14 Plants With Waxy Leaves That You Need To Check Out

A houseplant gives your home a pleasant and fresh look, doesn’t it? Be it interior or exterior, a beautiful houseplant with eye-catchy leaves or fragrant flowers always attracts our attention.

Trees with waxy leaves are surely the best of them. As the name suggests, these plants have a natural layer of wax that makes their leaves more beautiful.

The wax on these leaves are cuticles that help plants to save water wastage due to evaporation and transpiration rates of the plants in hot or cold deserts.

Such a layer of the cuticle is standard in fruits or stems of many trees that give them a shiny look along with protection from UV Rays, pollution or external insects.

The cuticle on the epidermis saves the photosynthesis cells and keeps the plant safe. These waxen leaves are also beautiful and enhance the beauty of your interior and exterior to a large extent.

So, if you are a greenery lover and excited to make your home beautiful with plants with waxy leaves, we have some attractive options for you to bring home a gorgeous look.

14 Plants With Waxy Leaves

Whether you are an interior designer or gardening enthusiast, you know that plants with waxy leaves make your interior feel more splendid. We have some collected information about some beautiful plants that will surely be going to make their way to your home.

1. The Wax Plant

The Wax plant or Hoya carnosa is a very common houseplant that is also famous as greenhouse plants or window plants. Sometimes these plants are epiphytic and are famous for their incredible beauty.

This beautiful houseplant is generally found in Eastern Asian and Australian countries. The beautiful shiny waxen leaves of the tree leave everyone astonished.

The short, simple, and waxen leaves are indeed the center of attraction wherever it is kept. So, no wonder if you have ever mistaken it as an artificial plant.

Not only the leaves are the main attraction, but the scented flowers are an add-on to its beauty. These waxen light pink flowers in clusters look really like some man-made flower, and this delicate look and beauty of the plant has its own million hearts of tree lovers.

These flowers are small, stiff, and can be seen in color varieties when they are cultivated. For the splendid and artistic beauty of these flowers, they are often called porcelain flowers.

These wax plants are generally slow-growing plants and are best to keep indoors as they will not take much space.

You can keep it in small pots or baskets at any visible corner of your room, and the look and smell of the plant will surely change the atmosphere of the whole room.

These plants generally grow in spring and summer. You can also propagate the plant by cutting the stem in water and enjoy the spell-bounding beauty of the plant.

2. Swiss cheese plant

This uncommon name of the tree surely hails to the typical holes the tree grows in its leaves when the plant grows old. Monstera deliciosa or Swiss Cheese Plant is a widespread name among houseplants with waxy leaves.

Swiss Cheese plants are another favorite for all plant lovers as it is easy to grow and can be maintained easily. This plant with big, heart-shaped leaves is very favorite for American households.

You can plant the tree both indoors and outdoors. The big tropical green leaves of the tree are very attractive and ideal to keep in big halls. The plant is also known as the Fruit Salad plant or Swiss cheese vine.

They can be as large as 30ft and can be maintained only with general maintenance. NASA suggests that these trees are very useful in purifying the air.

So, if you are a gardening enthusiast and have a spacious living room, swiss cheese can be a good option for your indoor statement with dark green leaves.

These plants can thrive even in humid and moist weather. So, if you are planning to keep it outdoors, you can do it. These plants do not need much water, and you just have to keep the soil moist regularly.

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3. Jade Plant

Jade plant or Crassula ovata has its origin in many South African plant families and is attractive, glossy, and eye-catching. These plants are also known as money plants or money trees.

They have typical short, jade green leaves that are juicy, splendid, and very attractive, and attract everyone’s attention. The plants are best for indoor decorations, especially the miniature version that gives your house a majestic look with its waxy and glossy leaf surface.

You can keep these plants both for indoor or outdoor decorations. You can see these plants in many households primarily because it needs less care and it can even live without water for some time.

These plants do not give many flowers regularly. So, If you are attracted by the nice and attractive leaves, you can bring them home and give your interior a nice makeover.

4. Alocasia Polly

Alocasia Polly or Alocasia amazonica is a famous tropical plant, originated in Asia. The big, dark green waxy leaves with light green prominent veins make it a center of attraction wherever you put it in.  This plant is also known as the African Mask plant or Amazonian elephant’s ear.

The plant is very easy to grow and propagate, and you can both take it in wider hall rooms or outdoors. However, these trees grow well in the summer or warm season and remain dormant during the fall and winter seasons.

5. Peace Lily

Peace Lily or spathiphllum wallisii is the ideal houseplant for those green lovers who want to decorate their small room corner with sparkling and shiny dark leaves with wax coating and beautiful flowers. The flowers add to the beauty of the plant.

The peace lily is the ideal choice due to the attractive contrast of dense green leaves with white flag-like flowers blooming beneath it. These plants are not too long and an ideal choice for your indoor. The large flower, looking like the flags or hood of a cobra, is the main attraction of the plant.

This plant blooms mainly in spring, but it can be propagated many times a year.

6. Desert Rose

Desert Rose or Adenium obesum brings to your home the heavenly beauty of colorful flowers with impressive green leaves in a chunk from the deserts of Africa and Asia.

The charming beauty of the white, pink, and red shaded flowers with dense green waxen leaven is the perfect combination to make your home a splendid abode with natural beauty. It is also known as impala lily or Sabi star.

This plant is shortly grown, and with proper pruning, this can be kept in a great shape and size of a miniature tree with the natural longevity of a desert plant.

This plant, with its attractive leaves and attractive blossoms, can be the best choice for your home if you are looking for a waxen leaf plant with a beautiful flower.

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7. Rubber Fig

Ficus Elastica or Rubber fig is a very common houseplant with big, attractive waxen leaves that can complement your interior decor with its varied, colorful leaves. They originally belong to parts of Asia and are popularly known as Indian Rubber trees or Rubber bushes.

The plant, with its shiny and big leaves, is a perfect match for the interior.

These plants grow big outdoors and can reach up to 100 feet. However, domesticated rubber figs are only 5 to 10 feet tall with big and expanded shiny leaves. The shiny oval leaves of the plant are eye-catchy and beautiful.

8. Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Schefflera Arboricla or Dwarf Umbrella Tree is the smaller version of large umbrella trees that grow up to 50 ft height outdoors.

This miniature tree has beautiful dark green leaves that take the form of an open umbrella when they are arranged in a cluster. The nice-looking tree enhances the beauty of your indoor when you place it in your home.

The thick, glossy, and waxy leaves of the Dwarf Umbrella tree look nice both indoor and outdoor, and it takes the height of 10 to 15 feet when grown indoors. These plants can be grown both as bushes, trees, or bonsai, and you can keep it fresh and green with little care and general maintenance.

9. Pothos

Pothos is one of the most common house plants with waxy leaves and can be seen in most houses due to the low maintenance and care it needs to remain fresh and lively throughout the year.

The vining growth of pothos takes the whole space and makes it look green and wonderful with the dark green, light green, and yellowish variants of leaves.

These plants can be kept in pots and baskets, and the vining growth hangs down, making your home a beautiful space. The waxen leaves are very attractive and eye-soothing.

Pothos plants can be kept with little care. Only timely watering, pruning, and giving proper light and air exposure can ensure a long-living pothos plant in your living room, kitchen, or even in the bathroom. This attractive plant is also known as a lucky tree or devil’s vine for its heavenly beauty and splendor.

The plant needs low sunlight, and so it is much more common as an indoor plant.

This plant can be maintained throughout the year and propagated easily by cutting fresh stems with leaf nodes and placing them in another pot. This plant grows mainly in spring but can be grown in other seasons too.

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10. Heart Leaf Philodendron

This plant is also known as the Sweeeet heart plant due to its heart-shaped splendid-looking leaves. Philodendron hederacium or Heartleaf originally belong to Central American or Caribbean Countries. This leave is claimed by researchers to clean your room air.

Another eye-catchy plant that is very common is a houseplant. The main attraction of the plant is surely the waxen shiny leaf bed that makes it look like an artificial tree.

The plant is really easy to grow and the vining nature of the tree, like pothos, takes the whole place on its way. So, you can either hang it from a bucket, or it will twin with a rack or stand naturally and give your space a fresh and natural look.

11. Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy or Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a bushy plant that originated in Madagaskar. You can hear such fascinating names as Madagaskar widow’s thrill or Christmas Kalanchoe.

This plant is not only famous as a houseplant, but you can discover them even in outdoor gardens due to the attractive flowers it blooms.

Flaming Katy has attractive waxy leaves that have a rough or overt border. The leaves have textures on them, and the bright dark green big leaves remain fresh and green throughout the year.

The plant comes into bloom from late autumn to early winter and blossoms in pink, red, white, and orange flowers.

The beautiful and bright leaves and colorful flowers make it attractive and eye-catchy when it is kept in the room. These plants are easy to grow and nurture. So, if you are a lover of plants with beautiful flowers, this attractive plant will surely melt your heart.

12. Carissa Holly

Carissa is an easy to grow plant that can manage to grow in any weather or any landscape. The waxen bright leaves surely become the center of attraction, wherever it is-be it indoor or outdoor.

If you are a brown thumb gardener and do not want to spend much time on your house plant, Carissa may be the best option. This tree needs little care.

It can live without regular watering and can survive even in hot weather. It is also a slow-growing plant, and you don’t need to worry about regular pruning.

Once you bring it home, it will continue to keep your home decorated withstanding any environmental challenge. Only it needs occasional fertilization during spring. The small waxen plant and bright green color can surely be the perfect choice for your adorable nook.

13. Bromeliad

Originally hailing from Tropical America or American subtropical continents, Bromeliad is a unique looking plant with spectacular texture and color.

The splendid waxen leaves with bright and attractive colors make the plant the center of attraction in both indoor or outdoor positions.

The blend of unique texture and color makes it different from other waxen leaves and plants, and it is surely the main cause why these plants are very common in American households.

The sophisticated and royal look of the plant makes gardeners feel that this plant needs high maintenance.

But you can keep this house plant fresh and healthy with some general maintenance. It needs medium to low sunlight to thrive. It also needs more humidity if you want it to keep fresh during warm weather.

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14. Swedish Ivy

If you are new to gardening, Swedish Ivy is ideal for you. It has a vining nature like pothos that makes it more attractive. The plant is also known as Swedish Begonia. The nice-looking plant with green leaves falling from the basket enhances the beauty of your room to many extents.

The white and beautiful flowers bloom in the springtime and make the plant all the more attractive for the viewer. So, if you are looking for an attractive plant with waxy leaves, you can opt for Swedish Ivy to make your home all the more beautiful.

Although the plant looks attractive and splendid, it does not need much maintenance. The tree needs indirect sunlight that makes it appropriate for indoor decoration. But you need to apply water to the plant when necessary. You also need to fertilize it to keep it growing.

Wrapping up:

Keeping fresh and green plants in the home or outdoor is always recommended as it keeps your food fresh and keeps the air quality good. And if these plants add more beauty to your home, nothing can be good as that.

These plants with waxy leaves are not only very attractive and eye-catchy but give your home a natural touch.

So, if you are a nature lover and want a small space in your interior to decorate to dedicate to the green and awesome looking plants, you can use any of these plants and make your home all the more beautiful.

The houseplants are at the center of attraction in a well-decorated room all the time, and if the plant has bright and waxen leaves, it gives your room more attraction and beauty.

These plants are also easy to grow and maintain for even the new planters, and you can keep them in your home without worrying about the need for much care. So, try out today and make your home all the more beautiful and peaceful with attractive plants with waxy leaves.