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Is Jade Plant Expensive & High Maintenance? [ Detailed Analysis With Cost ]

Jade plant, also known as Crassula Ovata, is a popular and excellent addition to a house garden. These plants are super easy to take care of and thrive in your garden for years in the most living environment.

Jades are traditionally good-luck plants, and many people call them money or dollar plants.

Even if you are a beginner, do not think much about whether you should buy jade plants or not.

These succulents are super easy to maintain and will make your house and outdoor garden more attractive. The look of this plant is the reason why so many gardeners are obsessed with it.

Is the jade plant expensive?

Smaller jade plants cost from $10 to $20, whereas mature specimens cost around $100. Smaller jades have a height varying from 4 inches to 6 inches, mature specimens are higher than that and are costly.

You can buy jade plants online from many reputed websites and offline shops as well.

Different websites have numerous delivery policies.

Some online stores will deliver within two days, while some may take seven to ten working days for door-step delivery. You also have the option to visit a nursery and buy jade plants after seeing them.

Jade plants have several variations, and the cost of plants depends on the type you are purchasing.

You can buy a charming Louie, which is a super low maintenance plant for $65. If you want a plant pot as your desktop, get Audubon priced at $60. Another option is indoor dwarf jade bonsai.

A 3-year-old bonsai costs $45, and a 4-year-old bonsai costs $60. Elegant Trailing jade plant with long stems and round leaves costs around $48.

The cost of plants from different online stores also depends on the pots that you choose. You can select between plastic, mud, or ceramic pots. Some online nurseries have already made a pair of plants and pots.

It means that a particular jade will come in a specific designer pot only.

However, you always have the option of purchasing the plant and the pot differently. You can choose pots from several designs and colors to match the interiors of your house.

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How much do jade plants cost?

The cost of jade plants varies depending upon their size. Jades are a perfect example showing that the growth habits of houseplants affect their price. You can purchase propagated jade plants from $5 to $10. Medium-sized jade plants can cost somewhere between $25 to $75. Larger plants are even higher.

An aesthetically grown jade plant can be as expensive as a hundred dollars.

The slow-growing bonsai plants are even costlier. The more care given by a gardener for growing a jade, the higher it will cost.


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Is the Jade plant high maintenance?

No, jade plants do not require high maintenance. They are suitable even for beginner gardeners. Even if you buy house plants for the first time, do not hesitate to go with jades.

The super-low care that they require is one of the reasons why almost all gardeners are obsessed with these plants. Let us discuss the basic care that jade plants need.

1. Sunlight

Jades are tropical plants, and so they flourish well in full sun. They need exposure to sunlight for at least 4 to 5 hours a day. If you do not have a garden, keep it near a window that receives natural light. These plants will survive when they receive less light than needed. But if you want your jade plants to flourish well, light is a vital requirement.

2. Water

Jade plants do not have a fixed watering cycle, and the requirements vary throughout the year. Plants need the most water during the growing season that is the summer and spring months. Do not waterlog the soil and check it by touching and water only when it is dry. In the winter season, you will have to water the pots only once or twice a month.

3. Temperature

The ideal growing temperature for jade plants is between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that they do well when kept at room temperature. Is your house warmer than this? There is absolutely nothing to worry about as long as you take off the light and water needs of the house plants. Do not keep the pots at drafty spots and let the leaves rest against chilly windows.

4. Fertilizers

Jade plants need fertilization at least two to three times a year. Use a general liquid-based fertilizer. Never add fertilizer to dry soil. Instead, add it to damp soil. Do not over-fertilize as it can burn the roots of your flourishing plants.

5. Dusting

The leaves of plants can accumulate dust even if you keep them indoors. This dust layer reduces attractiveness and also affects the amount of sunlight that the plant can absorb. Wipe off the dust with the help of a lightly moistened cloth. Soon your plant is as good as freshly brought from a nursery.

6. Pruning

Remove the broken and dry leaves from your plants as and when required. Plan pruning before the growing season. Trim a branch from within ¼ of an inch from where a leaf shots. Use this as a thumb rule to prune all your jades. In one grooming session, do not remove more than one-third of the plant’s height.

7. Repotting

Jade plants do not need frequent re-potting. However, you must repot within 2 to 3 years. It will ensure the healthy growth of your plants. Also, get new soil for the plants along with new pots.

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Why are some jade plants expensive?

Some jade plants are expensive because they are super healthy. Plants have a strong central stem branching out, strong tapping leaves, brightly-colored leaves, and healthy stems. Such plants with strong leaves, stems, and roots are grown under high maintenance, and gardeners will sell them at a higher cost.

One of the reasons why people keep jade plants is to usher in good fortune.

One must keep jade pots at the entrance of your house or in the southeast direction. Southeast is the best direction to keep this plant. You can also treat jades as house-warming gifts for friends and family.

They are a symbol of friendship and prosperity. Flowering jade plants symbolize growth and prosperity and so are gifted to people starting new businesses.

Final words

The cost of jade plants depends on their size and height.

You may find some jades are expensive because they are super healthy. When nurseries invest more time and effort in growing a plant, they sell it at a higher price.

The more mature specimens of a plant you purchase, the higher it will cost. You can buy a recently propagated jade at a low cost and then grow it into a tall tree in your garden as it requires less care and maintenance.

Traditionally jades are thought to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Since people buy certain jades, especially the flowering ones for financial prosperity, people sell them at higher prices.