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Flowers That Start With C : Here’s Our Favorite List

There are a million flowers that start with the alphabet C. The early name for the flower was bloom or blossom. Humans have admired Flowers for the long term and are used to beautify the environment, their surroundings, and as objects of romance, ritual, religion, medicine, and witchcraft.

It’s exceptionally admissible when you feel a particular spot in the garden or elsewhere miserable or lifeless; you need to add only two or three stunning flowers that will shine luminously with life and hope.

This article will present some flowers starting with alphabet C. You will already be familiar with the same common species but not with the unusual ones.

12 Flowers That Start With C

1) Calla Lily

It is native to Africa. However, today, it can be seen in every part of the world, especially in Asian regions. It is available in various colors such as orange, pink, lavender, and likes. It signifies beauty and love, sometimes even for the mark of sexuality and faithfulness.

The different colors of the calla lily are famous for their different features as white symbolizes innocence and something pure, whereas yellow is the sign of gratitude. The pink calla lily shows admiration towards something.

This flower has both good and bad signs. So, you can use it for both weddings and funerals. It is the most liked flower by everyone as it represents the love between two persons when presented at weddings ceremonies.

2) Chrysanthemum

It is one of the best-loved flowers globally, particularly in Australia. It serves as the mark of love children have for their mothers; therefore, it is also popular as the Mother’s Day flower.

It also shows the beginning of autumn, the so-called autumn flower. It blooms in spring. Sometimes it falls under perennial plants, but it is mainly an annual plant.

Furthermore, it is also available in many colors such as pink, yellow and white. But the most popular one is gold which is also the rarest and expensive. People adore this type of chrysanthemum because it smells like perfume.

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3) Camellia

This flower is one of the genus camellias. It has more than 100 species. It can be seen all over the world with different features. However, you would find regional variations of each plant.

It usually blooms in autumn in acidic soil up to one meter in height. Likewise, it can be red, pink, yellow, or white as per the different types. Even it can vary according to the shape, such as peony-shaped camellias, which are similar to roses, flat-faced camellias (large flowers), and formal shaped Camellias.

4) Campanula Latifolia

The plant’s other names are bellflower, broadleaf harebell, or common harebell. It is native to Northern Europe and Central Europe. Its leaves are set out on upright stems but gathered near the top. The lower leaves are linear-lanceolate, while the upper ones become small up the stem.

It can grow up to 18 inches tall and stems a little angular upon maturity. Even the leaves can be 5–25 mm long and 0.6–2 mm wide. This type of bellflower expresses the feeling of gratitude.

It also acts as a symbol of affection, constancy, and everlasting love. This annual plant is harvested from the wild for medicinal purposes and used as food. It is also grown in the gardens or parks as ornamental.

5) Cardinal Flower

It originated from North America. It is widespread in New England, Ontario, Nebraska, Eastern Canada, etc. You can spot it mostly in moist regions, likewise marshes or roadside ditches. But it can also be seen in drier conditions if the soil is suitable for it, such as loam or clay.

They produce vibrant red flowers. Sometimes they survive under the shade during the hot parts of the day, but they choose full sun to light shade. In the ancient period, the Americans used this flower to make medicines.

Nowadays, it works for decoration purposes. The main problem is that the leaf spots result from bacteria or fungi. Brown or black spots are maybe circular with dripping water or have a yellow-edged appearance.

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6) Catchfly

It is an herbaceous annual or perennial plant. Upon maturity, it reaches up to a height of 30 cm and a width of 15-18 cm. They are mostly pink, purple, white, or blue. The plant is known as catch fly because of its sticky sap, which catches small insects.

Its introduction was in North America and native to Europe. Catch Flies are low and slow-growing plants with unusual drought tolerance. They do not have detectable fragrances. Some of them bloom in summer and some in late spring.

7) Clematis

It is the mark of the beauty of ingenuity. You can find it in many varieties and colors like pink, lavender, blue, purple, and white. They need more sunlight and moist loamy soil to grow.

You will find it blooming in the early spring till the late spring. Furthermore, they have 4-8 petals fused into the tube at the base but vary in their length, thus forming a corolla with 4-8 lobes.

It is the sign of wisdom, aspiration, and mischief. Like other flowers, these are also motifs for a tattoo that wraps around arms. It shows that a person is a spiritual seeker or slightly mischievous.

8) Coneflower

It is native to eastern North America. The coneflower grows in sunny open sites with well-drained pH of 5.5 to 6.8. It can be seen in any garden but looks beautiful when kept in full sun, moist and fertile ground.

It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with some other insects. These colorful and beautiful wildflowers light up the landscape.

The color of the petals varies according to the species, and it may be pink or purple. It serves to treat illnesses, such as coughs and colds, yeast infections, and some inflammatory conditions. It even helps control sugar levels, immunity, anxiety, and skin health. Similarly, it is now considered one of the most popular herbs globally.

9) Coral Bells

They are frequently called Coral Honeysuckle or Coral Drops. These coral bells also act as the arrival of spring, and one can present them as wedding flowers because of their bright blooms and festive color.

The cultivation happens in the summer months of March and April. It has the great ability to survive in almost any kind of soil and climate.

There are many varieties of coral bells, such as Silver Streak, Carnival Rose Granite, etc. They are perennial and return after every year. New leaves come in different hues like purple, rose, lime green, gold, and more.

10) Coreopsis

It is cultivated in sunny regions and open gardens for ornamental purposes. The plant is an elegant flower famous for its bright yellow color blooms in summer. Generally, it reaches 16-47 inches tall and 15-18 inches wide.

Sometimes, the flower comes in a red or orange shade. Due to this, coreopsis is attractive to bees and butterflies. They are capable of tolerating drought. It represents love and cheerfulness. It has more than 100 species and /is easily found in prairies and woodlands of North, Central, and South America. Not to forget that some of its species work as dyes.

11) Cosmos

Cosmos is easy to grow only by sprinkling seeds in the garden. Within a few weeks of growing, it looks a lot like daisies. It is available in a wide range of colors, leaves grow opposite, and feather-looking varies on the types. There are up to 25 species of cosmos.

The plant is native to Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America. They need the full sun to bloom. If you leave it outside, it will die after some time and won’t stay for a longer duration. Their life cycle ends with flowering. They are resistant to insects, while some affect their growth.

12) Cuckoo Flower

The cuckoo flower is the symbol of the arrival of spring. Its pale pink flower blooms from April till June.

Each of the flowers has four petals. Its habitat is grassland, freshwater, wetlands, towns, and gardens.

It is strongly associated with folklore. It grows up to 20 cm into informal wildflowers. Their leaves have a division with the main central vein. It is a medicinal plant, edible, and the younger leaves are wonderful. Primarily, it can be found in the parts of the UK and also on road verges and in ditches.

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While concluding, I should again reaffirm that flowers have a crucial role in our lives. They are responsible for bringing happiness to your life and making your surrounding the most beautiful place.

Thus, it would help if you planted more and more flowers in your surroundings to beautify them. Even the fragrance of the flowers helps to reduce the stress and regenerate themselves. Without flowers, plants can be green, but the world will look dull.