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Are Monstera Plants Good For Bedroom? [ Know The Truth ]

Are Monstera Plants Good For Bedroom? [ Know The Truth ]

Monstera, also known as the ‘Split-leaf philodendron’ is an eye-catching popular houseplant. The natives for this plant are from Central America with generally a flower color of tan or cream, which are very often pollinated by bees.

The plant can easily grow in a partial sunlight area. This Split Leaf plant had a good mediocre growth rate which ranges from 1 to 2 feet a year.

The classic glossy leaves of Monstera, not only give it the pet name but also make it a favorite of Interior Designers.

Be it your comfortable home or your workplace office, Monstera can create magic in the interiors of your house. Even though the pH of this plant is more acidic than usual, especially for your pets.

Monstera In Your Bedroom

Modern Homes usually look up to plants as a part of their interior decoration. Indoor plants are highly appreciated since they offer a variety of benefits.

They make the ambiance fresh and positive. Indoor plants are mostly green in color, hence they are a relief to an individual’s eyes. Growing these plants at their own home is nothing less than indoor gardening.

Indoor plants are of low maintenance and do not need any natural space to grow. Some indoor plants even provide medical benefits. Therefore they are regarded as the suitable option for an individual home.

Indoor plants provide a good living environment. There is a list of indoor plants which offer you innumerable benefits. Here we are going to talk about the genus Monstera.

This genus gets its name from the Latin word for monstrous. As their name suggests they have unusual leaves with holes in them.

Monstera comprises forty-five species of flowering plants in the arum family.

The two most common names here are Adansons Monstera and Monstera Deliciosa.

Monstera Deliciosa is commonly known as a Swiss-cheese plant. If you’re looking for plants that enhance or upgrade the look of your bedroom then the Monstera plant is one of the best options.

Monstera is good for the bedroom since they can grow about anywhere. They are tolerant to low light but grow fast. With its beautiful and unique leaf pattern, the plant looks more attractive.

It also can purify the room air from airborne irritants. The plant is quite useful when it comes to humidifying air conditions. They help us stay calm and focused.

The fresh air that it gives out helps the lungs to expel airborne toxins and cleanse it well from the inside. It induces in the air a feeling of calmness and traps dust particles.

Studies have shown that these plants if kept around increase productivity and efficiency. They are one of the most effective when it comes to reducing air pollution.

Not only these, monstera plants are beneficial even medically. They are a cure to many diseases and health complications like insect bites, snake bites, arthritis, etc. The leaves of this plant cure pain and abscesses.

The whole plant is used as a treatment for boils. The sap present inside the Monstera plants causes a burning sensation and is often used to cure necrotic ulcers.

The stem of this plant acts very helpful in case of a snake or Scorpion bite. Monstera plant care is of low maintenance and is a perfect companion for the bedroom.

Humans can never really count and finish the benefits these indoor plants give us. They act as stress busters, letting an individual heal not just physically but also mentally.

Even doctors advise individuals to have these indoor plants in their homes.

Indoor plants surely do guarantee a style statement for one home.

Plants can be the most helpful to someone who is having a hectic life. With the help of Indoor plants, one does not need to go out since it lets you breathe fresh from inside the room.

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Best Plants for Your Bedroom

Monstera is undoubtedly a good choice for your bedroom. They act as a stress buster and help in boosting up one’s mood. A home with a positive vibe and ambiance is what everyone desires.

And there are many ways an individual can make that happen, but nothing can beat the specialty of indoor plants. For the purification of air, you should always consider adding plants to your rooms.

Not only do they look good, but also make you feel good both physically and mentally.

Due to less knowledge about their benefits, a lot of bedroom plants remain underappreciated and underrated. They have this amazing benefit of letting an individual have a good amount of sleep and most importantly act better than air purifying machines.

Indoor plants for bedrooms are the best idea for the overall well-being of an individual. Here are a few of the best plans you can choose for your bedroom:

1. Aloe vera

Many plants are perfect for one to be in their bedroom and make it an ideal one. Aloe vera tops the list of plants that offer innumerable benefits. It stands as the top air-purifying plant based on recent research done by NASA.

Aloe vera plants not just enhance the look of your bedroom, it also releases oxygen at night providing one a perfect environment for their sleep.

This succulent plant also provides one with medical benefits. The thick gel in the inside of aloe plants even helps you treat cuts and burns.

2. Areca Palm

Nowadays, Tropical plants are on the lists of every other plant owner. They are the best ones for bedroom decors. One familiar name in this genre is Areca Palm.

They are highly demanded because of their ability to purify the air and remove carbon dioxide from the same.

These plants help in removing harmful toxins like benzene, trichloroethylene, etc from the air. They add an aesthetic vibe to your bedroom and make it quite appealing.

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3. Philodendron

Next up on the list is a plant from the genus Philodendron. Heartleaf Philodendron is a go-to plant for the bedroom.

It provides a calming effect and makes the environment healthy.

They come in a variety of variations and are mostly trailing plants, also known as climbers.

As the name suggests their leaf is heart-shaped which specifically absorbs formaldehyde. For best results, one needs to water it not daily but occasionally.

4. Spider plants

If an individual is a lover of hanging plants what can be better than the Spider plants.

These plants are effective in fighting away dust pollutants mainly airborne.

Apart from upgrading the look of the bedroom, it also serves benefits like absorbing ozone and increasing humidity. These plants are to be kept in indirect sunlight.

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5. Rubber plant

Last but not the least, there is a rubber plant for the bedroom. The abundance of leaves that it has is outstanding in cleaning indoor air and is an effective toxin eliminator.

They are advised to be kept in moderate lights and one should let it dry between waterings.

The presence of negative ions in them helps improve health, productivity, and overall welfare.

Choose the best plants for your bedroom. As it is the place all your peace begins from.

Set your comfort level according to your preference and keep no room for regrets later. Buy the best indoor plant and start your sustainable healthy living now!