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Why Are Monstera Plants So Popular? [ We figured ]

Why Are Monstera Plants So Popular? [ We figured ]

Houseplant gardeners tend to get themselves updated with the latest news of trending indoor plants. If you are one of them, maybe the timeline of your social media account has been flooded by the images of an exemplary vine with perforated leaves.

The name of the plant is Monstera. Although the indoor plant has always been attractive for the unique foliage pattern, influencers and plant vloggers have made it more familiar recently.

The tropical herb is a beauty to gaze at for a long time. The Monstera plant is probably the only plant that features unusually patterned foliage in vibrant shades.

Why are Monstera plants so popular?

The stunning Monstera plant is famous for its luxurious look and low-maintenance profile. The Monstera plant is familiar among houseplant enthusiasts mainly for the massive, perforated, and patterned leaves in vibrant shades.

If you place one rarely found variegated Monstera plant in your living room, the exotic vine can provide a springtime vibe in your household. Also, they are easy to grow, and anyone can take care of them.

Nowadays, many amateur gardeners even tend to keep the plant in their adobe.

Plus, the medium height of the houseplant makes it easier to grow even in a small apartment.

But, luxurious beauty has become sought-after for many other reasons too. Followings are the causes of the vine getting familiar.

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Due to the tropical look, the plant is trending now

The unusual graphic pattern of the foliage provides the Monstera plant with an exotic look. Anyone can fall for the vine after taking only one glance at the vibrant leaves with leaf holes all over them. So, the tropical appearance of the plant makes it voguish worldwide.

Mainly because of the uniquely adorned foliage, the Monstera plant has become a status plant.

Most indoor gardeners want to keep the vine with ornamentally drilled foliage to escalate the look of their bland drawing-room.

The embellished leaves in several colored patches can remind you of spring break-even in freezing winter.

Purchase one Monstera plant, get infinite vines from it

Even though the Monstera plant is quite expensive compared to other foliage houseplants, you can consider purchasing the vine as a one-time investment.

It is because the easy and free-of-cost propagation method can help you get multiple new plants from the old, saggy Monstera vine.

While pruning the magnificent plant, take a little time and cut a section with one node and a few leaves on it.

Next, propagate the cutting either in water or soil. Yes, getting a new Monstera plant is that easy, and you will not have to spend even a dollar!

The Monstera vine is a natural air purifier

Maybe the air quality in your area is so poor that you are hesitating to start indoor gardening. In that case, you can have some decorative Monstera plants in your household.

While escalating the aesthetic appeal of your home, the Swiss cheese plant will purify the indoor air.

Scientists have certified the vine as an air-purifying indoor plant that absorbs pollutants from the ambient air.

So, having the ornamented beauty with vibrantly shaded foliage beside your bed can even help you breathe fresh air too. That is why the exotic Monstera vine is so demanding in every culture.


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Even an inexperienced gardener can grow the photogenic plant

Anyone can grow the aesthetic Monstera plant even if the individual does not have a green finger.

The vine is so easy to care for and comes with a short list of demands. The luxurious vine with an exotic look prefers to get watered once a week. But, if you forget the watering schedule sometimes, it will not matter.

The neglect-tolerant vine achieves its ultimate look at indoor temperature, humid climate, and indirect sun.

But, if you cannot meet some of the requirements of the Monstera plant, it will still elevate the surrounding look by its alluring beauty. A tropical herb with an exotic appearance rarely features such a low-maintenance profile.

The patterned Monstera foliage fits any home decoration

Nowadays, interior decoration is following a minimalist trend where you need to keep everything minimal. No grandeur suits that kind of motif.

That is why millennials tried to decorate their dream house in a monochromatic manner and with some basic furniture.

Also, they tend to fill the massive, bright spaces with a touch of greenery, and the Monstera plant is the apt choice in that case.

The gigantic foliage with perforated embellishment will add an artistic look to any interior design style.

Since the plant reaches a height of medium-tall, you can freely place it in a spacious area. Thus, the ornamental Monstera plant with the lush green color can be a center of attraction.

The Monstera plant can serve you both spiritually and economically

According to several traditions, the Monstera plant influences the caregivers spiritually. The fascinating plant symbolizes respect, love, honor, and longevity of life.

So, planting it in the household can bring good luck in the adobe. That is why people even gift the vine to their beloved ones wishing long, healthy, and prosperous life.

Plus, the plant can even help you financially.

We have already mentioned how easy it is to get new Monstera plants from the old ones through propagation methods. So, you can follow the procedure and sell the cuttings. You can even make thousands of dollars by selling only one rarely variegated Monstera plant cutting!


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What is so special about the Monstera plant?

The specialty of the Monstera plant lies in its unique pattern of foliage. If you follow the recent trends in the greenery world, you have probably noticed the high demand for the swiss cheese plant. Now, one question can arise in your mind- what is the reason for the hype? The Monstera plant is nothing but a foliage herb.

So, what is so unique about it? The answer is its stylish foliage. You will rarely find such an aesthetic houseplant that grows interestingly decorated leaves in a glossy green shade. The ornamental house plant can upgrade the look of your adobe a thousand times better.

That is why every houseplant admirer tries to place at least one Monstera plant in the drawing-room to provide the household an impressive look. Also, the appearance of the indoor plant escalates when it comes to the variegated version of the herb.

The variegated Monstera features perforated leaves with yellow, light yellow, white and off-white patches all over the foliage. If you look at the plant, it can amaze you with its divine appearance.

It is because of the drilled leaves the herb holds an exotic look. The multicolored patches on the embellished foliage also feature a sensational beauty.

Why are people obsessed with Monstera?

The obsession with the magnificent Monstera plant is mainly because of its alluring look. If you keep yourself updated with the news of trending houseplants, you have probably noticed the Monstera plant all over the Internet. Instagram beauty has taken over every plant magazine and the social media timeline for its luscious green look.

Plus, if you come across the variegated Swiss cheese plant, you will also grow an obsession with the appealing look of the plant.

The variegated tropical plant with exotic beauty can be a decorative item in your drawing-room.

Since the various hues on the vibrant plant make it look aesthetically pleasing, the Monstera vine can bring a jungle vibe to your sophisticated house.

Nowadays, people tend to keep the attractive vine in the household to escalate the surrounding beauty. You can see a lush green Monstera plant in a white ceramic pot at a corner of a modern drawing-room.

Here, the presence of greenery makes the home look more elegant.

According to several interior designers, people recently tend to place it in the adobe for getting a tropical forest vibe in the household. So, long story short, the embellished beauty of the variegated indoor plant makes people obsessed with the herb.

When did Monstera become so popular?

The Monstera plant has become so familiar from the early ’50s to the late ’70s. The tropical houseplant with an exotic look has been in fashion for years. But, if you ask the particular time of the attractive vine being so popular, it was the time of the early ’50s.

Even though the scientists discovered the decorative herb with adorned foliage in 1693, only a few people knew about the plant at that time. But, as years passed, the Monstera plant became a popular indoor plant in its native places.

It was about the early ’50s when the world knew about the stunning indoor plant with drilled foliage.

But, the Monstera plant shockingly remains popular to date mainly because of the easy-to-care profile of the prolific beauty. Anyone can grow the aesthetic plant in their households.

End thought

Thanks to social media influencers and the plant vloggers who have listed the aesthetic Monstera plant in the trending list again this decade.

Primarily for the luxurious tropical look of the herb, indoor gardeners tend to grow the lush green vine in their household.

Even the Monstera foliage pattern has become a popular design on jewelry, clothing, and interior decoration. Also, the easy-to-care profile of the vine makes it an apt choice even for a newbie gardener.