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Pothos Temperature Range : Here’s What You Should Know

Pothos Temperature Range : Here’s What You Should Know

Thinking about bringing a plant and taking care of it are two different things. According to a survey conducted to determine how many people water their plants regularly and those who don’t, the results showed that over 55% of people don’t.

That is, the majority of the owners forget to water their plants often enough.

If you, too, are someone who often forgets to water the plants but still wants to see one grow in front of you, pothos is inarguably the best plant for you.

First grown on the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, pothos is an easy-to-grow sort of plant having pointed & heart-shaped leaves of different hues.

Suppose you are worried about their growth terms and conditions. In that case, it’s a matter of minor concern!

Pothos is a unique plant type that requires significantly less water to thrive, can grow at a decent rate, be it under natural sunlight or fluorescent light, and irrespective of the nutrient contents of the soil.

On average, a pothos plant can add around 12″-18″ per month under favorable conditions.

When I am saying “favorable conditions,” you should put the temperature on the top. Why? Continue reading to understand why an ideal temperature is essential for a plant like pothos and what is that ideal temperature?

What’s the ideal pothos’ temperature range?

Epipremnum aureum or pothos comes in a variety of styles and colors. For example, some are golden, neon, marble queen, Jessenia, Manjula, N-joy, pearls & jade, etc.

The majority of these have almost identical temperature ranges for their optimum growth, which I’ll discuss below.

As said above, pothos doesn’t have many terms and conditions for their growth and maintenance. The same holds for their temperature as well.

That is, a typical pothos can withstand flexible environmental conditions and temperatures.

However, expert planters recommend 70-degree Fahrenheit to 90-degree Fahrenheit as an ideal temperature range for pothos plants.

Any temperature below minimum 70-degree Fahrenheit and above maximum temperature 90-degree Fahrenheit can result in either slow or poor plant growth.

However, this temperature range is primarily for a selected pothos species. For the other pothos types, a minimum temperature is approximately 50-degree Fahrenheit or above or at most the room temperature.

You should note here that besides temperature, your pothos plant will also ask for high humidity irrespective of the weather conditions of the surroundings.

That’s why they are mostly grown inside the house, in places like a dark room, bathroom, or kitchen.


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What temperature is too cold for pothos?

There are different categories of plants like desert plants, tropical plants, blooming plants, etc.

These categories have different resistance to temperatures, and what temperature is too cold for plants becomes a debatable topic.

So, since pothos is a tropical plant from the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, you will notice your pothos plant dyeing once their minimum temperature hits below 50-degree Fahrenheit (or around 10-degree Celsius).

However, this is not true for all pothos species, and it hugely depends on where the plant belongs. For example, some pothos plants can also survive temperatures as low as 45-degree Fahrenheit.

However, the plant will most probably die out once it will reach the water’s freezing temperature that is 32-degree Fahrenheit in parts like South America and Southeast Asia.

In colder climates, pothos usually sheds their pointed and heart-shaped leaves only to grow them back once the surrounding temperature falls in the ideal range of 70-degree Fahrenheit to 90-degree Fahrenheit.

If the plant is weak and more petite in size, the entire pothos plant will die out while the bigger plants with considerable strength won’t.


Plants are something almost everyone must have cared for once in a lifetime. Be it looking after the plants blooming in the garden or ones growing on the roadsides.

If you are a great plant enthusiast yet a novice and can not make out which plant to buy without any spare thought, consider a pothos plant.

Pothos is one such kind of plant that won’t expect or require much when it comes to its maintenance. For example, less water, natural or artificial lighting, standard temperature, etc., are sufficient for your plant to add 12″ to 18″ a month.

Plus, you can choose any pothos style among its popular nine varieties mentioned above. All these reasons prove why the popularity of the pothos plant is on the rise, especially in the tropics.


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