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15 Houseplants With Red Veins You Should See

15 Houseplants With Red Veins You Should See

Tropical plants in the interior of the home create an exotic and lush living feeling. All love the plants with red veins at home, and some have a fantastic quality of flexible leaves!

Caring for red plants requires particular atmospheric and cultural conditions for optimal health.

The plants with red leaves are a picky little specimen that doesn’t shy away from alerting you to every need. These houseplants are a hit and are loved by many for planting at home and enhancing the look and feel of your place.

The red vein plants have beautiful dark green leaves, which sets them apart from other house plants. These are seen in native South America, and this tropical plant grows as a ground cover and can grow up to 30 cm, which is approximately 12 inches.

Due to its extensive growth, it is ideal for house plants and terrariums, where it thrives with the help of high humidity. These plants grow best around 70°F/21°C, hence grow well at home.

It does not like dry air, currents, or direct sunlight, which can cause its leaves to shrink or fall off. These houseplants with red veins are loved by one, and since the care needed for this plant is comparatively less, individuals prefer planting these at home.

Houseplants With Red Veins:

1. Fortissimo

The Botanical Name for Fittonia is ‘Fortissimo’

This is a beautiful and huge variant with green leaves and has magnificent pink and red veins.

The eye-catching beauty brightens every nook and corner of your home and helps it look amazing.

Easy to grow in slight to mild moisture, nicely-draining soil in complete sun to partial coloration.

Appropriate floor drainage is essential. Nice in natural rich soil. The soil ought to be kept frivolously moist throughout the growing season but controlled during the later phase.

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2. Black Star

The Botanical Name for Fittonia verschaffeltii is ‘Black Star’.

This looks great with its light foliaged. This has a beautiful emerald green leaf with purple and red veins, which enhances the look of the plant.

These houseplants with red veins are lovely tropical houseplants that have designed leaves with pink, red veins.

These beautiful ones contrast well with the dark green leaves.

Because of the perplexing veined design, fittonias are likewise called nerve plants, vein plants, mosaic plants, and painted net plants. The fascination with vein plants is that they are not difficult to grow at home and help to light up any room.

3. Ruby Red

The Botanical Name for this Fittonia is ‘Ruby Red.’

‘Ruby Red’ is an evergreen perpetual plant from the Acanthaceae family. This can be grown in contrasting shades of pots for an attractive look.

This wonderful plant has dark green leaves with deep red veins, which makes it the center of attraction wherever placed.

A perpetual evergreen development, houseplants with veins are typically developed indoors; however, they can be utilized as a groundcover in gentle environments.

This little plant is ideal for obscure spots, and it needs splendid, circuitous light. Ordinarily known by the name Nerve Plant’ Ruby Red”, it’s developed for the fabulous foliage, leaves are strikingly veined with red and green color in this plant.

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4. Red Star

The Botanical Name for this Fittonia is ‘Red Star.’ This plant has intensely dense and small dark green leaves with stems of red and pink making it look amazing.

This can be a trendsetter for your living rooms and bedrooms. For best outcomes, grow Cordyline australis’s Red Star’ in a bright, properly damped spot away from chilly winter winds and grown this in an enormous pot which you can move as and when needed.

5. Red Vein

The Botanical Name of this Fittonia is ‘Red Vein.’

This plant is known to be a large nerve plant with green leaves, and the veins are styled with a red and pink shade that gives it a spectacular look.

Fittonia nerve plant enjoys all around depleted moist soil, however not very wet. Water moderately and let developing nerve plants dry out between watering. Use room temperature water on the plant to keep away from shock. This grows around 3 to 6 inches (7.5-15 cm.)

6. Red Anne

The Botanical Name for this Fittonia is ‘Red Anne.’

This plant is indeed adorable and one of the best choices for terrariums. The green leaves of the plant have pink and red variegation making it look wow.

The green leaves with red veins make the plant a perfect choice to decorate your living corner.

This plant with red vein must be taken care of well by keeping it in moist soil. Use room temperature water on the plant to stay away from shock.

Planting this decreases the level of carbon dioxide, reduces pollutants and nitrogen dioxide in the surrounding. Planting this reduces the airborne dust levels.

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7. Pink Star

This Fittonia is known as a ‘Pink Star.’

This particular variant has tiny wavy leaves with broad veins of red and pink color. Although the name suggests pink stars, the veins have both red and pink colors and have a unique look as compared to other similar plants.

The plant makes an extraordinary indoor plant. Give it a pleasant splendid window in your home and let it flourish.

Whenever developed inside the house, the plant will get the benefits with periodic clouding to keep the stickiness level right. The plant type is an epiphyte, like air plants; however, Cryptanthus Bivittatus needs to be grown in good quality soil.

8. Pink Vein

The Botanical Name of this Fittonia’ Pink Vein’.

This plant is adorned with beautiful pink and red veins on green leaves, making it attractive. Although the name suggests a pink vein, it has both red and pink veins making it attractive.

This is sure to give your house an attractive look. You must indulge in getting this one for you.

This is a perfect plant to be placed in the corner of your home to give it an amazing look. The amazing look of the plant becomes an attraction wherever it is placed.

9. Pink Angel

Since the name suggests Pink Angel, you may have thought that the veins are only pink in color. However, this is not true, and the veins are reddish-pink.

Hence, if you are looking for a red veins plant, you can easily go for the same and enhance the beauty of your place. This plant has an ornamental look with small leaves which are grown tightly.

The plant has tiny spots on it, making it look different as compared to other plants.

This beautiful plant adds decor to your home. The assortment of fittonia is a distinctive plant with green leaves which have brilliantly colored veins. Developing Fittonia Albivenis is exceptionally simple for novices since it wouldn’t fret low light.

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10. Mini Red Vein

The Botanical Name for this Fittonia is ‘Mini Red Vein’

This plant produces small green leaves with dark red and pink veins and can be kept indoors. While you make a collection of beautiful plants, this one is a must to your collection to beautify your home.

Red nerve plant is a low-developing, herbaceous enduring with glossy olive-green, red-veined leaves.

It reaches 3 to 6 inches tall and 12 to 18 inches wide at development. This plant has not many prerequisites, growing effectively in full shade or fractional sun and clammy, well-depleting soil.

11. Juanita

The Botanical Name for this Fittonia is ‘Juanita’

This is one of that gorgeous variety which has beautiful large leaves with red veins in bolder patches on a green leaf.

This also has additional pink-green colors, which make it look even more beautiful.

This vein plant is a low-growing creeper that is an ideal fit for terrariums or bottle gardens. The fittonia commonly develops to a stature of 3 to 6 inches with a spread of 12 to 18 inches.

12. Josan

‘Josan’ is the Botanical Name of this Fittonia.

This fittionia is a medium-sized plant with green leaves with red windows and veins rich in color. If you plant it in a white pot, the look of the plant will take your heart away. This can be kept as a tabletop hanging, making it look great when placed at a particular place.

13. Frankie

The Botanical Name of this Fittonia is ‘Frankie’

Frankie is a rare and exclusive variety with dark green foliage and more of a pink and reddish shade. You can keep this nerve plant in any of your rooms and give the corners an exclusive look.

It is a magnificent tropical houseplant for tabletops, hanging containers, and terrariums.

It adds a particular touch to the indoor stylistic theme since the nerve plant’s rich green leaves are contacted with dazzling pink or red veins.

It looks exceptionally well in pots that play off the colors of the veins, yet various colors likewise establish an extraordinary connection.


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14. Skeleton

The Botanical Name for this Fittonia aliveness’ Skeleton.’

This is a perfect choice for terrariums. It has bright colored green leaves with prominent veins and red color.

Typically developed as a houseplant, the red vein plants are a spreading evergreen lasting with carefully veined, dark green leaves.

Although the most well-known vein tone is red, you can likewise promptly discover assortments with veins in red, pink, white, and green too.

The houseplants with red veins are a low-growing one that is ideal for terrariums or bottle gardens. Fittonia normally develops to a stature of 3 to 6 crawls with the following spread of 12 to 18 inches.


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15. Polka Dot Plant

The Botanical Name for this plant is Hypoestes Phyllostachys.

This is a part of a flowering plant in the family Acanthaceae, which belongs to South Africa, Madagascar, and Southeast Asia.

In closing:

There are many house plants with red veins that people like. They need little care and are easy to maintain.

Some people like these plants because they need low to medium light, but it is okay if you have them in a room without much light.

You just need to keep the soil wet so that the plant will grow well.

If the leaves turn yellow, it means there is too much water or not enough drainage for the roots to breathe.

Now that we have shared a lot of information about the houseplants with red veins and have a large list of plants to choose from, you must go for it immediately and pick some to decorate your home well.