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10 Plants That Grow In All Seasons [ Our Amazing List ]

Maintaining a gorgeous garden consistently throughout the year is a difficult task. Making the right choices of perennial plants that yield all year long for your garden can be as challenging as it gets.

With so many perennial plants to choose from, it can get confusing for you as well. So let’s make it simple for you. Here is a list of plants that grow all season to choose from to decorate your outdoors and give them a permanent glow-up!

Plants That Grow All Season


These perennial plants are in a class of their own. Their easy-growing nature and hassle-free nurturing demands make them a favorite choice for gardeners and plant enthusiasts worldwide.

They blossom around the year with beautiful summer flowers and fall flowers that come in various shades of purple, red, orange, white, or even green. They usually bear stems that are 2-5 feet in height.

These plants also produce seedpods in winter.

The feature that sets these plants apart from others is that they keep your gardens blooming even in the colder months with their fall flowers and seedpods.


Bluestars are perennial plants. These are wildflowers that bloom in the summer months of May and June. They have five-petaled flowers, and they grow in clumps on stems that are around 2-3 feet tall.

They also possess distinct plumy foliage, which adds a unique texture to your garden throughout the year.

Their stems stand up and carry sleek leaves and stay resplendent all summer, and in autumn, they turn gracefully golden-yellow.


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Barrenworts’ specialty happens to their quality to thrive perfectly in dim-lit areas with a shortage of direct sunlight. They can be grown under the shades of taller trees and bushes.

They can grow up to 5-24 inches in height and 8-3 feet in width. These plants have narrow stalks that bear flowers of many hues like yellow, white, red, pink, purple, and beige.

They possess a pretty leafage consisting of lancelike or heart-shaped leaves that usually have a pinkish flush that darkens with the advent of fall into bronze.


When the rest of your garden is losing its vibrant colors with the approach of fall, Sedum helps keep your garden colorful as its flowers turn brighter in autumn. As temperatures keep dropping, their flowers keep gaining more potency in terms of color.

Their luscious leafage can be green or purple, and sometimes, even variegated.

Certain breeds of Sedum change the color of their leaves in the later months of autumn into yellow, orange, or red.

One of the most resilient perennial plants that flaunt wonderful colors even in the advent of fall and remains faithful to its shades through winter as well.

Japanese Silver Grass

These plants pose as ornate grasses and are a great pick for your all-season garden.

They stand between 3 to 12 feet in height, bearing flowerheads that emulate whiskers with flowers that come in varying hues of red and silver. Their flowers come in clumps, and they mature to give rise to fluffy seeds in the autumn months.

They carry a golden-beige leafage in fall with conspicuous seed heads that stay firm throughout winter, making this an ideal choice for ornamental grass.

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Siberian Iris

These are resilient and tough perennial plants that exhibit beautiful flowers of various shades of blue, lavender, yellow, or white, growing up to 24-36 inches tall on clusters of grass-like narrow leaves.

These plants blossom in the early summer or late spring, and their leafage stays intact and maintains its luster until late fall when it turns golden.

They exhibit dark seedpods that stand noticeable in winters and attract birds to your garden as they come to peck on them for a treat.


With their fluffy and white flowers, Candytufts bring a hint of snowy demeanor in spring to your garden. Their lush green foliage stays intact throughout the year, and they blossom in early spring into summer.

They grow up to 6-18 inches in height and 6-24 inches in width, with their dimensions draped in white flowers.

Some varieties of these plants exhibit pink, red, or purple flowers. One of their specific breeds, Autumn White, blooms twice a year, with their second batch of blossoms arriving in autumn.

Creeping Phlox

These are small and tough perennials that grow as splendid undergrowth and are fragrant too. They blossom in spring, creating a pouring carpet of beautiful and miniature flowers.

They only grow up to 2-6 inches in height and 12-20 inches in width.

They come in bright purple, white, red, pink, and sometimes even in bicolor. Their leafage is evergreen, and they blossom brilliantly in spring.


These plants have big and gleaming leaves that remain luscious throughout the year, promising a consistent touch of greenery to your garden. They bear flowers that are purplish-pink or white that blossom in the months of spring.

Bergenia flaunts these flowers on stems that grow up to 12 inches long.

Their flowers add a hint of radiant colors to your outdoors, and their lancelike leaves are evergreen and sometimes turn bronze in color in the months of autumn.

Perennial geranium

Some of the varieties of these plants maintain brilliant, brilliant sets of colors through the autumn months, and sometimes, they may be evident throughout winter.

Perennial geraniums come in multiple varieties, and depending on the species, they can grow up to 18 inches in height and 24 inches in width.

Most popular for blossoming wonderfully in the months of spring, perennial geraniums stand out as they continue to be a treat to our eyes with their bright flowers into the months of autumn as well.

One of their varieties, the Biokovo Karmina, is most famous for its flowers in the months of fall.

Another one of their kind, the Brookside, is also a wonderful choice for your garden as it has sapphire-blue blossoms with ornate dark-green leafage that change its hues in the advent of fall to a shade of reddish-orange.

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There are a large number of plants with which you can choose to decorate your garden.

But isn’t it such a huge bonus if you have a garden that is colorful and full of life all year long? Perennial plants last all year long and can ensure you the touch of year-round beauty that you yearn for so much.

There are many perennial plants to choose from, and it can very easily get quite confusing. If you are looking forward to decorating your garden with gorgeous perennial plants, look no further. This article is sure to help!