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Do Pothos Like Coffee Grounds? Here’s The Answer

Do Pothos Like Coffee Grounds? Here’s The Answer

Pothos is a low-maintenance plant that many of us keep at our homes. The unique nature of these plants makes them such an efficient and beautiful houseplant. It clears out the toxins in the air while making the air have nature’s touch. So, taking care of the Pothos is also our responsibility. We have seen many gardeners use coffee grounds for their plants. So, you might also ask whether Pothos like coffee grounds?

From time to time, you need to provide supplements for the growth of Pothos. The soil needs to be in perfect condition for the flourishing of the popular indoor plant.

Coffee grounds are excellent for the Pothos because of the qualities that it has. We are going to explain the benefits of using coffee grounds in the soil in the subsequent sections.

Do pothos like coffee grounds?

Coffee grounds serve many purposes for the betterment of the Pothos. In fact, pothos like coffee grounds & if you put coffee grounds on a regular basis, it can help in your pothos growth and overall health.

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Are Coffee Grounds Good For Pothos?

Coffee grounds are good for pothos if applied carefully. Coffee grounds can do exceptional help to the growth and protection of your pothos plant due to their high amount of nitrogen.

There can be several aspects to the beneficiary aspects to the coffee grounds that we will cover in this section. Let us start by looking at the significant reasons why coffee grounds are suitable for the Pothos.

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1. Correcting pH of the soil:

Coffee is acidic. When the soil turns basic for various metal oxides, coffee can help keep the ph level at balance. Coffee can also make the soil acidic, and it helps in the growth of the plant. Coffee is helpful to many plants for the same reason.

2. Source of Nitrogen:

We all know that nitrogen is an essential element for the growth of a plant. Trees cannot use the nitrogen in the air, so they gather it from the soil.

As nitrogenation is not possible in such a small pot of your Pothos plant, you have to provide it externally.

Fertilizer is the best source of nitrogen generally. But, it can also have consequences due to the chemical nature of fertilizers.

However, coffee makes the soil rich in nitrogen without the use of harmful chemicals. As a result, coffee grounds are great for your Pothos.

3. Fertilizer:

Apart from the fact that coffee grounds provide nitrogen to the Pothos’ soil, the application is not limited only to this single element.

Coffee is one of the best kitchen products that you can use as a fertilizer.

There are many complex compounds found in the coffee grounds, which are extremely good for the Pothos. You can use unused coffee grounds for the best result, but used ones are also good for your beloved plant.


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4. Quality of the Soil:

Coffee grounds are also incredible at maintaining the quality of the soil. When you pour coffee grounds into the soil, you are also making the soil susceptible to holding more water in it.

It is always a good quality for the growth of the plant. Soil also becomes better at the drainage of water and induces better aeration. So, coffee grounds can turn the soil incredibly fertile.

These are the main advantages of using coffee grounds in the soil of Pothos plants. There are also a few more benefits that we will cover briefly to give you a complete picture.

  1. Coffee grounds attract microbes and earthworms. Both of these are advantageous to the growth of the Pothos.
  2. It can serve as the top layer of the soil and protect it.
  3. Coffee grounds can also restrict the growth of unwanted weeds.
  4. It also keeps away larger animals from the pot.

How Much Coffee Grounds Should You Use For Your Pothos?

Too many coffee grounds can make the soil too acidic, which is not suitable for the Pothos. There are clear advantages to using coffee grounds.

So, we need to find a balance for the amount. As the main problem of using coffee grounds is to make it more acidic, we may have to test the soil for its acidity.

There is a simple test to determine the acidity of the soil. The step by step process is in a list form below:

  • Mix the soil according to the need of the plant you want to grow.
  • Now take a sample from the mix and place it inside a container.
  • Put ½ cup of water and ½ cup baking soda into the container.
  • Observe the reaction.

If the soil sample gives out fizzes, then the soil is acidic. If there is a severe reaction inside the reaction, it can also indicate that the soil is too acidic.

Pothos can easily survive when the soil’s pH is as low as 6.1. However, if it goes below this value, the Pothos can die. So, we have to be careful with the amount of coffee ground that we put in.

But coffee grounds can be beneficial for the growth of Pothos. It would help if you were observant of the amount of soil you have. Apart from making acidic, too much coffee ground can also trap moisture into the soil.

We recommend that you put ½ inch of coffee ground and 4 inches of mulch to make it suitable for Pothos. This ratio will keep a good pH of the soil, and it will also maintain an appropriate amount of nitrogen in it.

If you know how much soil mixture you will need, you can adjust the number of coffee grounds by keeping it 20 percent of the total compost.

When Should You Put Coffee Grounds on Your Pothos?

You can use coffee grounds the same as any other fertilizer. You should use it once in 2 to 3 months, and it will keep the soil appropriate for the growth of Pothos.

You can also have coffee grounds for pest control. In that case, you can use some minute amount of coffee grounds whenever you see that the Pothos has an infestation.

You have to know when you should not use coffee grounds as well.

Using coffee grounds when the Pothos is sapling can be detrimental to survival. As coffee grounds are fine particles, it can prevent them from germinating and growing.

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Can I Put Used Coffee Grounds On My Pothos?

There is nothing wrong with used coffee grounds. The importance of unused coffee grounds is indeed more, but there are still a few components that can help with your Pothos’ growth.

There is another question that we often hear: Can I pour leftover coffee for the Pothos? Yes, you can pour your new coffee into the soil as long as it does not make the soil too acidic.

Pothos has no problem with the slightly acidic nature of the soil. But this answer can vary from one type of plan to another. So, you have to be careful whether the plants you have are acid-loving plants or not.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Coffee Grounds On Your Pothos?

There are several benefits of using coffee grounds on your Pothos. In this section of the article, we are going to mention them all one by one.

  • Coffee grounds can moderate the water drainage of the soil. It increases the water retention power. So, it will prevent the soil from getting too dry for the Pothos.
  • Pesticides are essential to protect the plants, but the residue can become toxic to Pothos. Coffee grounds bind these residues and keep them localized.
  • Coffee grounds can also make the soil more fertile by introducing several minerals into it.
  • Humic substances are essential for plants. Coffee grounds help Pothos in this way as well.
  • You can also maintain nitrogen levels at an appropriate value by using coffee grounds in the soil.
  • If the soil becomes basic, coffee grounds can help it come down to an acidic condition.
  • It can drive other animals away from the pot.
  • Coffee grounds can supply several micronutrients to the soil.


Coffee grounds are versatile in their advantages for your versatile Pothos. If you are using it at an appropriate amount, you cannot go wrong with it.

The amount of benefits that you get from using coffee grounds is fascinating. The minimal number of side effects that can happen is also avoidable easily.

So, overall, we can say that Pothos absolutely likes Coffee grounds, and if you are not using them till now, start right away.