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How To Keep Monstera Plant Upright? [ Step By Step Guide ]

How To Keep Monstera Plant Upright? [ Step By Step Guide ]

A little bit of greenery can make a place vibrant and more lively. No matter what kind of greenery that is.

It can be a small potted blooming tulip or even a spongy green cactus! Those mute yet utterly gorgeous green lives can have the capability to turn any place more graceful and lush.

There are many plants that you can readily incorporate in your room or anywhere inside your house. But, one of the prettiest and loveliest plants among all the indoor plants is the Monstera plant.

They have one of the unique shaped leaves, and their manner of sprouting becomes an add-on to their beauty. Therefore, wherever you place a pot of a growing Monstera plant indoors, you will automatically find your room becoming more lively and joyous.

They are the native plants from the rainforest that stretch from Mexico to Panama. And thus, they thrive ideally in indoor conditions. It means that your indoors’ warm and humid conditions will be effectively making them grow and flourish.

And, for such a beautiful plant, you would definitely want to take good care of them so that they bloom with lush green color and vibrance. So, let us know and understand the different ways in which we can keep a Monstera plant upright.

How to keep the Monstera plant upright?

The different ways in which you can ideally keep your Monstera plant perfectly upright are as follows.

1. Adding a pole covered with moss

One of the most prevalent methods of growing your monstera plants upright. Adding a moss pole is easy and effective.

It must be added at the other side of the plant on which the plant is growing heavier and is quite unbalanced, and this method is quite popular.

On the new pot, add a fresh and new soil layer, take out your monstera plant from the older pot for examining its roots. If you find everything good and healthy, place it in the new pot where you have added the new soil layer.

Place the plant in the way you would want it to grow and then cover the pot with soil, except for the area where you would place the moss pole.

Then, place the moss pole while you ensure that the soil is firm.

Take someone’s help to hold the pole in the appropriate position while you fill the entire pot with soil so that the pole is left unseen.

And, the last step is to water the new pot and wait to see your beautiful monstera plant growing!


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Coco coir poles

Coco coir poles are the next best method of offering support and nutrients to your growing monstera plants. The poles can be of anything, and if you ask us, we would say that metal, wood, or PVC are the most common and popular ones.

The coco coir poles offer micronutrients and moisture to your monstera plants and help them sprout healthily. Also, these coirs camouflage well with the soil and the plant, making them almost invisible to human eyes and not letting the beauty of the monstera plants droop down even a little.

If your plant is perfectly balanced, it is ideal for putting the pole in the center.

And, if you find your plant a bit tilted or heavy on one side, put the pole to the side opposite to it so that it gets the support and regains its balance as it grows with the help of that coco coir pole.

Occasionally misting the poles makes it better for the plants as it prevails the ideal humidity conditions for it.

Installing a garden stake

Garden stakes are another effective method of growing your monstera plants upright. They are available in different sizes as well as shapes.

Thus, assess the size of your plant and get yourself the size and shape that would ideally suit your monstera plant. They give you optimum flexibility to stake your plant and make them grow upright ideally.

There are different types of them, which include bamboo, metals, and the like.

But you must ensure that you avail of the ones for your plants that are firm and strong enough to support your plant growing upright. Also, the garden stakes help you manage your overgrown monstera plants.

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Adding a trellis

Trellis gives you a range of options for providing support to your monstera plants and helping them grow upright based on their size, leaf shape, and the look you would want them to have as they grow.

You will find wooden as well as metallic trellis, and opt for the one you find more capable of supporting your monstera plant. Then comes the factor of shape.

If your monstera plant has a large number of leaves, and also if the shape of their leaves is large enough, opt for the trellis that is triangular or rectangular shaped.

It is because they have more support points than a single pole.

Also, if you want your monstera plant to have a bushier appearance, the triangular or rectangular trellis are the ideal ones to install for your monstera plant.

The factor of sunlight

We all know that a plant always grows in the direction from which it finds the source of light (or, rather, sunlight) coming towards them.

It is because they need sunlight to grow, develop, make food, or, most precisely, to survive. Thus, you can utilize this fact to make your monstera plant grow upright. Assess the direction from which the sunlight enters your room.

Place your monstera plant in the direction that will make it grow in the upright direction with the help of that direction in which the sunlight is entering your room.

It is an easy and intelligent method of making your monstera plant grow upright and healthy.

Then, it would be best if you eventually kept rotating the pot because otherwise, the plant will keep growing towards only one direction, which would make it unbalanced and thus, ruining the purpose in the first place.

So, keep the plant towards the direction of incoming sunlight and keep rotating the pot occasionally to make it grow ideally upright.

Should I stake my Monstera?

Yes, you can readily stake your monstera plants. Or rather, it is beneficial for the plant when you start to stake them.

Monstera is one of such plants that grow aerial roots. And, instead of cutting them off of the plants, you must embrace them. The aerial roots have an influential role to play for the monstera plants.

They are present to provide support to the plants as they thrive and grow beautifully. But, they take up all the load of the plants, and when you offer to stake to the plants, you relieve that load from the roots.

Thus, when you stake the monstera plants, you take the load off the aerial roots and, consequently, help the plants grow better.

You need not worry about disrupting the beauty of the plant from staking because you can easily tuck the stake under the soil, and leave it invisible, and leave no blemishes on the grace of the gorgeous monstera plants.

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Do monstera plants climb?

Yes, monstera plants are climbers. Well, it would be a little wrong to say this so straightforwardly because we must say that monstera plants are one of the most beautiful and unique climbers.

They are epiphytic vines, which makes them climbers and not trailers. And, this is the reason why monstera plants are kept and grown in pots instead of hanging them growing them in hanging baskets.

Also, it is ideal for nurturing them in pots that consist of a pole filled with moss, a wooden piece, or any other such thing.

It would serve these plants’ support to climb as they grow. The monstera plants can have a height of about six feet or even more than that.


The secret behind growing your monstera plant upright and healthy is adding support to it. As you already know by now, this plant is a climber, and thus, it needs specific firm support for growing right.

We have mentioned to you the most effective ways in which you can make your plant grow upright. Therefore, avail yourself of the method that you find most appealing and ideal.

And, as you do so, watch your monstera plant grow healthily and flawlessly upright, with your indoors get more vibrant and ornamented with their large and beautiful leaves and lush green colors.

You will seldom find your room getting as lively as it gets with the sprouting of a monstera plant.

So, incorporate one on your indoors, and find ourselves waking up to the most majestic and gorgeously decorated indoors with the lush green monstera plants in your room.