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Do Monstera Plants Like Coffee Grounds? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Monstera is a well-liked and preferable tropical house plant. People love to grow it in their abode because of its exotic appearance. It not only enhances the aesthetic value of your place but is also easy to take care of.

You will find a wide array of Monstera plant species. Each of them has a different look and fragrance. Besides this, each bloom is colored flowers, and that is why it can change the beauty of any area efficiently.

Though it takes a little care to grow, if not maintained correctly, you will see many difficulties. The Monstera plant owners share several tips on how to take proper care of this beautiful plant.

But among many tips or advice, you will notice the recommendation of giving coffee grounds to your Monstera plant’s soil.

But now, you might be wondering, are coffee grounds adequate for your coveted Monstera?

Well, there is no detailed evidence of its effectiveness on this plant. But based on multiple anecdotal records, coffee grounds are excellent for your Monstera.

Though they are no substitute for fertilizer, you can use them to enhance the soil structure. However, give coffee grounds as they might harm your plant by encouraging fungal germination and inviting fungus gnats.

Getting confused, right? If so, do not worry, as we will discuss this matter in depth in this writing. In addition, we will also review the benefits of coffee grounds on the Monstera plant. So, dig in more profound about this.

Do monstera plants like coffee grounds?

If you wish to grow or already have a Monstera plant, you might be tempted to know whether this plant prefers coffee grounds or not. Firstly, you need to understand that excessive coffee grounds might poison your precious Monstera.

Therefore, you need to use them cautiously. As you might know, these plants are evergreen tropical vines or shrubs and are native to Central America. Hence, like most Americans, Monstera also prefers coffee.

You can give a spoonful of coffee grounds to the plant every 4 to 6 weeks.

Too many coffee grounds might attract fungus gnats, and you will see brown or black leaves in the end. It occurs because coffee is caffeinated.

While you can use coffee grounds, applying them directly to the earth of a Monstera plant will cause the soil to keep too much moisture.

Therefore, using the coffee grounds adequately is necessary.

But many gardeners say that there is no harm if you utilize coffee grounds on the soil. It is so because coffee is acidic, but coffee grounds are not.

So, you can see that Monstera plants are like coffee grounds.

But you must add them to the soil adequately to avoid further complications. Though there is no scientific proof that implies its harmfulness and effectiveness, you can use them to offer nutrients to your coveted Monstera plant.

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Can you use Coffee Grounds as Fertilizers?

After reading the above segment, you might be wondering if you can use coffee grounds as Monstera plant fertilizer or not, right? Well, if you research a bit, you will see that many Monstera owners support the use of coffee grounds as fertilizers.

But if you go deep and dig a bit more, you will discover that coffee grounds are not a substitute for fertilizer, and they have the best effect on the growth and development of the Monstera plant.

Unlike this, it is also a fact that people used coffee grounds as fertilizer over the years. People give them to their houseplants instead of discarding them.

According to many gardeners, the coffee grounds most likely had little to no impact on the Monstera plant. But the plant continued to develop at its natural pace as you will offer other fertilizers.

Therefore, you can call it a myth that coffee grounds are like fertilizers. So, you can give your Monstera plant coffee grounds, but it will not affect its growth. If you use them excessively, it might cause harm to your plant.

What is the chemical composition of coffee grounds?

Before adding coffee grounds to your Monstera plant soil, you must learn a bit about its chemical composition. You are not required to be a science expert for this.

You only need to look at the Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus amount as these are the crucial components of any plant fertilizer. You can read the below section also to know the composition.

  • Nitrogen – 2 percent
  • Phosphorus – 0.3 per cent
  • Potassium – 0.3 per cent

Therefore, it is evident from the above composition level that coffee grounds hardly carry these chemicals. That is why many people cannot think of them as a substitute for fertilizer.

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What are the Benefits of Coffee Grounds if used on Monstera?

As mentioned earlier, there is no scientific proof against the effectiveness of coffee grounds on the Monstera plant.

But you will find multiple anecdotal records that imply supplementing coffee grounds to your Monstera plant soil can enhance the soil structure.

Most gardeners use coffee grounds because they believe that they have some effect on their plants. But based on some anecdotal evidence, using coffee grounds on the Monstera has some benefits.

So, do you want to know the advantages they offer to your coveted plant? If so, go through the below segment, which will explain the beneficial effects of coffee ground on Monstera plants.

  • If you add coffee grounds to the Monstera soil, they will help the earth by loosening it and improving water retainment.
  • Some anecdotal records also imply that coffee grounds can assist the Monstera plant in resisting several diseases. It is so because coffee grounds have activated charcoal in them, and as a result, they can do this effectively.
  • To be fair, no scientific studies are present on these matters, so you could try these for yourself to see the result.
  • Apart from the above, multiple reports suggest that coffee grounds can improve the acidity level of the plant soil. It is so because coffee is itself acidic. Though the Monstera plant does not like acidic soil, coffee grounds do not harm it as grounds are not as acidic as coffee. Coffee grounds have a pH level of 6.8, and that is only slightly acidic. Your Monstera plant can tolerate a pH level of 7. So, you can use coffee grounds for your plant in the proper quantity without any hesitation.

Summing it up

So, to sum up, we can say that science never backs the above claims. Besides, science also never recommends using coffee grounds as plant fertilizer.

Though there is anecdotal evidence that shows some benefits of coffee grounds, they are not as useful for your Monstera plant as you think.

If you use them without caution, the result will be catastrophic as they do more good than harm to your coveted plant.

That is why you must think twice before adding coffee grounds to the soil, and if you are determined to use them, proceed with caution. So, this is all. We can expect that you have got your answers about coffee grounds for your loveable Monstera plant.