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Is Jade Plant Good For Bedroom? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Crassula Ovata, or jade plant, is a very famous houseplant across the globe. It has multiple names like a lucky plant, money plant, dollar plant, friendship tree, and others.

You will find more than 300 varieties of this houseplant, and unlike other types of succulents, the jade plant is attractive, hardy, and requires less care and maintenance.

The beautiful and vibrant green leaves symbolize growth, wealth, and prosperity.

As a result, many people love to keep this plant in their homes and offices. Some people also keep it in their bedroom as it offers numerous benefits. So, let’s learn a bit more about this succulent.

Is a jade plant good for the bedroom?

Many people have confusion regarding this and restrict them from growing a jade plant in their bedroom.

But remember that if you keep the jade plant in your bedroom, it will give you many benefits. Thus, if you are not keeping it indoors yet, the below advantages will surely encourage you to grow one in your bedroom.

1. Enhances air quality

It is a scientifically-proven fact that if people keep the jade plant in their room, they can protect themselves from nausea, dizziness, allergies, headache, and lack of focussing as the jade plant improves the air quality. Hence, you can call it an air-purifying house plant also.

2. Increases humidity level

If you have a low humidity level in indoor air, it can affect your health negatively. You might have to face symptoms like cold and flu, allergies, dry skin, itchy throat, flaky lips, and many more health complications.

But if you grow a jade plant in your bedroom, it will work as a humidifier that increases humidity level significantly.

It can contribute 30 to 60% humidity level to your bedroom and protect you from these problems. Not only this, but a jade plant can manifest Evapotranspiration in the dark also.


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3. Offer medicinal value

If you think the jade plant is only an ornamental succulent, you are wrong. It has many medicinal properties, and Chinese and South African people have used it for several years.

The leaves are helpful to treat warts, diabetes, wounds, and stomach upset. If you ever go through traditional Chinese medicine, you will find the reference of the jade plant as a diabetes treatment.

Besides, you can also make tea from the jade plant leaves, which will lower diabetes symptoms. Apart from this, the jade plant also increases energy in the body and stays active and refreshed.

4. Absorbs CO2

The jade plant follows a unique Crassulacean Acid Metabolism. It is unique as it allows the plant to absorb CO2 at night.

As a result, it is one of the best houseplants you can grow in your bedroom to increase the air quality in dark hours.

Besides, a fascinating fact is that the jade plant does photosynthesis in the day through the Calvin cycle.

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5. Offer a touch of beauty

Keep the jade plant in your bedroom as the leaves are deep green, glossy, round foliage increases the aesthetic value of the place.

The compact appearance makes it a perfect houseplant for your bedside table.

In addition, it also blooms pretty white and pink flowers in late spring and winter. It is one of the key reasons people love to grow the jade plant in their house, especially in the bedroom.

6. Symbol of luck

It is a belief that the jade plant attracts prosperity and fortune. It symbolizes good luck and consistency as it is an evergreen plant. So, if you keep one in your bedroom, who knows, you will have a better tomorrow.

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Why should jade plants not be kept in the bedroom?

As mentioned before, there is a lot of confusion regarding whether to keep a jade plant in the bedroom or not. But if you look at the above advantages, you will keep one in your bedroom. Besides this, you also need to learn a few reasons for not keeping a jade plant indoors, especially in your bedroom.

  • Some people advise not to keep the jade plant in the bedroom as the wood element present in this plant has an aspect of upward and effusive energy. Do not get it right? To comprehend this, you can try imagining a sprout unfurling and pushing out of the seed shell. This type of energy is not adequate for bedrooms as it contradicts your sleep.
  • As the jade plant has strong and vibrant energy, it is not good for your bedroom.
  • When you keep a jade plant near your bed, its growing nature contradicts your calm.

Though these are some of the reasons why you should not keep a jade plant in your bedroom, you will never find any scientific evidence that proves these reasons. You will locate the above benefits that are scientific.

Wrapping it up

To wrap up, we can say that keeping a jade plant in the bedroom or indoor offers the above benefits.

Most of the advantages are scientifically proven. The jade plant is beautiful and has medicinal value to help people to safeguard themselves against various diseases.

However, there is still some argument on whether to keep this houseplant in the bedroom or not.

But if you overlook the reasons for not growing it indoors, the plant will be beneficial for you as it can improve humidity level and air quality. Therefore, give a little care and propagate a jade plant to bring luck.