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Do Pothos Like To Climb Or Hang? See The Actual Answer Here

Do Pothos Like To Climb Or Hang? See The Actual Answer Here

Pothos come in different varieties, and they are trendy amongst plant lovers. Although they are known as ‘devil’s ivy,’ these plants need a little care for the proper growth than other indoor plants.

As the name suggests, you might expect these plants to hang from the top and distribute their vines along a wall or a pole or even climb along a moss pole, stake, or trellis. So, you might be wondering whether Pothos like to climb or hang.

Do Pothos Like To Climb Or Hang

Pothos like to climb or hang. They are good at climbing or hanging from surfaces. Pothos can be so adaptive to their surroundings that they can even climb on smooth surfaces. You can keep a moss pole or wood plant for support as it can stick to any vertical and climb its way to the top.

Pothos is also good at giving a vertical structure by hanging from the top of the support. In this case, gravity does all the work, and the vines prolong themselves towards the ground. As gravity helps in the process of growth, the vine takes a waterfall shape. It means that the foliage will be less, and the space between the leaves will be more.

No matter what, you can make the Pothos climb or hang, and it entirely depends on you. It is the beauty of this magnificent plant.


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So, in this article, we will look at this unique property with a closer look. You might get an idea of what you are going to do with your Pothos after reading this.

Can Pothos Climb or Hang?

These beautiful plants can both climb or hang when appropriate support is available. So, you have to think beforehand about how you would like the Pothos to grow.

So, if you want to hang it from the top of the structure, make sure that the plant is getting enough sunshine there, and you can reach there to water and provide fertilizer from time to time. It can stick itself to any surface and slowly grow downwards.

When it comes to the climbing properties of Pothos, they are excellent at it as well. Having a moss tree is probably the best choice for making the Pothos climb up.

Plants generally have outward growth, helping you create a bushy and long vine. Both of these look amazing in a home, and they will give you a touch of green in the middle of your living room.

We have seen many people ask about the growth of Pothos. Generally, it depends on a variety of factors. The plant itself can have different growths at different parts.

For example, Pothos can take as long as a month to grow around an inch of root. It can increase by another 1-2 inches in another month. So, you can understand that the growth of these plants is slow at the beginning.

It takes around 4-5 months to grow their first set of leaves if you give it appropriate nutrients. After this point, you will see faster growth of the vines.

You have to be cautious at this point because Pothos take up all the nutrients and water from the soil faster than they used to.

As a result, you need to increase the watering frequency and start providing new fertilizer every month. When they have settled up, Pothos can grow around 12-18 inches every month.

However, we are talking about the ideal condition of growth here. If you hamper one of them, you will see a significant reduction in their growth.


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Now, let us look at the factors that can contribute to the Pothos’ growth and help it grow faster.


Temperature is a significant factor in the growth of the Pothos as they belong to tropical regions.

For optimum growth, the temperature needs to stay between 75-80℉. If it falls below that range, the growth will be severely affected.


Humidity is also a crucial growth enhancer. If you can manage to keep the humidity above 70%, Pothos will grow exponentially.


Pothos need high-quality soil which has a sound drainage system and good aeration. Otherwise, the roots can get clogged and stunt the growth.


Pothos start to grow fast after a certain point in time. So, they need a constant source of nutrients. As it is a houseplant, you have to provide these nutrients through good fertilizers.


You have to make sure that the Pothos is getting sufficient light for its natural growth. The Pothos must have a moderate lighting condition.


Pothos makes a corner of your house have a little touch of greenery. It is incredibly soothing to have a Pothos because of how beautiful it looks.

You can have either of the options open for its growth.

You can make it climb something or hang from a structure, and they will thrive in both cases. Pothos is so famous for all the right reasons, and you would love to have them in your home.