly in another part of the globe. Also, thanks to influencers, social media, and plant vloggers who make people aware of several indoor plants.

Nowadays, millennial indoor gardeners tend to grow appealing houseplants that are in fashion.

So, if you are such a houseplant admirer, you also covet for placing the arresting beauty to offer an aesthetic look to your adobe. But, one thing probably has surprised you, and that is the cost of the houseplant.

How can a rarely blooming foliage plant cost so much? Several factors that determine the price of a plant are availability, demand, and appearance.

In the case of the Monstera plant, all the factors have made the houseplant expensive. Plus, variegation plays a vital role in determining the price of the plant.

The general houseplant with shiny green foliage comes in a pocket-friendly budget. But, the variegated beauty comes with an unreasonable price tag only for its stunning appearance.

Since the variegated Monstera plant features an appealing look, plant lovers like to have at least one Swiss cheese herb in the household.

Plus, plant collectors have a mania for growing rare plants. So, all the hype makes the arresting beauty high in request always. Also, needless to say, the price of an item rises along with its demand.

So, people from the USA, Australia, and Canada can propagate the plant from cuttings and sell the cuttings even for thousands of dollars, and gardeners are buying it. It is the inevitable effect of an imbalanced supply and demand ratio.

As the propagation of the Monstera plant costs zero bucks, it has even become a great way of earning.

Since the houseplant comes in a wide range of shapes and shades, the gorgeous Monstera plant can cost you even 5k dollars! There is another rare Monstera plant that belongs to the Philodendron family.

The houseplant is familiar with the name of mini Monstera, and it is one of the rarest plants in the world.

So, the stunningly variegated herb in green and vibrant yellow hues can cost you almost 10k dollars. If you want to know the reason behind the five digits price tag, check the next point.

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Why are Monstera plants expensive?

Probably we all know the fact that beauty costs. But, it is shocking that the rule is even applicable for houseplants too. Yes, you heard it right. Nowadays, even a shiny foliage herb can cost you almost thousands of dollars. We are talking about the Monstera plant.

The usual variety of the indoor plant has an appealing appearance due to its gorgeous green shade and patterned leaves with leaf holes.

So, the variegated versions of the houseplant can behold anyone. They look magnificent in multicolor shades and with stylish foliage.

But, this attractive beauty is expensive because of its rarity. Due to some mutation procedures, the chlorophyll formation in the variegated Monstera has slowed down.

That is why you can see the light color patches on the foliage of the stunning houseplant. But, how can less chlorophyll make the plant expensive? Below we discuss the topic in detail.

1. The variegation has made the plant a beauty to behold and always in demand

Variegation is the main reason for the Monstera plant being expensive. Firstly, due to the variegation process, the houseplant looks more attractive.

Although the general green foliage of the indoor plant has an appealing look, the variegated variety has made the houseplant look heavenly.

The light yellow, off-white, and white patches here and there amidst the shiny green color have given another dimension to the beauty of the Monstera.

Secondly, variegation or light color patches occur due to the lack of chlorophyll in the indoor plant. So, the scarcity of chlorophyll results in the plant’s inability to photosynthesize.

In the world of herbs, every action influences other actions.

In that way, a lack of photosynthesis leads to a slower growth and propagation rate. It means you can get only a few plants after the breeding process. So, the variegated variety is a rare beauty that can cost you thousands of bucks.

2. The Monstera plant is one of the rarest plants living

As we have mentioned earlier, Monstera deliciosa is a living example of rare beauty. Due to the lack of chlorophyll, the plant holds a slower breeding rate.

So, the phenomenon inevitably influences the availability of the plant. Now when there is an imbalance in the demand and supply ratio, it impacts the price.

So, all these factors make the stunning houseplant pricier. Now, you can ask why people go after the rare Monstera plant.

The answer is the rarity of the marvelous plant. Nowadays, social media has a massive impact on our lives, and most users try to follow the trend at any cost.

So, when plant influencers and vloggers have made the gorgeous plant a status symbol for a plant lover, people have gone crazy to have them in their households.

Even though the patterned foliage has already made the Monstera plant more demanding, social media has increased the hype to another level.

These phenomena lead to the sky-rising demand for the elegant houseplant, but a slow propagation rate cannot help the sellers meet all the requests.

Now, the lesser supply of baby Monstera plants costs the houseplant admirers thousands of bucks for one baby plant!

Also, in the case of the Monstera, the variegation has a direct connection with the price.

The most variegated variety is the rarest due to the slower growth rate.

But, it has the highest market for magnificent foliage with vibrant multicolor shades. So, the mounting demand easily attaches an expensive price tag to the product.

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3. Even a forgetful gardener can smoothly grow this Instagram beauty

The Monstera plant is truly a tropical beauty that can bring a tropical vibe to your bedroom throughout the year.

Although the plant is a rare beauty and comes with an expensive price tag, you can smoothly grow the plant. Since the easy-to-care houseplant features a low-maintenance profile, any newbie forgetful caregiver can grow the herb smoothly.

That is why the stunning houseplant with magnificently patterned foliage is one of the most demanding and expensive house plants living.

The rarest tropic beauty with a shortlist of needs is the dream of every gardener. Also, the tropical Monstera herb can require moderate watering, not more than once a week.

The stunning house plant features sturdiness that makes it suitable to grow in any atmosphere and any condition. You have to look only after the moistness of the soil.

Since the indoor plant does not prefer overwatering, check the sogginess of the mold before every watering session.

The tropical residence makes the houseplant prefer high humidity, although it can develop even in a dry climate.

But, in that case, it will be better if you can increase the surrounding humidity of the houseplant.

Maybe all the plant care can take some time. But, to a gardener, it is nothing compared to the alluring appearance of the Monstera plant. The propagation also helps the vine to hold its shape.

Plus, the easy propagation method has made the Monstera plant a one-time investment, and you can even make money from the foliage plant! You can breed the Monstera plant from the old one even at home and sell the baby plants for thousands of dollars.

How much is a Monstera plant?

You can expect the price of a stunning Monstera plant from approximately 10-10,000 dollars. Monstera deliciosa is one of the most gorgeous-looking plants that are always in demand for patterned foliage. Even the most common variety of the plant looks outstanding in its shiny green hue and stylish leaf holes.

The Monstera is probably the only vine that features different types of leaf holes in distinct varieties. That is why every herb looks unique with designed foliage.

Also, variegation elevates the appearance of the herb.

Since the usual variation of the Monstera comes in a single shade, the variegated houseplants feature foliage of multiple colors.

You will see yellow, white, cream, and even off-white patches with shiny green shades in the variegated Monstera plants.

So, the multiple color patches make the already beautiful indoor plant more attractive. As a result of the variegation, the price climbs higher. Now, you can understand why they say beauty costs!

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What is the most expensive Monstera?

The Adansonii Variegata variety is currently the most expensive Monstera plant with a price tag of almost 40,000 dollars. For the rarity and appealing beauty of the houseplant, the Monstera plant has become the status symbol of indoor plant collectors.

Most variations of the Monstera plant come in stunning variegation that makes the plant look more aesthetic.

But, the Adansonii Variegata variety appears out of the world.

The artistic plant grows leaves that are lush green and aesthetic white. Since both colors create designed patches all over the patterned foliage, the Monstera plant looks astonishing.

Also, every leaf on the plant features swiss cheese holes to make the herb look more pretty. Plus, the variety of the vine is the rarest to find. So, mainly for these reasons, one needs to spend almost 40k dollars to get the foliage plant with sensational beauty.

Bottom line

Hopefully, you have understood the reason behind the plant being so expensive after going through the article.

Because of the high demand and rarity, the variegated Monstera plants come with an unreasonable price tag.

Since the houseplant lacks chlorophyll, the slower growth rate even affects the propagation.

Plus, it slows down the breeding process. So, you can get lesser new Monstera plants from the cuttings.

That is why the sellers can meet only 1% of the total orders for the stunning houseplant. So, even if the seller puts an absurd price tag, surprisingly, people will pay!