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Marble Queen Pothos Benefits : [ Know All Here ]

Marble Queen Pothos Benefits : [ Know All Here ]

Pothos is a kind of species that has a different kind of variation in its empire. Out of the 4 types of pothos, we will show you the benefits of Marble Queen Pothos. It is much easier to handle. So if you want a plant to grow faster and make your room greener and glorious, bring Marble Queen Pothos for your room any day!

Marble Queen Pothos is a plant with heart-shaped green leaves. Its foliage is the same as the Golden Pothos and also has some white streaks. This small plant will glow in your room if placed in the right place.

You can also hang it accordingly. I prefer it hanging because it looks better that way, it kind of looks like the golden pothos. Above all, it thrives in low maintenance and less care.

You can keep your plant without watering it for a week. It grows on its own and needs support to hold on to something. It is one of the most popular houseplants in temperate climates.

Let us see more about the popular climber.

Marble Queen Pothos benefits

Before we purchase or adopt anything, we usually prefer to know its benefits. Marble Queen Pothos has many advantages. Let’s check some of those:

  1. It is a low-maintenance plant. As I explained before, they grow well without much care. You can trust your plant just like we trust adult humans. It can grow in every soil and thrive in various conditions.
  2. Marble Queen Pothos are easy to propagate. As compared to other house plants, these are easier to reproduce. Cut a healthy part of the plant about 6-7 inches and place it in the water thereafter. Once the roots start growing, but the leaves along with the roots in the pot. You are then good to go!
  3. They are mainly popular because they can thrive in low light. It is best for the plant if you place them in bright yet indirect sunlight. It can also thrive in low temperatures. Suppose you are placing them in the air-conditioned room, don’t worry at all, they can adjust to that as well. They are soft plants but hard from within.
  4. These plants are very good at purifying the air. It removes VOCs and toxins from the surrounding air. According to NASA, they absorb pollutants from the air as well.
  5. It can increase humidity in the surrounding area. Humidity hydrates your skin and protects you from cold and influenza. We know that airborne viruses cannot transmit through the air, so pothos plants are ideal for keeping your room as the best houseplant.
  6. These are great-looking plants. They are very gorgeous and bring out the beauty in your room. It is also popularly known as trailing plants and can grow on anything, which gives them support.
  7. Pothos is a versatile plant. There are many types of pothos. The colors, along with the shape of the leaves, are also different from each other. You can choose the perfect one for you after knowing about them.
  8. If you are a superstitious person, let me inform you that they possess some spiritual meaning. It is known that they have some energy force, which wipes out the negativity from your surroundings. Pothos brings light, luck, and positivity in one’s life as well.
  9. Do you know why they are also known as Devil’s Ivy? Because they are hard to kill. You cannot kill it very quickly. It is said because pothos can survive in low light and require less amount of water to thrive. If you compare other plants with pothos, you’ll see that other plants will die soon, unlike these if you give them less water.
  10. It has some calming effect on the residents. If you have them in your room or anywhere else, you’ll feel calm when it’s around you or when you touch the plants.
  11. Just like other plants, pothos is best in absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Thereafter, helping in rebuilding the ozone layer.


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How to take care of Marble Queen Pothos?

If you have decided to adopt one of these cute little plants for your place, then let us inform you about its caring process:

  • Soil: The most essential product that is a must before plantation is soil. Any well-aerated and quick-draining soil is best for the Marble Queen Pothos. If the ground you have is not good at draining the soil, try adding some sand. Adding sand to the soil can help make the soil drain. Liquid fertilizer is recommended. This fertilizer should be used in diluted form and in small amounts and will help in providing nutrients to the plants.
  • Light: As we know, light or sunlight is one of the most necessary things for a plant to grow. Pothos grow best in bright, indirect sunlight. It can also very well survive in low light conditions and a dark atmosphere. Too much of this condition is not suitable for them. They need sunlight but in fewer amounts and not directly. Direct sunlight burns the leaves, which is unhealthy for the plant.
  • Water: When I mentioned the pothos is a hassle-free plant, I meant it. This is because the watering process is also hassle-free when it comes to pothos. Once in a week or two, you have to water your plant. It is better if you water them once the soil becomes dry completely. Then you need to water them until it becomes muddy. Also, keep in mind that if your leaves turn brown slowly, you need to water them more.
  • Temperature: Pothos are native to Southeastern Asia. Therefore, 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature setting for the pothos. During winter, you have to keep it indoors, and it will survive happily.
  • Humidity: Humid weather is the best time for the pothos. They love the humid weather and staying moist all the time. If the leaves show brown color in the leaves, it indicates dryness, mostly during winter. Humid temperature helps to prevent such brown leaves from occurring.
  • Fertilizer: Any fertilizer will do when it comes to pothos. It is recommended to use organic fertilizer for its better result. Fertilization is required once a month and should be cut off completely during winter. If your pothos plants are growing in water, make sure to use more fertilizers because of the absence of soil nutrients, or else your water pothos will show stunt growth. Make sure to dilute your fertilizer before using it on your plant. It is best used in the growing time of the plants.
  • Propagation: These plants are the easiest ones in terms of propagation. Cut a 6-7 inches portion of a healthy stem and then put it in the water until the roots start to grow. Once the roots grow up to 1 inch, place your pothos leaves along with the roots in the pot with soil. You can also grow them in water, but growing them in soil is the best way to grow your pothos. Keep this mind that if you want to transfer the plant from water to soil, you should do it within the growing period itself.
  • Pruning: Pruning is a necessity for plants like pothos. They overgrow in all directions. You should execute the pruning process frequently if you want them to be short and bushy. You can also train it to grow in any direction you want. They can grow on any support provided to them.
  • Repotting: We have heard the term root bound, right? Well, root-bound occurs when the plant’s root doesn’t have enough space and forms a cluster of root balls, which are inseparable. To prevent this condition, we need to do repotting frequently. You can place your plant from a smaller pot to a bigger pot. If you don’t want to, then you need to trim the roots. That will also do. Repotting timing depends on the size of the pots. If your pot is smaller, you have to report within one year. If you have a big pot, then be free until 2-3 years,
  • Growing Method: Pothos can be grown in many ways. You can place them in regular pots and put them in hanging baskets. According to my research, these plants look good when they are hanging. It gives a soothing feeling to your eyes. They can grow on a trellis as well and if this is the case, then remember that they occupy all the space provided to them. A wall full of pothos will look extraordinary when placed somewhere!


Marble Queen Pothos are the popular ones you can buy without giving a second thought. It is, indeed, a hassle-free plant and gives you more benefits than you can think of. These are best for decoration anywhere you want. Green plants suit every place. Don’t worry about giving time to them as they demand less time and live up to 5-10 years.