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Can A Monstera Plant Live Outside? [ The Answer Is Here ]

Can A Monstera Plant Live Outside? [ The Answer Is Here ]

The Monstera plant is a divine beauty with interestingly patterned foliage. Due to its exotic look and aesthetic appearance, the plant has become one of the most coveted house plants worldwide.

You can see the stunning photos of the artistic vine all over the internet, on social media handles, and even on the pages of trending plant magazines.

Even though the herb is familiar as an indoor plant, you can see them growing in the wild only in their natural habitats.

But, can an outdoor gardener grow the herb in the backyard? Yes, he can but only in specific conditions.

Can a Monstera plant live outside?

Yes, a Monstera plant can stay outdoors, only if it gets a suitable atmosphere to survive. We all know the exotic plant with rarely embellished foliage as one of the sturdiest houseplants. While living indoors, the attractive plant grows in any weather condition and never loses a single chance to allure people with its beauty.

But, if you want to grow it outside, you need to provide the plant with an atmosphere similar to its natural habitat.

It might seem confusing how a plant can turn into a demanding herb from a neglect-tolerant vine.

While keeping indoors, the Monstera plant will not throw any tantrums even after enduring the caregiver’s negligence.

The room temperature and indoor humidity always help the plant thrive well and stay healthy even if the gardener forgets to take care of the plant.

But, outdoor weather varies in different climate zones. Even humidity, sunlight, temperature- all environmental factors change from one season to another.

So, it might feel a bit tricky to decide whether your place is suitable for a gorgeous Monstera plant to live outdoors.

Humidity and sunlight mainly determine whether a tropical plant can live outside or not, and the same rule applies to your Monstera plant too.

If your area is extremely hot or cold, it will not be a good idea to keep the adorned plant outside. Chilly weather is not suitable for exotic plants with a tranquil appearance.

So, if your location tends to freeze, the embellished Monstera cannot survive the harsh weather outside. Lack of humidity will kill your plant in that case.

But, your gorgeous Swiss cheese plant can happily thrive outdoors if the temperature ranges between 40-60° Fahrenheit.

It will be the perfect weather for your magnificent Monstera plant to grow fast. But, you also need to take care of the humidity as it plays a vital role in the growth of the impressive plant.

High moisture helps the foliage shine more and thrive faster so that the perforated feature of the leaves gets more prominent.

Also, humidity helps the variegated variant to express the bright colors more vibrantly. So, now you can understand how important it is for a gorgeous Monstera plant to stay in an aptly humid area.

That is why experienced tropical gardeners suggest newbie caregivers place the Monstera herb near other plants.

It will help the vine to get the ambient moisture. Since direct sunlight scorches the foliage plant, try to grow them under big trees. The Monstera will get the perfect humidity, warmth, and light there.

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When can I put my Monstera plant outside?

The summer will be the ideal time to put the Monstera outdoors. The tropical Monstera vine prefers to stay in moderate to slightly high temperatures with indirect sun. So people generally grow the herb as an artistic houseplant, with lush green, textured, and decoratively perforated foliage.

Usually, indoor gardeners across the globe keep the exotic beauty in their house plant collections because the plant thrives well in temperatures between 60-80° Fahrenheit. So, the room temperature offers an appropriate atmosphere for the plant to grow well.

That is why you can place your potted Monstera outside in the summertime if you reside in a tropical area.

But, if the temperature of your place in summertime exceeds 80° Fahrenheit, the decorative vine cannot tolerate the scorching heat.

Also, like burning heat, the tropical Monstera plant cannot endure cold.

If the temperature falls more than 55° Fahrenheit, it can kill the Monstera plant. For being an exotic plant, the Monstera herb needs medium-high temperature with no direct sun.

If you keep the plant outdoors in the shivering winter, it will not survive. Similarly, the gorgeous plant with textured foliage can lose its vibrant variegation in the scorching sun.

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Can I put my Monstera outside in the summer?

Yes, you can put the ornamental Monstera plant outside in summer, but it depends on where you live. Being a tropical plant, the sturdy Monstera herb with lush green decorated foliage features a few limitations. Temperature is one of them. The Monstera plant loses its spectrum or even dies if it stays in burning or freezing temperature.

Since variegation makes the exotic herb look more divine with light-colored patches all over the ornate green foliage, no gardener wants his Monstera plant to lose the appealing look. But, the improper temperature can do so with your tropical herb.

So, while placing the aesthetic Monstera outdoors, read the temperature outside.

Summer can be the best time to grow the exotic beauty in your backyard if your place is prone to freeze.

In that case, the slightly warm summer with bearable sunshine can help the textured, multi-colored foliage grow bigger.

The perforated Monstera leaves in glossy green and aesthetic white color will elevate the look of your outdoor garden a thousand times better.

But, while taking care of the freezing temperature, you also need to take care of the scorching heat.

Although the summer offers apt natural conditions to the tropical plant, the burning weather can damage the exotic beauty permanently.

So, if you reside in a desert-like location, summer will not be a suitable time for keeping the Monstera plant outside.

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Is Monstera an indoor or outdoor plant?

Even though gardeners tend to grow the exotic Monstera plant indoors, it can nurture well outdoors. Generally, houseplant enthusiasts purchase the tropical herb to place it in the bare corner of their home. The drilled foliage with an exotic appearance can bring life to even a dull household.

But, surprisingly, the attractive plant can thrive well both indoors and outdoors.

You only need to provide a proper atmosphere. Maybe you are feeling a bit confused about the suitable outdoor environment for your magnificent Monstera plant.

Although the tropical beauty loves to bask in the sun, it cannot endure scorching heat or direct sun.

So, select a spot where the sun cannot reach directly. Also, the place needs to feature moderate warmth. The plant will be happy to stay in a bright area with no direct sunlight.

If you find such a place, your tropical vine will happily grow outside to escalate the beauty of your outdoor nursery. Plus, having a magnificent Monstera plant outdoors can help you impress your guests.

As the exotic plant rarely blooms outdoors, keeping it outside can offer you a chance to see the flowers and fruits of the vine. If that happens, it could be an unforgettable memory for you as a gardener.

Should you bring the Monstera plant back during winter?

Yes, Monstera needs to stay indoors in the freezing temperature. The tropical plant loves to stay outside during the summer. Even though the aesthetic vine with beautified foliage does not prefer to bask in the sun, the shrub loves the warmth outdoors.

If you place the luxurious Monstera plant in a warm, shaded place outside during the summer, you will notice some significant changes in its health. As the appealing vine grows happily in that case, the varicolored, patterned foliage will brighten up even the dark places of your garden.

But, direct sun can make the luxurious leaves lose their beauty. If you do landscape gardening, the spectacular herb with lavishly perforated leaves can elevate the surrounding beauty of your garden. Also, you can smoothly grow them under big trees.

But, if the outdoor temperature falls under 40° Fahrenheit, you need to bring the potted Monstera back indoors.

As we have mentioned earlier, the Swiss cheese plant cannot endure a shivering cold. Even the wintry temperature can kill the alluring beauty.

So, it will be risky for the Monstera plant to stay outside during chilly winter, as the cold wind can hinder the growth of the impressive herb.

Even extreme cold or snowfall can kill this artistic beauty because of the scarcity of moisture in the winter season.

The exotic Monstera plant requires appropriate humidity throughout the year.

But, in chilling temperatures, the perfect dampness becomes hard to achieve. That is why the Swiss cheese plant cannot endure such adverse weather and can lose its appealing kaleidoscopic appearance.

Final thought

We hope our article has cleared all your questions about whether the Monstera plant can thrive outdoors or not. The exotic herb grows anywhere if you provide an appropriate environment for this charismatic beauty.

They thrive fast in a suitable atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors. Still, in the natural habitat of the tropical herb, you can smoothly grow the Monstera plant outside.

But, in other climate zones, you need to be extra careful while growing them outside. The scorching sun can fry the foliage, and freezing temperature can hinder their growth. So, make sure the gorgeous plants can avoid both.