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Are Black Strawberries Real? [ Here’s The Truth ]

Are Black Strawberries Real? [ Here’s The Truth ]

Strawberries have occupied a significant portion of the fruit market. The primary reason for their popularity is their bright red color that enhances their beauty.

However, apart from red strawberries, you would get two other colors of this fruit in the farmer’s market: white and yellow.

The white strawberries are known as pineberries and give off a sweet-sour taste. On the other hand, yellow strawberries don’t have any specific name and are pretty rare to find.

Though these strawberries have created a massive craze in the market, people are still looking for different colors for this sweet fruit. But, are there any other colors available? Read on to know the answer. 1.

Are Black Strawberries Real?

Recently, there has been a craze about black strawberries in the fruit market. Pictures of these devilish-looking fruits are all over the Internet, and many sellers are providing seeds for this fruit on eBay and other platforms.

But are black strawberries real? NO!!! Black strawberries are not at all real!!

The original black strawberry is a piece of art. John Robertson was the person who made black strawberry from resin and sprayed it for a photography project of Jonathan Knowles almost two decades ago. These photographs are still available on the Internet, and various sellers use them to scam customers.

You can find various sellers on shopping websites claiming to sell black strawberry seeds and even have photographs in their farms or gardens. Now, you might think of it as a genuine seller, but it’s a scam, and you should be aware of it.

Even if a fruit has a dark hue, it will develop a deep purple color that almost looks black. But, the ones that you see in these pictures are jet-black, which is not possible. Mother Nature has never produced any black fruit. 1. 2.

If these sellers are not genuine, then why don’t people complain? The reason being that, by the time a person realizes that it was a scam, it’s too late, and there’s no point in filing a complaint. Besides, most shopping websites don’t take any action against such sellers.

Are Black Strawberries Natural?

As we stated above, black strawberries are not real, but there is a species of purple strawberry that we find in some countries. This species is not created through any genetic modifications or made in laboratories.

Instead, they were a result of a small breeding program at Cornell University. The process was time-consuming and was a trial, due to which you won’t find many plants of this species.

Besides, the color of a purple strawberry varies from dark burgundy to slight purple, which goes deep into the berries. These berries have a wonderful sweetness, and one can even use them in various culinary dishes.

Currently, these berries are available in Michigan, Illinois, and New York and might soon be made available in other countries once they have high stock ready. 3. 5

So, if you want a purple strawberry plant, you might have to wait for a bit longer as they are costly and rare. Meanwhile, don’t fall into the traps of sellers that claim to have seeds of these plants, as that’s not possible. Why? Below is the answer.

Can You Grow Black Strawberries?

As stated above, there are purple strawberries available in the market now. However, you cannot simply grow a purple strawberry from seeds because they result from inbreeding. If you wish to have a purple strawberry in your kitchen garden, you should start looking for the plants.

These fruits can only grow from a well-plotted plant, and hence there are no seeds available yet. If you see any seller promising purple or black strawberry seeds, then it’s better to run away from them.

Though the plant might be a bit expensive, you would get this rare exotic fruit in your garden. If you are thinking of planting its seeds and expecting new plants to grow, then that’s not possible.

There is a high chance that the seeds from a purple strawberry plant will give you a dark red strawberry plant. As these fruit plants result from inbreeding, there’s less chance that its seed will give you the same result as the parent plant. 4. 5

Black strawberries might look beautiful on the Internet, but they are not real. The photos that you see are from an art project where John Robertson created a fake black strawberry. There are many sellers on eBay that promise you a black strawberry plant but are usually scammers.

As discussed above, purple strawberry plants are available in the market but are very rare and expensive. These plants cannot grow from seeds, and there’s no chance that a strawberry could look pitch black.

Apart from that, many scammers also promise green, blue, pink, and rainbow-colored strawberry seeds. The pictures they show as proof are nothing but an excellent result of photoshopping used to con innocent people. Before you buy any strawberry seed claiming to give you anything besides red, yellow, and white berries, better report those sellers. 1. 5.