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Where To Buy Pothos Plant? Here’s A Complete List

Where To Buy Pothos Plant? Here’s A Complete List

Be it your home or office; plants are a great addition to any space. Not only do they keep you connected to nature but also elevate the looks of the surrounding.

Not to forget the ability of the plants to purify the air around you and let you breathe in the fresh air.

Hence, if you don’t have any plants as of now, you should have one! If you are wondering about which one, I’d recommend you a pothos plant.

Also called the Devil’s ivy, pothos is an evergreen plant that’s the best choice among the various houseplants and for a set of reasons. For example:

  • The plant is available in a variety of shades.
  • You can grow it either horizontally or vertically.
  • It doesn’t require much care and its water requirement is also very low.

Hence, a pothos plant is something you can try out once, especially if you’re a novice.

It’s readily available in the market; however, the following are the best places to buy pothos plants. Here, you’ll get all styles of pothos plants with several other benefits, as discussed below.

Where to buy a pothos plant?

The following places offer the best varieties of pothos plants across the United States.

The Sill

If you’re new to the parenting of plants and need any help regarding plants besides merely buying one, The Sill is your destination.

With every purchase from The Sill, you unlock unrestricted access to helpful planting tips and tricks from their plant care experts.

At The Sill, you get a wide variety of plants to choose from, for example, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Pothos, Ferns, Snake Plants, and much more.

The Sill delivers plants throughout the US, and you can expect your delivery within 7-10 days of order, along with an excellent choice of planters and pots.


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A renowned houseplants production and delivery Bloomscape is the idea of Justin Mast from Dutch.

His love for houseplants made him get into this business and let his love for plants touch new heights. There are two unique aspects of every order placed at Bloomscape, and these are:

  • First, their houseplants are adequate for a host of environments.
  • Second, their packaging ensures the pristine condition of every plant to every location across the entire United States.

Besides pothos, you also get to choose among other different plants like a Money tree, Prayer tree, Ferns, Monstera, etc.

You can also choose among various edible plants or herbs like chives, mint, cilantro, etc. The pricing is nominal, considering an appropriate and plant-centric soil mix and pots delivered to you within 5-7 days.


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If you’re looking for a plant that can form your next gift to your loved ones, UrbanStems will assist you in this.

At UrbanStems, you can end your search for stylish houseplants that could translate your taste without words.

One of the best things about UrbanStems is that they usually deliver their order within 1-2 days all across the United States. Some top-selling plants at UrbanStems are the Braided Money Trees, Golden Pothos, all Ferns, Orchids, Lilies, etc. is an online plants-centric delivery specialist that’s in collaboration with the US’s best growers.

At, you get various plants like succulents, flowering plants, tropical plants, pothos, bonsai, etc., to pick and choose.

They offer you a vast collection of planters and pots with various plant sizes to choose from depending upon your needs. All this at nominal prices with guaranteed delivery within 3-5 days.


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Whether you want a plant to beautify your home or office space with plants like golden pothos, Lily, Tropical Orchids, Red Bromeliads, Bonsai, or something else, ProFarmers has a vast collection of plants for every occasion and use.

They deliver throughout the United States, and every plant comes with a stunning pot and planters, either modern or contemporary. The pricing is economical when compared to the other delivery services in the country.


If you are someone who wants a plant but fears whether you’d get enough time or have resources to take care of it, you will get a pothos plant.

Not only are these super easy to maintain, but they also don’t have any specific demand for optimum growth.

They grow well in both nutrient-less and nutrient-rich soil along with low and bright light. Plus, a pothos plant is an excellent choice for personal use and gift purposes on anniversaries, birthdays, parties, etc.