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Research Team

Flora Delaterre is built on passion and one single idea – To share information with people who love to grow their plants, willing to know plant usage have an obsession with gardening.

It’s a vast topic and it would be impossible for me to help people without having a team.

A team that has more understanding than me and a willingness to help evryone.

Check out the little amazing team that helps this blog keep going.

Meet Our Team


You already know me, don’t you? If not, check out the about page where I talked about everything myself, my childhood, and my obsession with plants. Or Contact me if you wish

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Current Business Email: [email protected]


Maria is the lead research person & author that does all the essential research on plants. She is graduated from Montana University in 2009. Over the past several years she has been growing and managing plants. She owns 3 organic farms & she’s all day busy with plants over the weekends.

Contact Christina: [email protected]


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