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Fast Growing Indoor Plants : 25 Amazing Houseplants You Should Check

Fast Growing Indoor Plants : 25 Amazing Houseplants You Should Check

Indoor plants have started becoming more popular day by day. Why? That’s because most apartments and flats do not have much space to start a garden, and in such conditions, an indoor plant can only make a plant lover happy.

There are tons of houseplants available on the market, but only a handful have a fast growth rate and need minimum requirements. Such plants can survive harsh conditions and grow steadily. Some of the finest examples of fast-growing indoor plants are below. 1. 2

Fast Growing Indoor Plants

Fast-growing indoor plants can help a lot in starting an indoor garden in no time. These plants require minimum sunlight, water, and fertilizer and show pretty good results.

However, this is not the same for all plants. So, here are some of the best indoor plants that can grow within no time and transform your dull flat into a colorful one.


Pothos is one of the most popular indoor plants known for getting rid of toxic pollutants. These plants can remove formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, benzene, and other pollutants from the air of your house. Besides, they do not take much time to grow and are easy to handle. You can grow pothos in hanging baskets, pots or let them trail over the terrace. They have beautiful heart-shaped leaves with a mix of yellow, white, and green colors.[Learn more about them here]

2. Jade Plant

If you love succulents and want to have one that has a good growth speed, then the jade plant is the perfect pick for your house. It has thick, fleshy leaves shaped in the form of an oval and has beautiful woody stems. Besides, this succulent looks more like a small tree after a few weeks.

3. English Ivy

Ivy is known to have excellent growth speed, and many plant lovers prefer it. It is one of the fastest-growing indoor plants that you would encounter. English ivy can grow incredibly overnight if you keep it in good conditions. Make sure to keep the soil medium dry and provide good sunlight.

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4. Spider Plant

Don’t judge a plant by its name, as spider plants don’t invite spiders! It has long leaves that grow in different directions, hence the name. Besides, this plant can remove toxic pollutants and allergens from the air and maintain the air purity of the room. It has beautiful leaves and grows at a fantastic speed.

5. Snake Plant

Another plant with an exciting name! Snake plant is one of those plants that can grow even if you neglect them. It does not need much water or sunlight and thrives in any condition. Due to this reason, snake plants are preferred highly for decorating desks and offices.

6. Bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth, and you can keep one in your home as well. These plants do not need much water or sunlight and are helpful in many ways. However, make sure to trim the bamboo stems continuously; else, it can damage your walls.


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7. Velvet Plant

This plant is known for its colorful purple leaves that give off a velvety feel when touched. Though it has a reasonable growth rate, it needs extra care. Velvet plants need moist soil to grow correctly, but too much water can result in root rotting. If you can take care of it, the plant will bear orange flowers that will add more color to your indoor garden.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of those plants that you can find in every household. It does not need much care, has an excellent exponential growth rate, and has tons of benefits. You can use the gel to make face masks, hair masks or use it on burn injuries to get relief.

9. Ficus

Also known as the rubber plant, Ficus is a subtropical plant with incredible growth speed. It looks more like a small tree and will enhance the beauty of your home. This plant has waxy leaves, due to which it shines brightly and gives off a dark-green color. For growing this plant, you need to provide it with indirect sunlight and moist soil. Make sure to wipe the leaves once in a few days to prevent dust from sitting on them.

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10. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Though it is difficult to maintain a fiddle fig due to its nature, if you are an expert, it won’t take much time for this fig to grow into a beautiful plant. Before you decide to adopt a fiddle fig, consult the gardener and make notes about its requirements. These plants are very much specific about their soil conditions, sunlight, and temperature. Fiddle fig needs proper care; else, it won’t be long when you would find a dead plant in your home. The only tip we can give is to take care of fig-like it’s your baby, lest you become a murderer.

11. Dumb Cane

No, this plant is not dumb. It got this name because you get a numb feeling in your mouth when you chew its leaves. Hence, make sure that your kids never chew the leaves of this plant. It grows in tropical areas and has beautiful leaves with splashes of green, yellow, and white. Besides, it requires minimum maintenance to grow correctly. Make sure that its soil is arid before you water it and provide it with moderate sunlight.

12. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plant is known to bring fortune and is bought only to give to people. Besides, it doesn’t require much maintenance and can grow via propagating through cuttings. You only have to water it when the top layer of the soil is dehydrated and provide it with adequate sunlight.

13. Radiator Plant

The second most famous member of the pepper family, after black pepper, is known for its bright green leaves and incredible growth speed. It is also known as the Baby rubber plant due to its high resemblance with it. Though these plants don’t grow more than a foot, they are perfect for keeping on a mantle, desks, and study. You need to provide indirect sunlight, keep the soil moist, and maintain the surrounding humidity.

14. Corn Plant

Corn plants are one of those plants that can grow even if you neglect them. It is an African tropical plant that features woody stems and long green leaves with yellow stripes. This plant is also known as “False Palm” and can grow up to 6 feet. If you want to see good results, provide it with indirect sunlight, moist soil, a warm climate, and a sound draining system.

15. Umbrella Plant

Though it might not have attractive leaves like other indoor plants, it does form a nice leaf umbrella that catches the attention of everyone. Under precise conditions, this plant can grow profoundly within weeks. It needs immense humidity and warmth, along with indirect sunlight, to maintain its growth rate.

16. Wandering Jew

One of the favorites for beginners, Wandering Jew is easy to take care of and doesn’t need many supplies. You can even grow it through propagation. The leaves give off a dark purple hue and will have proper growth under direct sunlight. Besides, it is known to wander off with its branches, hence the name. So, make sure to plant it in a big pot or a hanging basket.

17. Philodendron

Philodendron is known for its amazingly ripped heart leaves that give off an artistic look to your home decor. Besides, it has a steady growth rate if kept under proper conditions. Just make sure that the soil is not completely dry and is under indirect sunlight. It will grow within days if you follow the above tips.

18. Peace Lily

If you love flowers but don’t want to wait for one to bloom, then get a peace lily plant. It is one of the most famous indoor plants with a rapid growth rate and produces beautiful white lilies. They have an adaptable nature, due to which you can grow one in any condition. Besides, each flower remains alive for more than a week or two. Just make sure to water it when you see the leaves and branches wilting, else they won’t grow properly.

19. Arrowhead Plant

The Arrowhead plant is known for its attractive pointed leaves and rapid growth rate. The best thing about this plant is that it can grow from stem cuttings as well. It comes from the tropical climber family and can spread quickly. If you plan to get this plant, then make sure to have a hanging basket; else, it would grow all over the house. An arrowhead vine needs a humid environment, moderate sunlight, and moist soil.

20. Boston Fern

Ferns are known for their adaptability in nature, fast growth, and beautiful colors. This plant from the fern family is one of the best indoor plants for home office. You can either grow it in a pot or use a hanging basket. Besides, it doesn’t need much care and can thrive in rough conditions as well.

21. Areca Palm

Areca Palm will make you feel like being in a warm African place, with bright sun and coconuts. This plant is known to have a superior growth speed during the spring and summer seasons. Besides, they thrive on direct sunlight and an adequate amount of water. Ensure to have a proper draining system for Areca palm, as it can die due to overwatering.

22. Monstera

Monstera is one of the most famous indoor plants as it doesn’t need much sunlight and can survive for weeks with little water. However, you need to provide a good soil mixture so that it can grow steadily. These plants are natural climbers and can get too tall if you don’t trim them on time. The leaves of Monstera look more like Cheese and create a unique design.

23. Hoya

Hoya is a tropical indoor plant that loves sunlight. If kept in the correct location, this plant will thrive and start spreading its branches in no time. These plants are perfect for keeping on bookshelves, tables, desks, and other small places. It gives off an aesthetic look and only needs water once a week. However, do not forget to mist the plant a few times a week to maintain the humidity.

24. Queen’s Tears

Like its name, Queen’s tears is indeed a royal plant. It got its name due to the dripping of the clear nectar that looks more like tears. This plant produces beautiful flowers and has a unique way of producing new plants. Once the flower dies, the crown grows into a new flower, and the process continues.

25. Silver Squill

Also known as the leopard plant due to its spotted leaves, Silver Squill is famous for its small purple flowers. This plant is a creeper that proliferates and produces tiny red bulbs that become small flowers. They love both sun and shade, so you won’t have any problem choosing a perfect location for its growth. However, make sure that the bulbs are kept a few inches above the soil to prevent rotting.


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These were some of the most famous indoor plants known for their fast growth rate. Apart from them, there are other indoor plants, too, like hibiscus, Creeping Inch, Asparagus Fern, Cordyline, and more. These plants can grow within days if you provide them with proper sunlight, water, and fertilizer. 2. 3

Which Plant Will Grow In Two Days?

Though there are fast-growing indoor plants that can grow up to particular inches within a week, some plants have the capability of growing within two days! Yes, some certain herbs and vegetables can grow within two days and show great results.

Vegetables such as beans and radish start sprouting within three days and develop into complete plants within a week. Apart from them, certain annual and perennial flowers have shown an excellent growth rate within a few days.

For example, roses do need extreme care for proper growth, but if the plant gets all the things it requires, you can see positive growth within two to three days. Similarly, Blanket flowers, sweet William, Sweet Alyssum, etc., are the best examples of extreme growth rates. 3. 4.

What Indoor Plants Grow Fast From Seeds?

If you want to grow a plant from seed, it might take several days, but certain indoor plants proliferate from seeds! Here are some of the best plants that you can grow in your house from seeds.

Cat Grass

Also known as Dactylis Glomerata, cat grass is one of the best fast-growing plants in the plant world. It is a typical tropical plant from Northern Africa and is even safe for pets. They are the easiest plants to grow from seeds.

All you need to do is put the seeds in a container with some potting mix and keep them for a few days. Water them after you finish seeding and ensure that the container has suitable drainage holes. Keep the container under indirect sunlight and wait for a few days.

Meanwhile, make sure that the temperature remains the same inside the container. Put a thin cloth or paper over the container during the night to help in the sprouting process.

Within a week, you would see tiny grass sprouts. Once sprouts start appearing, remove them from the container and put them in a preset pot under sunlight.

Living Stone

A living stone is one of the most famous succulents that you can get on the market. These plants do not need much water or sunlight and can thrive even if you neglect them.

You can get their seeds quickly and keep them in a suitable container with a proper pot mixture and drainage system under indirect sunlight.

After a week or two, you would start seeing sprouts and then need to transfer them to a pot. Make sure that during the germination process, there is proper temperature regulation. Mist them regularly instead of watering, as excess water can drown the seeds.


Cactus has over 1700 species and is best known for its survival skills. These desert plants have found their way into the cities as they are easy to grow and do not need anything. You can water them once every two weeks and keep them under direct or indirect sunlight; they would still grow.

These plants even bear flowers if the environmental conditions are perfect. They can withstand harsh summers, cold winters, and heavy rains easily. They do not get damaged under any conditions and are perfect for keeping at tables and desks.

If you want to grow a cactus, then you can quickly get seeds from any local store and put them in a container of cactus soil. Make sure that the soil is moist so that the germination process goes smoothly.


Coleus is a plant that contains beautiful leaves of vibrant colors. These plants do require direct sunlight to grow at a steady rate. If you do not keep these plants under direct sun, the colors will fade away. Besides, you can grow these plants from seeds quickly.

However, while ensuring that the temperature is around 64 to 85 degrees, germination is quickly done. You can even use a heating pad for this process. Start shifting the plant once you see sprouts.

Apart from these three plants, various other plants are known for growing immediately from seeds. Though you need to take better care of such plants, it helps get a strong bond between the plant and the owner. 4. 5

In Closing:

Indoor plants help you to get a bit of nature in your house. They add color, remove toxic pollutants, and give you company in the city. Though some indoor plants are dramatic and would start wilting if you do not pay any attention, others are patient and wait for you to come to them.

Getting an indoor plant is like adopting a small pet; it has tons of responsibilities, and you cannot simply ignore them. If you take proper care of these plants, they can live for decades.

Moreover, indoor plants also make perfect gifts. Instead of buying expensive phones and watches, get a plan for your friends and family members as they would stay forever and constantly remind them of you. 5.