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List Of Rare Flower Names: 25 Flowers You May Never Heard Of

List Of Rare Flower Names: 25 Flowers You May Never Heard Of

Flowers are the tokens of beauty and admiration. They seem to do the work of garnishing and ornamenting the beautiful planet earth.

They are one of the most divine creations of the Almighty, and their endless varieties make humankind gaze at their attributes incessantly.

There are various types of flowers on the earth, and each of them has numerous species.

Different flowers have different qualities of admiration. Some of them have unique petals, while some seem to keep everyone star-struck with their hues.

Some lure us with their sweet aromas, while some offer themselves for the medicinal benefits of humankind.

However, some flowers are different from the rest because of their quality of being rare.

They have an unnatural shape, size, or color and may also possess some peculiar behavioral type.

Their uncommonness attracts the attention of all and leaves everyone amused at their otherworldly qualities.

List of rare flower names

Among the infinite variety of flowers that are planet bears, there are a few of them that are extremely rare. And here is the list of some of the rare flowers one can find on this globe.

1. Corpse Lily

The list of names of rare flowers should always begin with Corpse Lily because it is the largest flower on the earth. It weighs more or less 11kgs and is ill-famed as it emits a foul smell.

Corpse Lily is native to the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo, Indonesia.

Better known as the Stinking corpse Lily, this flower has the scientific name of Rafflesia arnoldii.

This flower is a part of parasitic plants and is devoid of roots and stems. There are about 20 species of the Corpse Lily on this planet.

Check Corpse Lily here

2. Sea Poison tree

Sea Poison Tree is an interestingly rare type of flower that this wondrous earth beholds. The flowers have a majestic frilly appearance with a sick yet sweet scent.

They appear subtle and beautiful, but each of their parts is poisonous.

The Sea Poisonous Tree is native to the islands across the Indian Ocean to tropical Asia and west of the Pacific Ocean. Their alluring smell lures bats and moths towards themselves during the nighttime.

In contrast to their deadly and poisonous nature, the people of India grow them for ornamenting the streets. This flower has the scientific name of Barringtonia Asiatica.


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3. Ghost Orchid

The Ghost Orchids possess several qualities that make them worthy of the title of being one of the rarest flowers in the world. Its list of attributes can start with its shape with extended tapered lobes.

The following unique and rare quality of it is that the plants of Ghost Orchids are devoid of any leaves.

And the last but not the minor attribute of this flower that makes it extraordinary is that it thrives in high temperature and humidity.

The Ghost Orchids are the natives of Florida and Cuba.

They have the scientific name of Dendrophylax lindenii, and the other general terms of this unparalleled flower are white frog orchid and palm Polly.

Check Ghost Orchid here

4. Campion

If anybody would see the Campion flowers, the first thing that would strike them is that it is for their vibrant color that these flowers own the title of being the rare flowers in the world

But it will be a mistake.

Undeniably, the color of the Campion flowers is jubilant, but it is not the reason for their rareness.

In reality, their place of bloom and appearance is the reason for their rareness.

The Campion flowers are native to and are found only in Gibraltor, Britain.

They have a rare short span of life. Also, they became extinct in 1992 but surprisingly appeared again in the year 1994, in bleak surroundings.

5. Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers are the flowers that belong to the family of the orchids.

What makes them rare is their hue. They bloom in the scarce shade of purple, and it gives them protection from London’s laws.

Their hue is also the reason for them being the most expensive flower on this earth.

The Purple Lady Slipper flowers are native to tropical America specifically, and the Yellow Lady Slipper flowers are native to North America.

Apart from their unique color, the other attribute of these flowers that makes them rare is their shape. They look like tiny slippers for women, and this shape is inimitable.


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6. Happy Alien

Happy Aliens are possibly the cutest flowers with the most distinctive appearance among all flowers. It resembles that of a sweet little alien that is holding out a little white tray.

The flowers have just 2 inches and have the other name of “Darwin’s Slippers.” Charles Darwin was the one to discover these perennial quirky-looking flowers.

The Happy Alien flowers are the natives of South America.

Their unearthly resemblance to the aliens undoubtedly makes them one of the rarest flowers in the world. The flowers have the scientific name Calceolaria uniform.

Check Happy Alien here

7. Parrot’s Beak

The Parrot’ Beak is the flower that carries the virtue of being rare for its appearance. Their name suggests the reason for the same. The flowers seem to look like the beak of the parrots.

But it would be incomplete to say that it is because of just their appearance that they have the accolade of being one of the rare flowers of the world.

It is their vibrant and fulminating shades of red, orange, and yellow that make everyone grant it the title of the most beautiful flowers as well.

The Parrot’s Beak flowers are the natives of the Canary Islands.

These flowers have the scientific name Lotus berthelotii, and they cannot withstand fluctuating temperatures, in which they die.

Check Parrot’s Beak here

8. Snapdragon’s Skull

When talking about the quality of rareness based on resemblance, the flowers of Snapdragin’s Skull must head the list. They have a peculiar appearance of skulls that look human-like and sinister.

However, the flowers take such eerie mien after the flowers die.

Else, when in bloom, the flowers look majestic and have lively colors.

The flowers of the Snapdragon’s Skull are the natives of North Africa, the rocky regions of Europe, and the United States. They have the scientific name Antirrhinum.

9. Kadupul flower

There are numerous qualities of this flower that acts as the reasons for its rareness. Kapdul flowers bloom at midnight and wilt away at dawn.

Lucky are those who could get a view of their bloom.

Additionally, they have a short span of life and imperial beauty and aroma.

It also makes them one of the most costly flowers in the world. The Kadupul flowers are native to Sri Lanka. They are the ‘Queen of the Night’ with the scientific name of Epiphyllum oxypetalum.

Check Kadupul flower here

10. Chocolate Cosmos

The Chocolate Cosmos flowers have the rarest fragrance a flower can have. As its name suggests, the flower emanates the aroma of fresh chocolate. In addition to their unique scent, they have one of the most beautiful colors.

The Chocolate Cosmos flowers are the natives of Mexico. They have the scientific name Cosmos atrosanguineus.

These flowers do not generate seeds and, therefore, need the technique of tissue culture for regeneration.

Only the clones of the original flower exist presently on this planet. They have a height of 40-70cms and the land laws in which they grow to protect them legally.

Check Chocolate Cosmos here


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11. Juliet Rose

Juliet Roses are one of the rarest flowers in the world and the rarest rose in the world. David Austen is its breeder, and he took 15 long years to grow this flower in England.

It cost him a massive sum of $4.3 million.

Juliet Rose is a native of England. Its scientific name is yet to propound.

The subtle hue of peach and apricot of this flower, along with its ability to reveal tiny blooms at its core, truly makes it a token of absolute beauty.

Check Juliet Rose here

12. Middlemist’s Red

If someone would want to define beauty through a flower, it would probably be a Middlemist’s Red. This flower is one of the most magnificent ones on this earth.

But that is not the single reason for its rareness. The Middlemist’s Red flowers are the natives of China. This exiguous abundance makes it rare, as only two of its samples are currently present in the entire world.

However, nowadays, it is found only in New Zealand and London.

The marshaling of the flower petals, along with its glorious red color, bestows it the most beautiful appearance. It has the scientific name Middlemist Camellia.

13. Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid

The Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid is one of the rarest flowers because they bloom only at the height of 1,640 feet and do so after a long period of 15 years.

Apart from blooming at such a great altitude and after a massive bloom, these flowers have a peculiar shape.

These flowers belong to the group of the five Slipper Orchids.

Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid is the natives of the Sabah state in Borneo in Malaysia. It has the scientific name of Paphiopedilum rothschildianum. It has the popular name of the ‘Gold of Kinabalu.’

14. Black Bat Flower

There is a list of qualities that contribute to giving this flower the tag of being the rarest flower in the world. Firstly, it has an unusual shade of black.

Then, its appearance has a familiar resemblance to that of a bat.

And, the flowers have long extended stamens that have 70cms lengths and look like whiskers.

The Black Bat Flowers are the natives of Southeast Asia, Malaysia. It has the scientific name of Tacca chantrieri. They have the other names of “Cat’s Whiskers” and “Devil Flower.”

15. Youtan Poluo

Youtan Poluo is a tiny white flower. Though their petite size may make everyone think it to be the reason for them being one of the rarest flowers in the world, they are mistaken.

These flowers are the rarest in the world because of their interval of bloom.

They bloom after every 3,000 years. The Youtan Poluo flowers are native to China and Taiwan.

These flowers are parasitic with a size of not more than even 1 mm. They are yet to possess a scientific name.

16. Koki’o

Koki’o is the flower that belongs to the gorgeous hibiscus family of flowers. They effuse a sweet fragrance and have the most beautiful large red and white petals to create their magnificent look.

The Koki’o flowers are the natives of Hawaii.

They are one of the most uncommon breeds of the hibiscus and found only on the Oahu and Molokai islands of Hawaii.

Along with their glorious color and rare appearance, finding them is a tricky job, which makes up another reason to include the Koki’o flowers in the list of rare flowers of the world.

17. The Franklin Tree Flower

The Franklin Tree flower is one of the most beautiful white flowers. It has white petals that are five in number and dark green leaves.

Its leaves turn red during autumn.

It has stamens in the golden-yellow center in color and looks like a crown that suits the imperial flower.

The flower is cup-shaped and is the only Franklinia genus.

The Franklin Tree Flower is a native of the Altamaha River in Georgia, the USA. Apart from its alluring appearance, it emits a scent similar to the smell of honeysuckle.

Check Franklin Tree here

18. Jade Vine

Jade Vine has one of the most unworldly appearances. They have a marvelous turquoise color, and they have flowers that resemble the shape of claws.

Unfortunately, the reason for their rareness is deforestation.

The flowers of Jade Vine are the natives of the Philippines. They belong to the family of peas and beans, and they have the scientific name of Strongylodon macrobotrys.

Check Jade Vine here

19. Night-Blooming Cereus

The Night-Blooming Cereus flowers are one of the rare flowers of the world because their flowers bloom only once a year during the nighttime.

Apart from its occasional blooming activity, the flowers have a unique shape that looks like a star.

The Night-Blooming Cereus flowers are the natives of the Sonora Desert and Arizona.

These flowers belong to a cactus species, and they have the scientific name of Selenicereus grandiflorus. Their flowers are white, and they give off the lovely scent of vanilla.

20. White American waterlily

The White American waterlilies are the most attractive and graceful white flowers.

Their white petals have a beautiful arrangement that gives the flowers a beautiful appearance. This flower belongs to the list of rare flowers because of its scant abundance on the earth.

The White American water lily flowers are the natives of the northeastern United States.

They are aquatic flowers that have an adorable star shape and the scientific name of Nymphaea odorata.

Check American waterlily here

21. Red Indian Pipe

Red Indian Pipe flowers are the blooms of a parasitic plant whose appearance gives it the “Ghost Plant” name. It has translucent stems, and the entire plant is white.

The shape of the flowers resembles the shape of bells, and their appearance is indeed ghostly.

They have the scientific name Monotropa Uniflora.

The flowers of the Red Indian pipe are the natives of the northern regions of South America and Asia.

The variety of this flower, which is the rarest, comes in the shade of red. Apart from being the rarest, it is the eeriest as well.

22. Cape Sundew

Cape Sundew is a rare flower with five color petals that blossom in the daylight.

They perform self-pollination and trap insects, from which they extract nutrients with the help of their tentacles.

The Cape Sundew flowers are the natives of the regions of Cape, in South Africa.

They have the scientific name of Drosera capensis.

Presently, there are 125 species of this flower on the earth found in South Africa’s regions. People generally sell them as a novelty plant.

Check Cape Sundew here

23. Encephalartos Woodii

The Encephalartos Woodii flowers had a transfer from New Zealand. Presently, they are under conservation and protection because of their rareness.

The flowers of Encephalartos Wodii are native to South Africa.

They are uniquely shaped flowers that have vibrant and attractive hues.

Initially, the plants had both female and male specimens. But, currently, there are no female specimens on the earth, and thus, these flowers are sporadic and under conservation.

24. Welwitschia

The other name for Welwitschia is ‘Living Fossil Plant.’ It has a peculiar shape that consists of thick and stout trunks that are woody.

The Welwitschia plants are native to the Namib Desert. They have an exceptionally laggard growth rate, and people believe that they live for 1000-2000 years.

25. Nepenthes Tenax

The Nepenthes Tenax is a native of northern Queensland.

Nepenthes Tenax resembles the shape of a pitcher plant and has many similar attributes as well. The plant grows to a length of about 100cms, and the flowers are about 15cms in size. The flowers are not just rare but endangered.


The virtue of being rare has always attracted attention and applause.

Moreover, ‘beauty’ is subjective and has its own definition. This aspect is similar to the flowers as well. The rare flowers have their manner of beauty, and this makes everyone commend them continually.

Each of them carries some of the other unique qualities that seldom any other flower can possess, making them rare among others and worth their admiration.