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Why is Golden pothos called Devils Ivy? [ Know Here ]

Why is Golden pothos called Devils Ivy? [ Know Here ]

Pothos is a very popular houseplant in temperate regions. We already know that pothos is used as decorative items in the house, shopping mall, and in many other attractive places, where the show of the surrounding is important. People go for money plants because it requires less care and attracts humans’ eyes with its beauty.

There’s always a reason behind everything. Giving names to babies, animals or even plants has some reason behind the chosen name. We usually name something based on their characteristics.

For example, if we are going to name a male dog, we’ll name him according to his gender and choose something that suits a dog’s character. But what is the reason behind pothos?

Well, the names of a plant also carry some heavy meaning and reason behind them. Here we’ll be discussing the pothos plants. Gardening requires a good knowledge of plants.

You never know who can question your talent, like gardening. Before discovering your hidden talents, let us know what the reason behind the name of the pothos is!

Why is Golden pothos called Devil’s Ivy?

Golden pothos is also known as Devil’s Vine or Devil’s Ivy because it is said that Devil’s Ivy is not possible to kill, and even when it is kept in the dark, it stays green throughout. Pothos are kept indoors and require bright, indirect sunlight. Therefore, you can always adopt a pothos without worrying about its life span.

Ivy, on the other hand, is derived from an Old English word. The word ‘Ivy’ stands for fidelity. Therefore, Devil’s Ivy or pothos can generally mean the devil’s faithfulness or the plant’s (pothos) faithfulness.

According to its characteristics, pothos can be said to be faithful.

They help purify our surroundings, provide us with oxygen for breathing, and require less care, which helps the owner relax when it comes to taking care of the pothos; its attractive nature beautifies the place; it lives a much longer life.

The life span of devil’s ivy is 5-10 years. As pothos plants are ideal for decorating your interior as well as your exterior, more life span with an immortality characteristic gives you guarantee and trust simultaneously.

Also, it stays green throughout even when sunlight is not provided. It is like hitting the jackpot! When pothos are introduced in tropical countries, it becomes highly invasive. According to the news, in Sri Lanka, pothos has outgrown several meters without having any natural enemies.

It caused disruption underground and in the ecological system.

Total negligence towards the plant can cause problems like this. It grows faster and can erode the current place where it’s been planted. It’s also known that the pothos has grown on the forest trees and destroyed the whole forest by themselves.


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Is Golden pothos the same as Devil’s Ivy?

Yes, Golden pothos is the same as the devil’s ivy. It is also known with different other names like Pothos, Devil’s vine, money plant, etc. As we know, pothos is a hardy foliage plant, which is kept indoors.

It comes from the Araceae family and is native to southern Asia.

The leaves are heart-shaped, alternate, and juvenile plants. It is categorized under angiosperm because it produces flowers once in its lifetime. The strange fact is that it is the only species under the Araceae family, which doesn’t produce a flower.

Pothos are houseplants, which survive in a tropical climate. It rarely flowers without additional hormones. According to researchers, pothos can reach up to 70 feet in the wild.

They can also climb up surfaces. Everything needs care, and so do the pothos. To make it look as beautiful and greener as ever, frequent misting is required.

Misting helps in root growth, and the vines attach to a stake. However, direct sunlight can burn the leaves of the plant. Therefore, it best suits indoors.

Pothos helps to purify the surrounding air while thriving in the lowlight. It also adds beauty to our home. In return, all they require is water and some care. Providing it with some fertilizers can be helpful for the plant to grow quicker.

Try to prevent pests as much as possible. Watering is required every 1-2 weeks.

Usually, watering is done when the soil dries up. Pothos’ soil is acidic; we should make sure to give a proper fertilizer according to its pH level. Pothos requires hydroponic culture for its rapid growth. Also, it is known to be toxic for dogs and cats.

Devil’s Ivy spiritual meaning

As we have discussed earlier, there’s a meaning and reason to everything in this world, just like Devil’s Ivy. Devil’s ivy is treated to banish the negative things from our life.

It is also believed that it eliminated toxic relationships and brought wealth, health, prosperity, and happiness to the residents’ lives. The word “devil” is adverse to the divine good. In ancient times, ivy was used to getting rid of the devil. The Devil is also known to belong in hell. Devil in hell is not easy to kill, just like the Devil’s Ivy.

As I have mentioned above, the literal meaning of ivy, now let us discuss the Celtic meaning of ivy. The Celtic meaning of ivy because of its propensity deals with connections and friendships.

This extraordinary plant also brings energy to the house. Ivy can grow in all directions. With the help of a hook or a stick, you can direct the plant. Devil’s ivy grows faster and can disrupt the place where it is planted.

“Put on the whole armor of God that may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil” Devil’s Ivy is found to be dangerously invasive, but it’s efficient as well. To control its invasive power, we need to cut off some extra parts of the plants. It can fill a place by growing in volume, length, and breadth.

Devil’s ivy is also used as gifts or presents. It is believed that it brings luck in someone’s life. Hence, if you are planning to gift a money plant to someone, then you’re probably bringing luck into their life!


Some people are really into spiritual matters. If you are one of them, then try your luck by adopting a money plant or pothos. There are more pros than cons if you are planning to adopt money plants.

Physically, it gives you oxygen and cleans the air of your surroundings. Spiritually, it helps bring luck, wealth, health, happiness, and prosperity, eliminating negativity.

I don’t see any reason for not adopting a money plant. During this lockdown, period discovers your hidden talent of gardening and goes for a less headache plant, like pothos. All the best!