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3 Plant That Smells Like Lemon Pledge : [ Our Top Pick ]

3 Plant That Smells Like Lemon Pledge : [ Our Top Pick ]

Lemon pledge probably has the most pleasing scent on the earth. Even though the prime function of this pledge is offering your furniture a shiny look, the heavenly lime fragrance can also freshen up anyone’s mind.

A can of the lemon pledge can bring the aroma of a whole lemon garden to your home.

Since we all like to smell the essence of a lemon pledge, many gardeners want to grow plants that smell like them. But, finding such herbs can require trials. So, here we have shared a list of shrubs that spread a lemon pledge-like aroma.

Plants that smells like lemon pledge

Who does not prefer the marvelous fragrance of lemon pledge? After every application on dusty pale furniture, your home will turn into a green, refreshing lime farm.

Even though the transformation is not literal, your house will smell like a fresh lemon sorbet after polishing the furnishings with the lemon pledge. Be it a furniture polishing product, soda, or sorbet, the splendid aroma of lemon can easily attract anyone.

That is why many passionate gardeners want to have some plants in their backyard to make the ambiance smell like a lemon pledge.

But, are there any plants that have such essence? To gather experience about the fragrance of plants, an inexperienced gardener needs to do a lot of legwork.

Fortunately, we have done that part so that you can have a better memory with your lemon pledge-flavored leafy friends.

Often gardeners tend to plant an actual citrus tree to make their nursery smell like lemon pledge. But, it is nearly impossible if you have an indoor garden or your yard lacks space.

So, we have included some small plants and herbs on our list. You can grow them anywhere. All of them smell like lemon pledges and have some additional benefits as a bonus.

1. Lemon verbena

The fragrance of lemon pledge is one of the most pleasing scents. You can get the aroma in your garden even without planting an actual citrus tree.

There are plenty of herbs and shrubs that smell like lemon pledge, and lemon verbena is the most familiar name on the list. The heavenly essence and the delicate showy green look of the plant brighten up the surrounding.

You may assume that a plant with such elegant features might be demanding. But it is not correct. Lemon verbena is easy to care for and offers countless benefits.

Although it is a perennial woody plant, you can grow them indoors.

It is possible to plant the herb in a pot. So, you can place the potted lemon verbena in your bedroom to make the room smell like lemon pledge.

Since they love the full sun during the chilly weather, you can grow them as summer herbs. But, if you reside in a hotter climate, lemon verbena chooses to stay in a partial shade.

Also, they have a particular soil requirement. As lemon verbena does not prefer extreme moisture, you need to plant them in coarse well-drained mold.

But, if you fulfill all these requirements, the fragrance like lemon pledge will fill your entire house.

It has multiple benefits in aromatherapy, perfumery, and even in cuisine. For a sweet essence like lemon pledge, the plant can multiply the flavor of morning tea.

Also, if you plant lemon verbena in soil rich in organic matter, it will develop a refreshing essence to cheer up your mood. The herb not only smells like lemon pledge but also performs similar functions.

Like lemon pledge, lemon verbena with beeswax will provide your wooden furniture with a mirror-like shine.

Apart from making a sweet-scented cleaning spray, the herb can also enhance the flavor of herbal tea with its calming essence.

It will be a brilliant idea if you place this excellent plant with charming lemon pledge-like essence in your garden.

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2. Lemon balm

Lemon balm or Melissa officinalis is another sweet-scented herb that smells like lemon pledge. Since the charming fragrance of the plant quickly uplifts anyone’s mind, people call this herb a happy plant.

If you compare several plants with a smell like lemon pledge, lemon balm has the most pungent aroma.

Also, it features a juicy minty presence. So, you can even use the leaves as lemon-flavored mints.

If you keep the plant in partial shade with adequate warmth, it will be appreciated. Also, the happy herb requires a lot of minerals and nutrients to stay healthy and thrive rapidly.

So, you can grow them in a pot full of fertile soil. Plus, the mold needs to hold enough moisture for a long time as lemon balm loves to stay in a moist potting medium.

But, the fulfillment of such small demands will ultimately help the plant reach its full potential and scent like lemon pledge. Like any other mint, lemon balm is also easy to grow.

As the rhizomes tend to spread all over the place, it will be better to grow lemon balm in a pot. You can then report the herb every year or transfer them to the ground.

Trimming the shrub helps the plant to grow fast. So, always try to keep the herb to a moderate size.

If you grow lemon balm in a pot, the container will quickly get overcrowded. It is because the herb sprouts so fast. So, the plant will appreciate it if you keep the tub clean or divide them into different containers.

All this little care will assist the shrub to grow fast and develop a divine aroma like lemon pledge.

You can use the leaves of this aromatic herb in several cooking recipes to make the food more flavorful. Your morning tea will be a drink of delicacy if you add a few dried leaves of the lemon balm.


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3. Lemongrass

Cymbopogon citratus or lemongrass is another attractive plant that smells like lemon pledge. You may have presumed the look of the herb from the name.

Lemongrass features a stunning grass-like look that can attract anyone. For the showy look and several medicinal purposes, indoor gardeners love to grow them in a pot. Plant lovers do the task as a fun job.

Keep the herb at a place where broad bright daylight reaches. Lemongrass prefers to bask in the sun, even in hotter climates. But, also provide them shade after sun exposure.

In the case of the potting mixture, the plant prefers soil with good drainage. Plus, if you can amend the mold with fish emulsion, the lemon pledge smell of the plant will intensify.

Lemongrass reaches its full potential once you put them in soil enriched with nutrients.

But, unlike other plants from our list, lemongrass holds the ultimate flavor if you use them fresh. Other herbs with lemon pledge fragrance offer the best aroma after getting dried.

But lemongrass loses its essence if you do not use them fresh.

So, try to refrigerate the entire thing to keep the freshness and divine scent of the herb intact. You can double up the delicacy of any Asian and Thai food by adding some freshly picked lemongrass to the dish.

Since the grass tends to grow in a hotter climate, try to sow the seeds in early summer.

So, the full sun and warmth will make the herb grow fast. Having a tub full of lemongrass will make the surrounding smell like a refreshing and calming lemon pledge.

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End thought

Many gardeners often grow an obsession with the refreshing and divine essence of lemon pledge. While providing a sparkling shine to the furnishings, the lemon pledge also makes them smell like fresh lime.

The perfume charms nature lovers so much that they want to grow some plants with the exact aroma. But, inexperienced gardeners can lack knowledge of which herbs have that lime essence.

So, fortunately, we have done a lot of trial and research to make a list for them. Every shrub from our list will make your adobe smell like a newly open can of lemon pledge.