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How Much Light Does Monstera Plant Need? Here’s The Answer

How Much Light Does Monstera Plant Need? Here’s The Answer

Monstera plants do not thrive in intense sunlight, nor do they grow fast when kept indoors. So, what is the intensity of light that needs to be maintained?

Various factors play a significant role in determining how much light is essential for these plants in general. Some of the favorable conditions for a monstera plant include the following:

Direct sunlight for very long:

This is what most gardens feature- a bright sunny day almost throughout the year. Keeping your monstera plant in this situation is highly recommended.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you must water it regularly to retain the moisture in it. Avoid it in the rainy season to avoid overwatering them.1.2.4.

Indirect sunlight throughout the day:

This is a favorable option for those who want to have a monstera plant in your windowsill gardening. You will notice that window areas get a divided amount of sunlight in each part of the day.

One part may get the light in the morning, but it soon reaches the opposite windowpane within the afternoon

In this situation, you need to add less water to monstera plants because they already have the moisture retained, and no high evaporation occurs.

Low amounts of sunlight:

Monstera plants are not indoor plants as such, but you can keep them on your balcony and in areas where sunlight is weak.

These plants thrive in sunlight and shade; the only difference is that they will not grow tremendously.

It is not a bad thing- monstera plants grow adequately enough to increase your house’s show and thrive inside.3.5.

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Signs Your Monstera Needs More Light

Though you can assume that a monstera plant can thrive in any sunlight, sometimes it becomes an obvious question- does your plant need more light? 1.

You will get to see the following warning signs when you must decide to keep your monstera plant in bright sunlight:

  • The plant will struggle to get more sunlight, as the stems will start stretching in all directions, making your plant weak and unorganized.

It is when you need to give it the right amount of sunlight to thrive. It mainly occurs when you keep it in the dark rooms, with no air and light passing throughout the day.

  • When you find that the soil is remaining moist for a long time, and you do not require watering it as much as you should.

It means that your monstera plant is not getting enough sunlight to complete the various plant processes.

Keep it in bright sunlight for two to three days, and you will notice the results yourself.1.4.

  • If the monstera plant fails to grow new leaves and stems for an extended period, you must admit that it requires more sunlight to do so.

These plants can thrive on their own in the shade, but it will not get the energy that it needs from direct sunlight to grow efficiently.

  • When the plant struggles to stay upright, with stems and leaves falling on one side, you have to keep it in bright sunlight for a few days.

The leaf nodes and stems will start falling apart, and it can happen due to many reasons like fungal attack, need for sunlight, and lack of proper nutrients.

While the primary reason can be the absence of light, keeping it in direct sunlight eliminates all primary reasons effectively.2.3.5.

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Does Monstera need direct sunlight?

A monstera plant can thrive in various light situations, making it one of the most desirable plants for indoor gardening.

But, sometimes, you will find that the plant starts showing signs that indicate its dire need for sunlight.

It is when you should keep it in direct sunlight. It makes it easier for the plant to carry on with the plant processes.

You can keep the monstera plant in direct sunlight permanently, or you may change places from time to time. The choice is yours.2.4.

Can Monstera grow in artificial light?

You may wonder if artificial lights can do wonders in monstera plants as perfect bright sunlight, and the answer seems to be yes!

These plants grow efficiently in artificial lights, and you can use LED lights with a balanced light spectrum for the best effects.

If you cannot provide direct sunlight to these plants, you can opt for artificial lights to serve the purpose.2.3.5.

Also known as the Swiss-cheese plant. Monstera is a popular plant name in outdoor as well as indoor gardening.

Growing a monstera plant is not difficult because the plant does not have a host of complex requirements.

When it comes to the intensity of sunlight, you can reasonably keep it in any situation, and it is sure to thrive.

Make sure you cater to its light needs from time to time, and it will have a blooming growth in all seasons.1.3.4.


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