Plants For Office With No Windows : [ Our Favorite Pick ]

Whether you are a 9-5 worker or have your own business, you need to spend a decent amount of time in your office. Now, maybe you are also a plant lover, and Greenery motivates you more than anything.

So, you are thinking of adding some green to your sophisticated office room.

But, will any plant survive in a room without any window? Since there is barely any natural light or air, not every plant thrives well in such conditions. But, after hours of research, we have found a few plants you can grow in the office. Read further to know more.

Plants for office with no windows

Even though there is no particular classification of plants that will grow surprisingly well in an office with no windows, we have picked them wisely.

Since an office without any window has zero connection with nature, we have chosen a few robust plants with high neglect tolerance.

If a plant can survive in low light, without air, and in zero moisture, it is ideal for your office environment.

But, if you love your plant, you can provide them with the perfect atmosphere artificially, and your leafy companion would love that. Below we have shared a list of plants that could be an ideal fit for your office.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant or Zamioculcasi is our first recommendation as a suitable plant for your stuffy office. Since the plant has plenty of foliage and waxy leaves, it can hold moisture for a very long time.

Also, apart from adding a green hue to your workplace, the herb will enhance your working mood even on a tiring day.

A lovely thriving ZZ shrub in a terracotta pot can uplift your energy the very moment you enter the office.

If you feel hesitant about taking care of the plant, let us clear your confusion. ZZ plant is one of the sturdiest indoor floras with high neglect-tolerance power.

Seasoned gardeners know how this shrub can survive in drought, darkness and thrive rapidly amidst so much negligence.

That is why the plant with elegant, dark green leaves has become as popular as an office plant.

Since this greenery loves to stay in a shadowy place, your windowless office room will also be a perfect place for it to grow.

The only thing you need to care about for this plant is the placement. Wherever you keep it, make sure the area does not get direct sunlight.

Else, the leaves can get withered and turn yellow. But, indirect sunlight will enhance its growth.

Also, the waxy leaves of the ZZ plant reflect the natural light to make the ambiance more beautiful. Since watering once in a while is enough for the herb, you can smoothly grow it in your workplace.


If you are speaking of high neglect-tolerant plants, the discussion remains incomplete without talking about succulents. They are one of the most popular robust plants that survive anywhere, from deserts to windowless offices.

Since succulents are fleshy plants, they can hold water even for months. So, a little watering goes a long way in the case of succulents. You only need to mist the plant once a week during its growth period.

Otherwise, water the plant only when required. Since overwatering can potentially harm this magnificent herb, you need to be extra careful while hydrating it.

Even though succulents do have some light requirements, they stay perfectly well in artificial or fluorescent light.

So, your workplace can be the best place for a magnificent succulent to grow.

Sansevieria or Snake Plant

An apt office desk plant needs to have the ability to survive without any natural light.

But, a decorative indoor plant can cheer up your employees every day to give their best.

So, if you find both the qualities in a single herb, go for Sansevieria or Snake plant. Even though the shrub natives to Africa, you can now grow it across the globe.

Snake plant is familiar in many other names, such as snake tongue, bowstring hemp, Saint George’s sword, and even mother-in-law’s tongue.

The robust indoor plant develops tall, slender, dark green patterned leaves, which can change the appearance of your workplace.

Since snake plants do not need more sunlight or water to survive, they can be a perfect fit for your office cubicle.

Experienced gardeners suggest not overwatering this plant, as that can do potential harm to it. Before misting the herb, make sure the soil gets dried.

Else, you will end up rotting the root of your elegant snake plant.

Also, the plant does equally well in dusky areas and natural light. As a bonus, the shoot will bring more fresh air and oxygen to your office.


Epipremnum Aureum or Pothos could be another option for your office with no windows.

Devil’s ivy thrives very well indoors, even in a low-light condition. Since it is a robust, neglect-tolerant plant, this long vine can cheer up your working mood every day at your windowless office.

Even if you are not a person with a green thumb, you can take care of Pothos.

The neglect-tolerant plant does not bother if you leave it at your office desk without even taking care of it.

So, if you are a newbie gardener who wants to add a green touch to his workplace, Pothos will be the best option for you.

Pothos has the highest compatibility that can adjust it to any environment.

You can grow it in a low-light and zero humidity condition, and that is why Pothos can be a brilliant choice as an office herb whether it has a window or not. The trailing vine will undoubtedly motivate you so that you can give your best.


If you want to add a tropical vibe to your sunless cubicle, then get a Philodendron for your office with no window. A tropical blooming flower will not only serve as an elegant display but also bring springtime throughout the year to your dull office.

Also, the large, dark green heart-shaped leaves of the plant will intensify the beauty of your office desk amidst the heaped files.

But, apart from offering an appealing look, the gigantic leaves will also assist the herb in surviving.

Philodendron can be a perfect fit for your windowless cubicle because it stays very well in low-light condition.

It does not even bother if you keep it in complete obscurity. But, try to provide a little natural light occasionally, if possible.

If you notice curled-up leaves on the shoot, provide natural light to recover Philodendron from dying.

With proper lighting conditions, Philodendron can turn out as a beautiful office plant. Since the plant grows large, make sure your office has enough space for that.

Peacock plant

If you want an office plant that will instantly refresh your mind even on a gloomy day, then you can consider getting a peacock plant.

The striped leaves of the flora can boost your energy while meeting a short deadline or working on a PPT for the next meeting.

Calathea makoyana or peacock plant has a strong allure that makes it popular as a robust indoor plant.

Since the plant is the namesake of one of the most graceful birds, the shrub is equally attractive. The elegant foliage of the herb comes with a wide range of color variations starting from pale green to the darkest version of the shade.

However, the charisma of the plant lies in its leaves. Anyone can easily mistake the unique patterned foliage of the shrub as the dainty feather of a peacock.

Fortunately, you can keep this sturdy, artistic plant even in a dim office room with no window.

The vigorous herb requires almost no light to survive. Even if it receives direct sun, the delicate foliage can turn dull and pale.

So, try to keep the plant in a bright place in your office with no direct sunlight. No matter how small or gigantic your workplace is, peacock plants can adorn the surrounding a hundred times better.

Peace lily

Imagine how beautiful it would be if an elegant blooming indoor plant brightened up your frowzy office.

The peace lily is a kind of plant that offers you tranquility at the very moment you look at them.

The magnificent white leaf bract covering a bright yellow flower amidst dark green foliage can remind you of summer or spring any time of the year.

The brush-stroke-like white leaf bracts are the show-stealer in the case of peace lilies. Since Sathiphylullum or Peace lily grows well in shady areas, your windowless office can be the best place for it.

You can put it on your desk between the piled files where sunlight barely comes, and it will change the whole somber look of your office and brighten up the mood.

Since the shrub does not grow so high, it will be appropriate for your small office. Also, the fluorescent light of your workplace can assist peace lily in fast development.

But, stay a bit more careful about the light condition of your workplace, as excessive brightness can hinder its growth. Still, if the herb gets an apt environment to grow, it can purify the air of your windowless cubicle.

Maidenhair fern

Just like its name, maidenhair fern looks like the luxurious, lustrous green hair of a graceful maiden. The gorgeous fan-shaped leaf segment on the bright black stem makes this herb impressive.

But, this gorgeous-looking adiantum or maidenhair fern needs a bit more care to maintain its beauty.

So, you will need to take a few precautions if you want this cluster of greenery to enhance the beauty of your office.

The fern only reaches its full potential when you give it distilled or filtered water. So, you cannot just fill the watering container with hard water from the tap and water the plant.

Also, you need to check the moisture before hydrating the fern since excessive humidity can result in root rot.

The phenomenon can lead to the death of this gorgeous indoor fern.

In addition to the moisture, you need to look after humidity for the maidenhair fern.

Since the indoor plant prefers a bit of a humid area, often the chilling cold atmosphere of the office fails to provide adequate moisture to the plant.

So, in that case, you can install a humidifier for this little greenish beauty. But, if you keep it away from direct sun and fulfill other requirements, it will be an elegant display on your messy desk.

Can a plant survive in an office with no windows?

Yes, some specific low-light tolerant plants can survive in an office with no windows. Since a stuffy, airless office room lacks natural daylight, you need to choose plants wisely to keep them there. Plants that do well in low-light or whitish-blue fluorescent light conditions can be a perfect fit for your office cabin. Most plant lovers indeed love blooming plants to keep them indoors. But, flowering plants require natural light and special care to thrive rapidly.

So, try to choose foliage plants especially for your office.

Since this type of herbs needs a little care to survive, it will be easy for you to maintain your office work and workplace gardening at the same time.

Foliage plants look no less beautiful than shrubs with attractive florets. But, if you are adamant about having blooming plants at your workplace, ensure the area offers an appropriate environment for the herb to survive.

What is the best plant to keep in an office?

Since Air plants can grow even without light, water, and soil, they can be the best herb to keep in a workplace. According to several survey reports, office plants boost productivity and upgrade the work environment to the next level.

Along with providing all the benefits of having greenery under the roof, an office plant can offer you a scope to nurture your gardening hobby.

Maybe, you were not born with a green thumb, but it cannot prevent you from adding leafy greens to your office cubicles.

But, before picking plants for your office desk, you need to consider some facts. Since an office environment can never substitute nature, only some neglect-tolerant plants can survive there.

Shoots that endure low light, less maintenance, and almost zero humidity make the best option for an office with no windows.

Shocking but true, the profiles of many plants match these criteria.

But, if you ask for the best one, we would suggest getting some air plants for your office.

Yes, you guessed it right. Air plants can grow in the air. If not literally in the air, they absorb the required moisture from their surroundings.

That is why this herb requires no watering and can survive without soil. Also, Tillandsia or other air plants can grow in any container.

So, if you are a creative person, you can try several positions and pots for the air plant. A beautiful leafy plant in a glass bowl can offer you solace even during short deadlines.

Bottom line

We hope our article will help you to find the best plant for your office with no windows.

You can select an herb from our list or choose one on your own.

Only remember the plant needs to be sturdy enough to survive in a low-light environment. A luxurious shrub at the workplace not only increases productivity but also purifies the office air incredibly.