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Can Jade Plant Grow From Cutting? [ We Answered ]

If you are wondering whether you can grow your Jade plant from cutting or not, and related questions regarding how you can propagate your jade plant and whether you can do it from cutting, then you have come to the right place.

This article provides you with detailed answers to all your questions regarding your jade plant and its propagation and how you can grow it.

All the essential information and in-depth explanation for all your questions are provided below.

It is essential to know what jade plants are and have sufficient knowledge about their nature and characteristics to answer the above questions.

Among the most widely recognized house plants worldwide, Jade plants, deductively known as Crassula Ovata, otherwise called good plants or cash plants, are most popular.

It is a tiny plant, imparting specific elements to plants like aloe vera in light of its succulent nature. This plant bears pink and white blossoms and is a wonderful house plant.

The Jade Plant is natively from the African Continent, explicitly from the southern locales, including specific South Africa and Mozambique areas, which are part of that area.

This plant acquired considerable ubiquity as an ideal houseplant, due to its low upkeep and thriving nature, even without ordinary circumstances.

It is an evergreen plant and has thick branches alongside glossy leaves to supplement its looks.

Even though the plant is evergreen, it rushes to adjust to its environmental elements relying upon the degree of daylight and the measure of water and sustenance it gets.

It is known as the Jade plant due to its gleaming and smooth leaves, which are green in shading, and hold an exceptional likeness to the shading oozed by the jade stones.

These facts are essential to know about the Jade plant. If you are wondering whether you can grow this plant from cuttings or not, the answer to that is given below.

Can a Jade plant grow from cuttings?

Yes, you can grow your jade plant from cutting. Jade plants may promptly be propagated from both with better chances of success than other methods when cutting. In the wild, vegetative proliferation is the jade plant’s principal technique for a generation. Branches routinely tumble off wild jade plants, and these branches might root and frame new plants.

The jade plant is popularly known for its simplicity of propagation, which can be done with clippings or even leaves acquired from the plant.

In the same way as other succulents, You can spread jade plants from simply the enlarged leaves which grow on the stems.

While spread strategies might differ, most follow comparable modes of propagation. Regularly, the injuries on the leaves are passed on to dry and heal up by themselves.

Then, at that point, the leaves are set in or on the soil. Roots start to develop on cut-off leaves around a month after being eliminated from the stem.

Ecological factors, for example, temperature and moistness, influence the speed at which the roots and new plants create. Foliage ordinarily shows up before long new roots have developed.

You can easily grow your jade plants after cutting them without any problem.

Instead of increasing your jade plants properly, cutting them helps in propagating them properly.

You might be curious about the correct methods to cut your jade plan and how to help it propagate properly. The answer to your questions is provided below. Following these, you can easily help your Jade plant propagate through cutting.

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How do you propagate a jade plant?

So, how can you propagate a jade plant? There are numerous ways to help your jade plant propagate, but the proper way of helping your jade plant propagation is through cutting.

Using seeds is also an option but less effective in comparison to the ones mentioned before. You can help them propagate by using their leaves as well.

In the wild, jade plants propagate through natural means, where they use fallen leaves to grow their population. They do not bear through pollination because they are succulents, and most succulents do not have pollen for propagation.

Even though they lack pollen, these are still mildly invasive plants because of their proficient propagation prowess.

They are evergreen; therefore, they do not have a shortage of leaves, and whenever a leaf falls, it can act as a catalyst for propagation. Thus, the jade plants can successfully propagate all year round, without any hassle.

You, too, can take advantage of this feature and help your jade plant propagate whenever you want.

You can choose to use the leaves, which can help propagate the jade plant but are comparatively less effective than cutting.

Cutting and propagating have a much higher chance of successful propagation due to the precision and care of the stem and leaves taken while cutting.

So, if you wish to propagate your jade, it would be best if you do it through cutting, or else you can try helping it propagate through leaves.

If you are unsure when to propagate a jade plant, you can read the following information provided below to help you gain insight on the best time to reproduce your jade plant.

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When to propagate your jade plant?

You might be wondering when to propagate your jade plant and what might be the best time to help a jade plant reproduce optimally. Crassula Ovata or jade plants are very versatile when it comes to propagation periods.

Unlike other plants, they do not have any fixed time for propagation. The Jade plants can be propagated whenever you wish and in whichever method you feel like.

If you plan to help your jade plant propagate through seeds, then it is advisable to sow the seeds in the spring, summer, or autumn season to help them grow properly.

These plants can sustain quite easily, even in extreme conditions, because of their succulent characteristics.

Therefore you don’t need to take regular care of the seeds for the plant to develop properly. You can easily propagate and grow your jade plant in most seasons and grow a flourishing jade plant without any hassle.

When it comes to cutting and leaves, these methods provide even more flexibility since any specific time frame does not bind them.

You can propagate your jade plant whenever you want by cutting and using leaves. Regardless of the season or the weather, You can propagate jade plants easily.

All you need to do is take proper notice while cutting or taking the leaves to ensure that parts are not damaged, and the rest of the plant itself can heal.

It is quite easy to replant and help a jade plant propagate through the above means because it does not require much expertise to cut or use the leaves for propagating a jade plant.

You, too, can help your jade plant propagate from cutting or using leaves.

If you’re unsure when to cut or use leaves to help your ade plant propagate, then continue reading. Below you can find the ideal way to help your jade plant propagate through cutting and even through using leaves.

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How to Propagate jade plants from cuttings?

If you want to help, your jade plant propagates from cutting. The steps you need to follow to accomplish that are mentioned below. Following the mentioned steps will allow you to successfully help a jade plant propagate with ease and higher chances of success. The steps are as follows :

  • Acquire a stem cutting of a jade plant and let it dry for a day or somewhere in the vicinity. Allow the slice closures to dry and heal. Once healed, the cuts would seal up. It is smart to get cuttings from sound-looking plants with thick leaves, not to get dried out or withered plants.
  • You can do a discretionary step that is not necessary, that is, to dip the cut end in certain chemicals, which are rooting hormones, to help hasten the recovery. You can generally skip this, but still, certain individuals lean toward utilizing attaching chemicals to accelerate the cycle and ensure a positive outcome.
  • When the cut has recuperated and dried, stick the cuttings in a well-draining mix of soil in a nursery.
  • Avoid direct daylight. Water the dirt every other day to avoid dehydration or when it feels dry.
  • After around fourteen days or so, you will see new roots developing.
  • After around four to about a month and a half, once the cuttings are wholly established, you will notice new development created from the stem’s top or sides.
  • Once completely established, reduce the watering and change to regular watering about one time each week or less. Increase the measure of daylight as the plant develops to ensure its proper growth.

These are the necessary steps that you need to follow to help a jade plant propagate properly from cutting. If you are curious and want to know how to propagate a jade plant from leaves, continue reading below.


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Ways to Propagate Jade plant from a leaf

Suppose you want to help your jade plant propagate from leaves, the steps you need to follow to accomplish that are mentioned below. Following the mentioned steps will allow you to successfully help a jade plant propagate easily with numerous chances of success.

  • Get a leaf from a jade plant, ensuring you get the whole leaf, including the base. Give the leaf a little contort, and it should fall off. Attempt to find a pleasant stout leaf that looks solid. It additionally assists with having more than one leaf because not every one of them will survive.
  • You can follow the same optional step to dip the cut finishes in rooting hormones to fasten the recovery process. These chemicals can assist with speeding the propagation, particularly when developing from leaves.
  • The leaves will eventually dry out after a little while, within a day or so. Store it in a dry area, far from direct daylight.
  • Set up a well-draining mix of soil. When dry, lay the leaves level on the dirt or stick the cut finishes in the ground.
  • The leaves should begin developing roots in around fourteen days or so. In a couple of more weeks, you will see another small jade plant growing. The entire cycle can take anywhere from about half a month to months.
  • Provided before, it takes more time to help propagate jade plants from leaves rather than a whole stem. The achievement rate is also higher with stem cuttings, so that should be noted when propagating. If you follow these straightforward, easy-to-do steps, you will help propagate jade plants and help them grow in number.

That is how you can propagate jade plants using leaves, and it’s convenient and easy to accomplish.

Can you root jade plant cuttings into the water?

Yes, jade plants can be grown by rooting the cuttings into water. Many people use the water method to propagate their jade plants. It is simple and easy to accomplish since it only requires you to take the stem cutting, and instead of planting it in soil, you place it into a glass or vase filled with water.

Keeping the entire setup in direct sunlight for a few days can help grow that jade plant easily.

You won’t have to check up on it regularly, and all you need to do is change the water out once or twice every week to ensure proper development for the jade plant.

When the roots of the jade plants grow up to a certain height, you can replant them into a new place with well-drawing soil to ensure that they grow correctly.

This is how you can quickly propagate jade plants using water as well.


In conclusion, this is how you can grow your jade plants from cuttings. Not just that, you can also propagate them from cuttings and leaves and even in water regardless of seasons and weather.

Jade plants are great and convenient houseplants that are easy to maintain and propagate; thus, all the answers to your questions regarding their propagation have been provided above.