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15 Flowers That Look Like Roses : [ #5 Is My Favorite ]

15 Flowers That Look Like Roses : [ #5 Is My Favorite ]

Whenever we say Rose, we picture a flower with innumerable, frilly red petals that slowly unravel its beauty to the world. There could be nothing more beautiful than a blooming rose.

Since it is perennial, you can enjoy the beauty of a rose plant for at least a couple of years. Rose belongs to a family called Rosaceae. Rose plants fall under the category of shrubs with thorny stems and are probably the only flower that comes in countless colors.

The availability of this plant is global for its demand and admiration. There is probably no one who does not get fascinated by the charm and beauty of a rose.

That is why there is an untold dominance of this flower in the world of courtship. But, some flowers look pretty similar to roses and even smell the same.

They are like roses with different names but with the same elegance and aroma. These flowers also serve the purpose and escalate the ambient delicacy if a rose is unavailable. So, here we share some details about fifteen flowers that almost look like roses.

The 15 flowers that look like roses

If you cannot take care of roses, do not worry about it. The below fifteen flowers can multiply the elegance of your garden like roses.

1. Anemone

Anemone or Anemonastrum belongs to the buttercup family called Ranunculaceae. Since they like temperature and humidity, you can find them in the subtropical zones.

Anemone has another name for a windflower. This plant has a lifespan of more than two years and tends to bloom at the break of dawn and close the petals with the nightfall. The simple, slender, and feather-like petals make this flower look similar to roses.

Anemones can be of a variety of colors, like roses. You would even see some contrast colors at the center of the flowers. So if the rose is off-season, a bouquet of Anemone or a few blooming Anemone plants in your garden can impress anyone just like a rose does.

2. Apple blossom

Malus Domestica flower or apple blossom is the state flower of Michigan and Arkansas. This apple tree flower falls under the category of angiosperm. The size of an apple blossom can even exceed a rose if the mold includes well-balanced boron, zinc, phosphorus, nitrogen, and other nutrients.

This floret of tranquility generally comes in a baby pink hue that gradually fades to white with the season’s progression.

Just like a white or pink rose, apple blossom too symbolizes purity and innocence. In the case of the unavailability of a rose, a bunch of apple blossoms can elevate the encompassing serenity.


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3. Begonias

Begonia obliqua or begonia is native to the Begoniaceae family. This plant is also perennial and grows naturally in tropical or subtropical climates.

But many people grow it as a fancy house plant since this flower almost looks like a rose. The red, peach, and ombre color makes begonia look more rose-like.

Even though you cannot expect aroma from the flower, begonia is a tranquilized substitute for roses. You can use them instead of roses to decorate window boxes, nurseries, and terraces.

The flurry petal ends of begonia give it the shape of a plump rose. Since begonia represents uniqueness, it could be the perfect present for a person who likes to stand out from the crowd.


This flower is native to eastern and southern Asia. Camellia or camellia japonica is an ancient flower over the ages of 3,000 years. Blazing hot is not suitable for them. If you consider planting camellia due to the unavailability of the roses, make sure they get cool shadows during the scorching heat.

Surprisingly, camellia blooms in early fall. So, these rose-like colorful blossoms can add color to the snowy landscape of your garden.

While red camellia stands for passion, just like a blood-red rose, the pink variety symbolizes love. Besides, a white camellia represents admiration. So instead of presenting someone, a cliche rose bouquet, you can try to substitute it with a garland of vibrant camellia.

5. Carnations

Dianthus caryophyllus, or clove pink, the carnation has many names. Since it originated from the Mediterranean region, Greek mythology has some reference to this flower.

Anyone can easily mistake carnations for roses, as both of them look almost the same. Carnations come in many shades, and all of them look stunning.

Still, the white and the pink ones are in vogue. The contrast of these two variants in a wreath can easily entice anyone. Since the petal ends are elegantly lacy, they look amorous in a bouquet.

Carnation represents merriment, success, and adoration, just like a rose. Due to this reason, during any Greek celebrations or happy events, the usage of carnation flowers is mandatory.

6. Dahlia

The Dahlia plant falls under the category of bush that has a lifespan of more than two years. Although the appearance of dahlia does not match with roses, it is no less luring than a rose one. This plant is native to Central America and Mexico regions.

Just like roses, dahlia also has innumerable petals to make it one of the fluffiest flowers ever. It has a variety of shades depending on the species.

Generally, you would find the flower in maroon, white, yellow, magenta, pink, and red. If you want to send some love to a person with elegance, innovativeness, and mental strength, a garland of dahlia would be perfect.

On Valentine’s Day, roses feel synonymous these days. But if you and your partner are persons who do not float with the crowd, a dahlia bouquet would be thoughtful and non-cliché.

If your garden, be it indoor or outdoor, feels the scarcity of hue, plant some dahlias in it. As a blooming, vibrant houseplant, the dahlia is considered the best.

Although maintaining it is a slightly fussy job, the elegance of a perfectly bloomed dahlia deserves it. Your loved ones will get impressed by the striking beauty of it.

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7. Desert rose

Adenium obesum or desert rose blooms, especially in southern Africa, Arabia, and eastern subtropical zones. You would find the plant here and there in the Sahara Desert. Probably this is the reason the plant has got its desert rose nickname.

Even though desert roses are not that plump compared to roses, a bunch of these flowers can soothe your eyes and please your mind. Their pinkish flurry petal borders with white in the center can cajole anyone at the very first sight.

If you are a floral person with a weakness to roses, placing a desert rose plant in your room will add some hues to the ambiance. Desert rose is apt for aesthetic persons and is believed to bring good luck to your house.

8. Double Dianthus

Double dianthus is like adding an extra layer of petals to general dianthus. Although the blooming time of the plant is in the months of summer, blazing heat can interrupt its growth.

This fragrant flower can be a competitor to most rose-like flowers. They are available in pink, magenta, red, and ochre hue.

But if you plan to present someone with a garland of double dianthus, pick up the bicolor ones. They look simply stunning in a bunch and create an ambiance more aromatic.

9. Double impatiens

Imagine a fully bloomed rose and double its size. You will get an assumption of the size of double impatiens. Since they are a cross between a peony and a rose, double impatiens almost look like roses.

Taking care of the plant is hassle-free; consider adding this fragrant hue to your garden. The plant can enhance the artistry of your room as a houseplant.

Double impatiens come in a wide range of shades like fuchsia pink to snow white. After fully blooming, their petal arrangement makes them look more astonishing and rose-like. Since double impatiens symbolizes a mother’s affection, a wreath of impatiens could be a perfect mother’s day gift.

10Double tulips

Double tulips are not usually seen everywhere. Tulips with added petals have more resemblance to a mature rose than any other flower. The sepals make the double tulip bud more fluffy and plump like a rosebud.

Different hues of the double tulip stand for different meanings. While the red ones send a message of deep and unconditional love to anyone, the white double tulip represents forgiveness and peace.

11. Gardenias

Gardenia jasminoides or gardenia is a bizarre flower with a strong fragrance like roses. If you are looking for an aromatic alternative to roses, this will be the best option.

This fascinating yet simple flower is native to South Asia and Africa. Even some species of gardenia originated in some parts of Australia. Having gardenia as a houseplant can cheer up your mood even on the gloomiest days of your life.

Although the flower only comes in a white tone, a white gardenia exemplifies innocence, passion, and affection. So, sending a bouquet of gardenia to your partner would be enough to express your love.

12. Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla or hydrangea is a blooming plant that originated mainly in Asia and America. The innumerable floral leaves make it look like a colorful ball with a flurry texture.

The very sight of the hydrangea bush with flowers pleases you more than everything. A contrasting arrangement of it in a garland can easily uplift the mood.


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13. Lisianthus

Lisianthus or Eustoma is another stunning substitute for roses. Texas Bluebell prefers a warm climate. That is why they are widely available in the southern part of the USA.

The sight of blooming vibrant lisianthus across the horizon of grassland can serve tranquility and contentment. This pillowy flower adds extra charm to the garland. If you feel someone’s effort needs to be appreciated, say nothing and send a bouquet of lisianthus to him.

14. Peonies

Peony or Paeonia is a perennial plant with a blooming season in late spring to early summer. Peonies are available in various shades like crimson, magenta, pink, white and have a striking resemblance to roses.

They can be an inexpensive yet worthy gift for your loved ones on special occasions. These massive florets with lacy petal borders will surely impress the receiver.

15. Ranunculus

Ranunculus means little frog in Latin. Ranunculus is like a rose in its simplest Blanche form. This chubby and stunningly frilly flower can bring romanticism even in a grumpy one.

After a long tiring day, a bouquet of ranunculus can help one to get relaxed. Since this floret stands for affection, you can send a garland of ranunculus to your partner on next Valentine’s Day just to let her know how much she values your life.

Wrapping it up

If you love roses but worry about having them in your garden due to strict care, do not worry.

Any of the above rose-like flowers will equally amuse you and put on a divine beauty to your garden. If you and your loved ones are a bit different from the crowd, these romantic alternatives are the best gift choice you have.