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Are Monstera Plants Lucky? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Are Monstera Plants Lucky? [ Here’s The Answer ]

As a houseplant enthusiast, you have probably grown several indoor plants in your household. The plants add a hue of green to your decorative adobe, also act as a piece of ornamental beauty in your room.

If you are a person with a green thumb, you know probably all plants are unique regarding their features.

A blooming plant or a foliage herb- both can elevate the beauty of a house effectively. But, do you know that house plants like Monstera can even bring good luck to your adobe? You can go through the article to get information about it.

Are Monstera plants lucky?

Yes, according to multiple ancient traditions, the Monstera plants bring good luck to your home. Probably all houseplant admirers across the globe know the charming plant. The primary reason behind this familiarity is the aesthetic foliage that features patterned leaf holes.

But, do you know that there is another secret reason behind the popularity of the appealing plant? The reason is the plant welcomes healthy life with prosperity.

The Monstera plant is a popular houseplant mainly for two reasons.

Firstly, the plant has an appealing look that makes your house more beautiful. Even the arresting beauty of the foliage makes the plant look more attractive.

Secondly, you can grow the plant with patterned leaves without investing much time in plant care.

The sturdy beauty can survive in any atmosphere and brings positivity to the house.

Also, in several oriental traditions, the Swiss cheese plant symbolizes affection, respect, love, success, and long life.

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Why are Monstera plants considered to be lucky?

From ancient times, several cultures have represented the decorative Monstera plant as a symbol of good fortune.

But, if you try to find the reason behind the symbolism, the cause varies from one tradition to another. Below, we have shared a few popular reasons why people consider the Monstera plants to be lucky.

1. The Monstera plant brings happiness with it

In Hawaiian culture, people believe the Monstera plant brings good luck and happiness to their household. As the patterned foliage allows the sunshine to pass through stylish leaf holes, the house owner believes the plant thus welcomes a ray of hope in the home.

2. The magnificent foliage can make your dream come true

The Monstera vine with gorgeous foliage thrives fast if it gets an apt atmosphere. That is why plant admirers believe the houseplant will help their dream grow and come true. Even in several cultures, it is a custom to gift a Monstera plant to a newly married couple so that their family can grow well and stay healthy.

3. Monstera eliminates the negativity from the house

The appealing beauty of the Monstera plant can strengthen the bond of your family. The trailing vine eliminates all the negative vibes from the adobe and helps your family stay together through ups and downs. As the soothing green shade comforts everyone in the house, the magnificent foliage can help you calm down after a long day at work.

4. Feng shui considers foliage herb as good luck

In feng shui, they consider the Monstera plant as one of the luckiest houseplant living. In countless traditions, people believe your prosperity will grow like a thriving Monstera with designed foliage.

As feng shui believes the foliage herb welcomes wealth in the adobe, we suggest placing the vine in the living room. The phenomenon can result in a prosperous future.

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What does a Monstera plant symbolize?

The Monstera plant mainly symbolizes a healthy, long life with prosperity. In several ancient cultures, the Monstera plant holds different meanings. Even in some folklore, the plant with gigantic foliage symbolizes suffocation. It is because the ornamental herb grows as a vine outdoors and thrives depending on other trees.

But, in most countries and cultures, the Monstera plant signifies good luck with a lot of prosperity.

If you take the example of Chinese culture, people send the plant to their closest and beloved ones on the eve of the Chinese lunar year.

According to them, if you gift the gorgeous plant to a loved one, it means you wish them a long life with comfort and success.

Also, if you surprise any old person with the magnificent Monstera plant, the act expresses your respect and honor towards them.

If you peep into several traditions, you will notice the stunning herb signifies a ray of hope for the unique design of the foliage. Every member of the Monstera family features leaf holes in the elegant foliage.

Although the pattern of the holes differs from one herb to another, the leaf holes elevate the appearance.

When the sunshine peeps through the holes of the Monstera plant leaves, the houseplant looks more appealing.

Also, for this reason, the ancient wise people believed the plant brings a ray of aspiration into their adobe.

Even in the 21st century, men and women grow the Monstera plant into their households with the hope of gaining a long and prosperous life.

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Is it good to have a Monstera plant at home?

Yes, having the Monstera plant in the household is good for several reasons. As we have said earlier, people believe the plant with patterned foliage brings good luck to your home.

According to multiple customs with ancient values, the gorgeous houseplant with artistic foliage stands for wealth, success, prosperity, long life, respect, honor, and most importantly, positivity.

Even if you do not believe in spiritualism, growing the Monstera plant at home is beneficial for several reasons. Below we have shared why the appealing vine deserves a place in every household.

1. The alluring plant welcomes positivity

You may have noticed a hike in the sale of the aesthetic Monstera plant during any auspicious occasions.

The only reason behind the hype is the symbolism of the herb. From ancient times, the charming indoor plant signifies love, respect, honor, and good health. It also stands for a prosperous future.

That is why people love to keep the plant in their drawing room or bedroom with the hope of bringing good luck to their adobe.

Even the glamorous plant is also a great gift item in several traditions. When you give it to a senior person, you respect the individual and pray for a prosperous life for him.

2. The elegant herb will please you aesthetically

Even if you do not believe in the spiritual value of the gorgeous houseplant, you can still have them in your drawing-room.

Maybe you are a logical person who does not believe in the connection between a plant and fortune. You think it is a complete myth that the engaging Monstera herb can bring good luck to your house.

Still, keeping the arresting beauty in your household will not be a bad idea.

Since the stylish foliage features an appealing pattern, it will enhance the look of your drawing room thousand times better. So, it is needless to say that such arresting beauty brings a positive vibe to your house.

3. It is a natural air purifier

We all know that the attractive Monstera plant can behold anyone by its heavenly appearance.

But, what we do not know is that the plant can purify ambient air and requires minimal care to survive. Botanists and several scientists have proved that the appealing Monstera plant is not only a beauty to watch.

It even helps you to stay healthy by eliminating toxic properties from the indoor air. According to research, the gorgeous house plant absorbs pollutants from the surrounding air so that you can breathe it fresh. Also, the natural purifier is so robust that it does not feature a long list of demands.

End thought

So, we hope that our blog has helped you with a plethora of information about Monstera being a lucky houseplant. In several ancient cultures, people kept the herb in their houses to prosper in their lives.

Even if you are a person who does not believe this, you can bring the plant in your adobe for two reasons.

Firstly, the magnificent look of the foliage makes the Monstera plant impressive. Secondly, it is one of the most effective air purifier herbs with a low-maintenance profile. So, growing a gorgeous houseplant will never make you regret it.