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Where To Buy Purple Shamrock Plant? [ Here Are Few Places ]

Where To Buy Purple Shamrock Plant? [ Here Are Few Places ]

People generally keep some common indoor plants as houseplants. But, if you admire uncommon herbs, purple shamrock or false shamrock can be the best choice for you.

Even though every plant is beautiful in its features, purple shamrock stands out from the crowd only because of the stunning shape of the foliage.

The unique-shaped leaves in a deep purple hue generally grow in a group of three.

The leaves in the cluster feature a triangular shape that makes the houseplant more artistic.

So, here we have shared some authentic online platforms where you can buy ornamental purple shamrock to decorate the house.

Where to buy purple shamrock plants?

If you Google where to buy the plant, the search engine will show you millions of online platforms retailing the purple shamrock.

But, how many of them are authentic? Since you are buying herbs online, it is vital to purchase only from websites with authenticity. So, we have made a list of such online platforms where you can buy the engaging plant.

Delivering plants can cost the seller to take several precautionary measures.

So, make sure the merchant of your plant follows all the precautions while shipping your plant.

You can check out our list to know about some trending online platforms that sell purple shamrocks at a discounted price.

Amazon, an internationally familiar platform

The first name that comes to mind when talking about online shopping platforms is Amazon. It is one of the most trusted e-commerce companies worldwide.

From stationary to grocery, garments to the pantry, skincare to gadgets, you can get a to z from Amazon.

Shocking but true, Amazon even sells plant tubers so that you can get artistic purple shamrocks without even stepping out from home.

Even though the plant generally makes it unique, the purple shamrock is rare for its foliage.

If you set aside the gorgeous white or pink florets, the triangular leaves of purple shamrock can alone become a show-stopper.

Also, as a bonus, the clustered leaves close every night like an umbrella and open again with the sunrise. It is a sight to behold!

You can get 20 pieces of rhizomes from Amazon that will grow into a gorgeous-looking purple shamrock with colored tiny flowers.

You will receive a bag of 20 ¾ inches bulbs. The tubers or Oxalis bulbs resemble some pinecones. But, these tubers are sturdy and fast-growing.

If you plant the bulbs in a ceramic pot and place them in full sun, you can expect to spot foliage and blooms only within 2-3 months.

Since the online platform is so popular and Amazon delivers only 100% verified products, you can rest assured with your orders.

You can trust Etsy

On June 18, 2005, Raul Dominguez Cabrera founded an online platform.

Little did he know that this website would be so successful and popular that people would trust it blindly.

Since 2017, Etsy has extended its business and became one of the trusted online shopping platforms under the leadership of Josh Silverman.

Based in the USA, Etsy has gained worldwide popularity within 16 years only.

They offer priority in honesty, transparency, and customer satisfaction more than anything. That is why they have become one of the most trusted e-commerce sites ever.

You can find anything on Etsy. But, this e-commerce company mainly focuses on vintage or craft items.

If a person loves to have a retro vibe in his belongings, he can visit Etsy. So, if you love to collect vintage items, along with indoor gardening, Etsy can be your all-in-one online store.

Along with buying a bag of purple shamrock tubers, you can also find a retro-styled gorgeous tub for the plant here. You may feel hesitant about the product’s authenticity.

But, on Etsy, you will find only robust purple shamrock tubers along with a detailed manual of how to grow them.

You can also select product quantities, starting from 1-20 rhizomes, which is impressive.

A user manual on their website will tell you how to plant the rhizome and take care of it.

Since Etsy is an eco-friendly e-commerce site, they use reusable products as shipping material.

So, you will not receive the tubers covered with plastic. Also, if you get a damaged plant, Etsy will take care of that issue.

eBay will deliver your plant carefully

eBay is probably one of the oldest online shopping platforms that started its journey in 1995 under the supervision of Pierre Omidyar.

It is also another USA-based multinational e-commerce company with its headquarter in San Jose, California.

Their unique, transparent business policy has made them one of the most successful online shopping sites.

Plus, the authenticity of eBay has made people trust them blindly regarding their orders.

Since eBay promotes seller-to-consumer businesses through the site, you will find several nursery owners selling purple shamrock tubers on the platform.

Also, on eBay, you have to purchase at least ten rhizomes of the plant.

As a bonus, you will get some attractive discounts on the price throughout the year.

Like other e-commerce sites, eBay also guides you to plant the bulb successfully.

The e-commerce company encourages people in gardening and sells a wide range of gardening tools and plants on their website.

So, if you are finding the best quality purple shamrock bulbs, this e-commerce site is for you.

Also, if you follow their guidance while planting and nurturing the gorgeous plant, the shrubs will start flowering even within a few days.

The site delivers only the best rhizomes because they know the gardener cannot wait long to watch the captivating sight of folding and opening of the leaves of the purple shamrock.

Final verdict

Maybe you are a lazy indoor gardener or someone with a busy lifestyle. There could be thousands of reasons that can prevent you from visiting a nursery to purchase some magnificent purple shamrocks.

In such cases, popular online platforms act as a rescuer and provide you a chance to buy the unique blooming plants even from the comfort of your home.

Shopping websites often come with some trust issues.

And we believe our article has helped you clear your confusion. Although purchasing a plant online can require some research, the hassle is nothing to the beauty of purple shamrock.