8 Plants For Apartment Balcony That Can Change The Look

The terrace of your apartment is a place that your guests get to see first. So, it is needless to say that a decorative balcony of your apartment can create a first impression on them.

The way you embellish your veranda can tell a lot about you. Now, maybe you have a massive sun-drenched apartment balcony or a cozy, shady porch.

No matter what type of terrace your apartment has, a touch green hue can change its look completely. A blooming plant or even a leafy shrub from our list will make the place a perfect spot for relaxation.

Plants for apartment balcony

For instance, you recently shifted to your new apartment, and it has a cozy balcony with so much open air and light.

Or, maybe the veranda of your flat is large but shady. Now, you want to turn that bland terrace into an inviting place with plants.

But, which plant will survive on your balcony? Can you place an aesthetic flowering plant on the shaded terrace?

To clear all your confusion and anxiety, here we have shared a long list of names of some plants that you can grow on your balcony.

Since the size, light condition, and other environmental factors can differ from one terrace to another, we will mention the adaptable atmosphere of the herb.

It will help you to find a suitable plant from our recommendation. So, let us see what we have included in our list.

1. Golden Bamboo

If you feel your apartment balcony badly needs some privacy from your neighbors, place some golden bamboo on the terrace. The plants can require fences during their primary phase of life.

But, after they grow up, you can remove the barriers. Since golden bamboo plants spread wider with time, they can provide privacy when you spend idle time on the balcony.

Also, while acting as a green leafy guard, golden bamboo freshens up the surrounding air.

In addition, it will magnify the beauty of your veranda.

People can feel hesitant about keeping golden bamboo in an apartment balcony, but those sticky stems with plenty of foliage can add an elegant touch to the place. Also, as a bonus, this plant does not require high maintenance.

While potting them, make sure the terracotta tubs are wider enough to support them spreading. A 24 inches wide and deep gorgeous wooden or earthen pot will be the best for the golden bamboo.

Also, as a robust indoor plant, they do not need much care.

But, full sun or partial shade, with moist, fertile soil, helps the bamboo thrive fast. So, even if your apartment balcony does not get adequate sun, you can get a living privacy curtain with the help of ornamental golden bamboo.

2. Succulents

In warm regions, the balcony shrubs will have to tolerate the drought-like weather throughout the year. So, in that case, sturdy but glamorous succulents are the best option for you.

These drought-tolerant plants require almost no care from the gardener.

Since succulents grow in deserts, they can survive in full sun, burning temperatures, and zero moisture. As a result, they need water once in a while.

So, if you are a lazy gardener and reside in hotter climates, place multiple succulents on the terrace to create an impressive look.

However, if we talk about taking care of succulents, then there is not much to tell. These easy-to-care indoor plants require full sun to stay healthy. So, during the cold, try to keep them indoors.

Also, make sure the soil drains the water timely. Otherwise, over moistening can lead to root rot of your tiny leafy succulents.

Since drought-tolerant plants prefer only a little sogginess, water them only when the soil gets dry. If you can follow these simple tips while taking care of your succulents, the decorative plants will grow fast.

3. Fuchsia plants

If you want an inviting balcony that also welcomes some colorful winged guests to your veranda, then get yourself a bunch of Fuschia plants.

These show-stealer vibrant herbs with florets of bright hues not only attract the human gaze but will also invite some lively birds to your apartment balcony.

Some indoor gardeners have shared their joyous experience of having fuchsia on their apartment terrace.

If you love to hear birds chirping and twittering first thing in the morning, then fuchsia is the best choice for you.

The alluring flowers in aesthetic purple and pink shades are hummingbird magnets. Now, if we talk about looking after the fuchsia plant, it is so easy to maintain.

The semi-trailing vine comes in different varieties. While a few of them are heat-tolerant, some fuchsia plants love to stay in a cool shaded place.

But, the heat-tolerant variant will work for you, as you can keep them on the apartment balcony.

Also, make sure the soil is moist enough to provide them the apt atmosphere to bloom. Even if you have an artistic terrace in your flat, the gorgeous partly-trailing fuchsia in a hanging basket will intensify the look.

4. Lavender

Maybe you are a herb lover who wants to garland his apartment balcony with some flamboyant shrubs. If this is the case, embellish the porch with bright, aromatic lavender plants.

Herbs as balcony plants come with several options like thyme, basil, and lavender.

But, among all these, lavender features some added hues in the leafy green foliage.

If you ask for varieties, this fragrant herb comes with countless options. Even though we commonly see lavender in a charming purple shade, a few variants feature tranquil white blooms.

Having lavender in an apartment balcony is like placing some aromatic hues on there that will bring tranquility to your home.

Also, if you reside in a desert-like climate and feel a little hesitant about keeping lavender on your balcony, then let us tell you some facts.

Lavender is another drought-tolerant plant that does not mind scorching heat or extreme wind.

You only have to put the herbs in well-drained soil. Plus, as a bonus, you can pluck the leaves and gorgeous flowers for seasoning the food or making some DIY hair oil.

5. Gardenia

If you want your balcony to feature a mild and comforting fragrance throughout the year, then bring a gardenia as gorgeous balcony plants.

When it comes to aromatic presence, only a few plants can compete with gardenia.

The evergreen herb blooms pure white, exquisite flowers that spread the divine scent.

Since the fragrance can travel miles away on a breezy or windy day, it can fascinate your neighbors too. So, gardenia offers you a chance to become a good neighbor in your flat.

But, the plant requires a little care to look its best and produce large blooms.

Direct sun is not the best for gardenia, and the plant loves to grow in a shadowy place. Also, a lot of humidity is necessary for gardenia to reach its full potential.

So, if your area lacks adequate moisture, you can provide humidity to the plant artificially. But, make sure the soil has good drainage to prevent root rot.

You can keep some pesticides and insecticides, as gardenia attracts pests easily, and the insects can also shorten their lifespan.

But, if you can take care of all these requirements, it would be a sweet-scented memory of you with your balcony plant gardenia.

6. Blooming verbena

Maybe your apartment balcony looks bland, even after attracting plenty of sun and air.

So, you have decided to get some elegant trailing vines that will make a floral border against your balcony wall. In that case, you can consider getting yourself some arresting verbenas as the terrace plants.

The crawling ivy features magnificent white flowers with a purple stroke on each petal.

So, it will escalate the beauty of your apartment porch a million times better. As the plant is drought-tolerant, you can place it on your sun-drenched apartment balcony.

The plant grows well in window boxes or with railing planters. But, we suggest keeping them thrive over railing planters so that verbena can flow over the sides.

If you ask for color variety, the plant will not disappoint you. It comes with a palate of different hues, such as white, pink, blue, red, purple, and even bi-colors.

Unlike gardenia, verbena does not have several needs to fulfill.

But, you need to be extra careful while nurturing the plant, as it is prone to catching plant diseases, and Water-drenched leaves catch pests and insects more than anything.

7. Geranium

Many rose-admirers feel hesitant to grow roses, as the plants have so many requirements to fulfill. If you are one of them and have thought of getting a plant for the apartment balcony, geranium is the preferable option for you.

You may ask what is so special about geranium since there are many container plants like it, and the answer is their drought-tolerance power.

If you live in a hot arid area, your apartment balcony probably receives scorching sunlight and burning heat throughout the year.

In such an environment, it is difficult for most blooming plants to survive.

But, geranium not only survives but also produces vibrant blooms in pink, red and purple shades.

Such aesthetic beauty can allure anyone. There are even some variants of this plant that maintain an easy-to-care-for profile.

The only factor you need to take care of is, providing the apt soil to the plant.

While potting the geranium, make sure the mold has well-drainage to prevent holding moisture for long. It ensures the geranium will grow beguiling flowers during the whole season.

8. Begonia

If you feel your dim apartment balcony needs some show-stopper plants, you can consider having begonia.

The ornamental plants grow stunning florets and feature gorgeous foliage even after staying in a shaded area for months.

So, it can brighten up your apartment balcony even if the place does not receive enough sun.

Although every variant of begonia looks divine, you can choose the fanciest angelwing and rex begonia for your porch.

Both the variants bloom engaging flowers and also feature stunning green foliage.

If your terrace has a lot of shaded areas and provides high humidity, it will be a suitable place for your begonia to thrive. Also, the plant would love to have a steady supply of water, and moisture helps them maintain their showy look.

End thought

Whether it is a weekend or the free time after a long day at work, the balcony presents itself as a place for retreat during these times.

So, decorating your breathing space with some greenery will make it more appealing and cherishable both for you and your guests.

An embellished terrace can also make your leisure time more joyous. Also, your blooming, leafy partners will give you company while you sip coffee or read a book on your quiet, secluded terrace.