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Pothos Pot Size : A Complete Guide

Pothos Pot Size : A Complete Guide

Pothos is a popular houseplant among the others in this category due to varying reasons. To list a few, here they are.

  • A pothos plant requires regular care. That’s why it’s an excellent choice for the novice.
  • Its water requirements are significantly less than the other plants.
  • A pothos plant can grow well in both natural and artificial lighting conditions.
  • It’s available in an assortment of styles and colors.
  • You can grow a pothos plant either horizontally or vertically.
  • Most importantly, pothos can survive in both nutrient-rich and nutrient-less soils.

Due to the above reasons, the popularity of pothos is on an exponential rise. However, I’d suggest growing a pothos vertically in an adequately sized pot. If you’re confused about which pot size is best for pothos, this guide will rescue you. Continue reading to know about the best pot size for pothos.

What pot size is best for pothos?

Ideally, it is recommended to use anywhere from 5″ to 7″. It’s the best size for your pothos.

When you are shopping for pots or planters, many of you must get carried away by their looks. And it’s expected as both the plant and its container play a vital role in complementing each other.

However, the size of the pot is an equally vital parameter that also regulates the growth of the plant. Hence, ideal pot size is key to your thriving pothos.

Below I have listed some valid points to note when deciding the pot size and the standard pot size estimation for pothos.

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Factors to consider when buying pothos pot

1. Size

It’s a no-brainer that every plant, even though it’s pothos that doesn’t depend much on its surroundings for growth, requires sufficient growing space inside the container or pot.

Starting from the roots of pothos, they require ample space to expand. Otherwise, they can either tangle up or won’t grow as they should.

However, this does not mean the bigger, the better! For example, if your pothos plant is small in size and has a shallow root system, choosing a bigger-sized pot will mean poor water retention in the soil.

Similarly, if you have medium to large-size pothos at home, you should go with a big pot.

Such size will allow its roots to expand as much as they should, plus a more significant size will help the soil retain its moisture in a better way.

In a nutshell, the pot size should not be too small or too big.

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2. Be careful about the various dimensions of the pots

“I want a bigger pot for my pothos,” ” I think a small pot will go well with my pothos.” If you have a habit of choosing a plant pot in this way, it’s completely wrong.

A flowerpot involves multiple dimensions that suit the different plant sizes and their future growth. For example, height and width are the most critical dimensions.

Say your pothos has a decent height and dense root system; in this case, you’d like to have a taller pot with more width. While the height will assist the pothos’ roots in expanding more profoundly into the soil, the width will allow the plant to expand optimally.

However, a short pot with less width won’t be a good option for pothos, be it for the roots or the plant itself. Neither will the following pot sizes will prove helpful.

  • Short and wide pot.
  • Tall and narrow pot.

Hence, don’t get carried away with solely the height or width of the pot for your pothos plant.

3. Be mindful of the pothos size

You must know that pothos is available in different sizes and can grow decently in the future. Hence, buying a pot for such plants is a challenging chore.

However, not impossible! The first and foremost thing you’ve to remember is never to finalize the pot size based on the initial size of your pothos.

Instead, you can look into the pothos’ growth chart to understand how much it’s bound to grow or whether you’d keep chopping it off to maintain a fixed height.

Go for a slightly bigger pot to avoid rushing then and now for buying the pot again and again. Plus, be mindful of how much soil the plant will require.

As a thumb rule, around 1-2 gallons of soil is necessary for standard plants. While as the plant will grow, its soil requirements will rise to facilitate the growth.

Hence, considering the overall size, the pot’s various dimensions, the pothos standard size, and its growth rate, you can go with a pot that’s 2″ larger than the root ball and at least 10″ deeper.


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Choosing a pot for a pothos plant is a time-consuming chore that will also require some calculations involving its initial dimensions, growth rate, etc.

However, the above tips will assist you a lot in this process because the pothos plant may hardly require repotting. So, go ahead and lookout for the best pothos pot around you.