Is It Better To Water Plants At Night Or Morning?

Who does not enjoy greenery? Plants are good to look at as well as fabulous for our physical and mental health. But with the fun comes the responsibility.

Plants are like low-maintenance pets. They leave you with happy thoughts and act as a stress buster after requiring very little care.

The first thing to remember about plant care is when and how much to water them.

Due to our tightly packed schedules in the morning and throughout the day, most people wonder if they can water their plants at night.

If you have had similar thoughts, read further to know the best time to water your plants.

Is it better to water plants at night?

The answer is no. Although it might be more convenient to water your green friends at night, it is generally not a good idea.

Watering in the night contributes to the poor health of your plants even if you do it regularly.

Why is it wrong to water plants at night?

Watering the plants at night affects their growth and overall health. Several reasons contribute to nighttime being the worst time to water plants. Those reasons are listed below:

  1. Transpiration is like a respiration process for plants. In this process, tiny holes called stomata present in the leaves open and close to release the water vapor. This activity majorly occurs during the daytime in the presence of sunlight. Due to this, proper expel of moisture by transpiration does not happen. It opens the door for all sorts of pathogen infiltration and plant diseases.
  2. During night time the process of evaporation is the slowest due to the absence of sun. It increases the time of the plant’s roots soaking in water. Sometimes the roots remain in water throughout the night and some more time in the morning until the sunlight is sharp. It might lead to root rot and several other plant problems.
  3. Another reason not to water your plants at night is that the water stays on leaves for a long time. It increases the risk of fungal infection.
  4. If you live in a climate where the nights are humid, the chances of several plant problems like fungal infection, rot, and other insects increase. Wet leaves and excess moisture in the environment make the perfect habitat for fungus.
  5. If the soil is compact and has a less friable texture, watering at night leads to waterlogging. If the soil is not loose and there is no sun to evaporate the water, water logging is very harmful to the plants as the roots start to suffocate. There is an improper flow of air to the roots, and it is also home to several insects.
  6. Waterlogging can also lead to stem rot, as sometimes a puddle is formed for a long time if the water does not appropriately evaporate. If this happens, the roots do not receive enough water and minerals while the soil and stem are soaked.

These reasons must be enough to stop you from watering your plants at night if you want your plant to be healthy and have proper growth.

Which time is best for watering plants?

Now that we have established the worst time to water the plants let us see when we should water them to keep them perfectly healthy.

Morning time is the best time to water the plant. Just like humans, plants love to have water to start their day.

However, if you are too busy in the mornings, another great time to water the plants is in the evening. Watering in the morning prepares the plant for the day, and watering in the evening cools it down after facing the sun for the entire day.

If you water the plants in the evenings, you give the leaves enough time to dry. But, if the leaves remain wet for a long time, say a whole night, the chances of fungal infection increase significantly.

Why is morning the best time to water plants?

Plants are living things that need food and energy to survive. Plants perform photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight.

Adequate watering in the morning makes the plant ready to prepare food for the entire day. Watering in the morning leads to maximum efficiency in plants for a variety of reasons which are listed below:

  1. In the morning time, plants are ready to receive ample hydration. Watering them this time prepares them to withstand the day’s heat.
  2. The sun is not too bright in the morning, so plants get enough time to absorb enough water. If we water in the afternoon, the sun is too bright, and the water evaporates quickly, and the plant cannot retain it. It is also the benefit of watering the plants in the evening.
  3. Watering in the morning allows the water to run down to the soil and the soil absorbs all the minerals before the water evaporates.
  4. Watering in the morning leads to the leaves drying out quickly. It reduces the risk of various fungal problems like powdery mildew or sooty mold, which can cause serious harm to your plants.
  5. Morning time is preferred over evening time for watering the plants because there is more time for the leaves to dry out and just enough time for the roots to absorb water without causing excessive moisture problems like fungus, insects, or root rot.
  6. Watering every day in the morning boosts the natural growth cycle of the plant. It leads to proper growth and healthy life for your plant.



Keeping a plant alive is one thing and keeping it healthy is another. A plant that receives proper nourishment and care blossoms beautifully. Watering your plant in the morning is the first step towards keeping it fresh and vital. Although watering in the evening is also a good option, constantly water your plants early in the morning.

Not only is the morning watering favorable for your plants, making it a part of your morning schedule ensures you have a fresh and oxygen-filled start to a day.

Watering the plants is a meditative activity, and doing it in the morning increases freshness and reduces anxiety for the entire day.

However, if you are in a hurry in the mornings, evening watering is also a correct way to go for the health of plants. Just avoid watering in the late evenings or nights.

If you must water at night, do not do it manually. Instead, install a drip or soaker irrigation system that directly provides water to the plants’ roots.

If you have these systems for watering your plants, there is no problem related to fungus because the water does not go to the leaves.

This article covers the best and worst times to water your plants and the reasons behind them.

Understand them carefully and water your plants on time as having a perfectly healthy plant in your home is excellent for boosting your mood (and confidence that you can take care of something!) Buy a plant only if you can commit to watering it regularly.