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Where To Keep Monstera Plant? [ Here’s The Answer ]

If you are a houseplant enthusiast, you probably covet growing an exotic Monstera in the household. It is a surprising fact how an aesthetic herb with ornamentally patterned foliage can feature an easy-to-care attribute.

But, if you cannot find the proper location, growing such a forgiving vine can be a tricky job.

The tropical plant with variegated quality demands an apt placement to get appropriate light, moisture, and air. So, as a plant parent, you need to crack the code where your houseplant wants to stay. Our article will guide you in solving this issue.

Where to keep the Monstera plant?

You can place your gorgeous Monstera herb in any bright area where the light does not reach directly. Understanding the ideal place for the exotic vine is equally tricky and vital. But, if you are familiar with the requirements, then finding the perfect location will not seem challenging to you.

So, as a houseplant parent, first, you need to know the needs of the herb.

Once you become aware of the perfect environment for your plant to thrive, you can easily select the best location for the decorative vine. So, what kind of atmosphere does aptly suit the lush Monstera plant?

The herb grows fast and stays healthy in a warm area with adequate indirect light.

But, the direct scorching sun can burn the varicolored foliage.

So, it will be better to keep the stylish plant away from the blazing sun. Also, as a tropical vine, the Monstera plant cannot survive without high humidity.

So, you can place the delicate plant in any room that meets all the criteria.

You can even keep your potted Monstera herb on a windowsill.

But, if the window area lets a lot of hot or cold wind pass through it, then it will be better to avoid the place.

Also, never place your gorgeous houseplant near the air vent or doors, as the heavy wind can damage the exotic beauty.

A bright place with adequate light and humidity can help the appreciative Monstera plant grow fast and stay happy.

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Where should I put the Monstera plant in my room?

Any area of your room with high humidity and indirect sunlight will aptly suit the marvelous Monstera herb. You need to provide a humid area with adequate warmth to the adorned plant. Only you can then get a decorative houseplant. Nowadays, probably all houseplant enthusiasts want to keep at least one lush Monstera herb in the adobe.

The artistically designed foliage with perforated patterns enhances the ambient beauty of the home.

But, if you want to grow it indoors, you need to offer the appropriate atmosphere.

Even though the attractive shrub features resilience and easy-to-care attributes, improper placement can prevent the vine from growing.

Plus, inappropriate environmental conditions can cause root rot, droopy foliage, and slenderness in the herb.

Also, it results in the loss of spectrum in the leaves and even leads to death. So, now you have understood how important it is to place the plant properly.

Since the luxurious beauty only wants to reside in a bright space with high humidity and proper warmth, you can keep it near the window of your room. You can also place it somewhere else that will match the criteria.

But, before placing the potted Monstera plant, check whether the area receives direct sunlight.

If the burning light reaches the location directly, you need to avoid that area. As the magnificent herb cannot endure intense sun, the scorching ray can burn the kaleidoscopic foliage.

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What window should you put a Monstera in?

Although you can keep your thriving Monstera plant on any windowsill, the herb prefers east or south-facing windows. As we mentioned earlier, the robust Monstera plant is so lenient that you can grow it pretty much anywhere. Still, a specific environment helps the herb grow faster and stay healthy.

So, it is needless to say that your Monstera vine can thrive happily in that particular area.

Windowsill is a preferred spot of this lush green beauty because the environment there resembles the actual habitat of the exotic plant.

But, if you ask in particular, east and south-facing windows can be the permanent residential areas of the vine.

Since both locations offer adequate brightness and bearable heat, the Monstera shrub can live there happily.

You can put the aesthetic herb on a north-facing window, but you might face a lack of brightness there. Also, avoid the west-facing windows as they can pass searing heat because of the afternoon sun.

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Things that determine where to place your monstera plant

While the Monstera plant welcomes beauty and joy to the household, the caregiver has to offer the herb a proper living condition.

For instance, you water the impressive herb regularly and look after the vine properly. Still, you notice unhappiness in your magnificent houseplant. Now you wonder why?

So, the reason can be the ambient atmosphere of the indoor vine.

It can be the location that is not getting adequate warmth, humidity, and indirect light.

The appropriate care of the exotic herb will help it become an appealing beauty with mottled foliage in a perforated pattern.

A mature Monstera herb brings a tropical forest-like vibe even in your sophisticated room.

But, all these can happen only when they get the proper space to reside. Appropriate bright, indirect sun, perfect humidity, and apt temperature help the Monstera highlight its features and maintain the variegation.

So, if you want to know what factors determine the preferred location for the Swiss cheese plant, check the following points.

Light helps it grow varicolored leaves

In the life of tropical beauty, light is a prime element. It is the bright, indirect light that helps your artistic Monstera develop decoratively kaleidoscopic foliage.

But, the burning sun can roast the variegated leaves and make them lose their lush green color.

Since light assists the herb reach its full size, you need to place it in an illuminated area.

Also, try to locate a spot that does not receive afternoon sun. The blistering temperature can harm the foliage tissues and result in pale leaves with brown spots all over them.

But, Monstera loves the sun-kissing light and prefers to sit in a bright area for 6-8 hours a day. So, east and south-facing window sills can be the perfect spot for tropical beauty.

The exotic beauty loves to stay at room temperature

It is the temperature level that determines whether your Monstera plant can feature its variegated look or not.

But, thankfully, the magnificent houseplant with an alluring appearance can live happily at room temperature. If your house provides medium to slightly high warmth, it can be the perfect home for the rich green beauty.

The ideal temperature for the Monstera plant is generally within 65-85° Fahrenheit.

Although the houseplant features resilience and a forgiving character, high temperatures can dry up the glamorous herb.

Temperature higher than 85° Fahrenheit usually soaks up all the moisture of the luxuriously patterned vine.

Also, shivering cold can stop the herb from growing. So, try to locate an area that does not feature scorching heat and frosting cold.

Icing temperature below 60° Fahrenheit is not also appropriate for the tropical green beauty. That is why placing the plant near a heating or cooling vent can be a big mistake.

High moisture level creates an apt environment for the herb

It is no wonder that a tropical houseplant loves to stay in a humid area. The perfect moisture and high humidity create an apt atmosphere that helps the Monstera herb reach its full potential.

If they get a suitable environment, they can make a massive houseplant with gigantic foliage.

But, it can be challenging for a caregiver to provide the appropriate humidity in a hot and arid area.

In that case, regular misting and installation of a humidifier can help him. In that way, you can maintain the perfect moisture level and prevent the leaves from drying out.

Extra tips while placing Monstera

As a sincere houseplant parent, you need to consider a few things before selecting a proper location for the Monstera plant. You can follow our recommended tips.

  • Since Monstera is a toxic plant for children and pets, try to keep it away from them. In that case, hanging pots will be the best for the vine, as those are difficult to reach.
  • Placing the embellished house plant on the windowsill provides an aesthetic vibe in the ambiance. So, find a window that features brightness and moderate warmth.
  • Also, try to avoid keeping the lush beauty near the fireplace. It can lose all its luxurious colors.
  • According to the modern trend, you can elevate the look of your washroom by placing the Monstera plant there. In that case, check whether the plant gets adequate light or not.

Summing it up

Since the Monstera is a sturdy houseplant, it does not demand to recreate its original habitat in the household.

While most indoor plants come with a long list of requirements and cannot survive in several atmospheres, the Swiss cheese plant can grow happily in any environment.

But, scarcity of light can prevent your rich tropical shrub from reaching its ultimate potential and growing perforated leaves.

So, indirect light and proper humidity are vital in keeping the variegated quality of the plant intact. If you can provide both of them, the herb will create an embellished scenario.