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Is Money Plant And Pothos Same? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Is Money Plant And Pothos Same? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Money plants are kept in houses as they have gorgeous, glossy leaves that enhance the beauty of your living room or office or any corner of your home for that matter.

But these vine plants are not just limited to their beauty and impressive features. Money plants have several environmental benefits too. It can clear the air out of any harmful substances that damage our physiological well-being.

It also saves you from investing in an air purifier or a purifier. This natural air purifier is equipped with all of nature’s goodness that helps you strengthen your mental health by reducing anxiety and stress from your home or office space.

Since the old ages, money plants have been associated with prosperity and good luck. It is a popular belief that if you have a money plant in your home, you will never have a financial crisis at home.

So you are a believer of ancient traditional beliefs, bring these gorgeous leafy vine plants to your homes, and your purple patch will be going on.

But the dilemma surrounding the difference between a money plant and pothos is endless. So let’s go deeper into what creates such a dilemma inside the minds of plant lovers worldwide.

Are money plants and pothos the same?

You can easily say that all pothos are money plants, but all money plants are not pothos. There have been endless talks on whether the money plants and pothos are the same or not.

Most of the time, we tend to identify money plants and pothos differently. Yes, the money plant has plenty of varieties across the world. Pothos or golden pothos is a wide variety of houseplants.

Most of the types of money plants are almost identical in shape, shape, and leaves’ color. It is pretty easy to mistake the leaves of any variety of money plants as pothos. The large, thick, and waxy leaves are the features that set pothos apart from other varieties of pothos.


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Why are pothos called money plants?

Pothos is one of the most popular plants used as a decorative houseplant. One significant advantage of pothos is that it grows almost everywhere.

It purifies air by taking away the harmful elements. But the point to be noted is that- why is pothos called the money plant? It is a general assumption that pothos is called money plants because of the shape of their leaves. The leaves are plump, flat, and look almost like a coin.

One popular belief is that while the money plant is thriving in your home, you will never run out of money. Sometimes this plant is also referred to as a friendship plant as it propagates easily without much manual nurturing.

Another story that is believed to have attributed the name money plant to our favorite pothos is a Taiwan man in an utter financial crisis. To get rid of the crisis, he used to pray to God every day to help him.

He had a deep financial burden on his shoulder. One morning he woke up and found a money plant on his terrace. As he noticed the plant, he started nurturing that plant. Soon it grew nuts, propagated into more nuts, and he started selling those products. Within a few months, he became rich.

Although it’s a story, it has a substantial impact on human minds. That’s why it’s no surprise when your well-wisher gifts you a money plant on an auspicious day. It is believed to be a way of bringing good luck and prosperity into your life.


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What Is the difference between pothos and money plants?

Before we differentiate between a money plant and pothos, we need to learn more about money plants.

Epipremnum aureum or money plant is a flowering plant native to the Polynesian region of Polynesian French. Money plant is popular as a hanging houseplant.

It usually grows in temperate zones around the globe. Gradually it adapted to the tropical and subtropical areas too. You will find traces of money plants in the Southeastern part of Asia, Australia, Pacific islands, and other places.

There is one surprising yet exciting fact about the money plant. Due to its easy and fast propagation process, it has become a threat to the plant ecosystem. This plant is available in many varieties. A few popular varieties are listed below:

  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Golden pothos
  • Jade plant
  • Money Tree
  • Rubber Plant
  • Silver Dollar Vine

As we can see the varieties mentioned above, it is pretty clear that pothos or golden pothos is nothing but just a variety of money plant. There is no such difference between a money plant and pothos. Now it’s to go a little deeper into what makes golden pothos one of the most popular variants of money plants.

Golden pothos is difficult to kill. You plant golden pothos anywhere, and they will grow without any nurturing. It propagates so fast from the nodes that even after you clean a turf of pothos, any littered node will give birth to more pothos.

Despite being a threat to the plant-based ecosystem, it is widely used as a houseplant. Pothos do not only function as a decorative houseplant; it has several other benefits too.

According to a report published by NASA, money plants can reduce the amount of benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde from the air surrounding the vine plant.

Among the money plants, pothos proves to be most efficient in purifying the air.


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From the facts specified in the above paragraphs, it seems clear that money plants and pothos or golden pothos are the same. Instead, pothos is just a variety of money plants.

So if you are looking towards bringing positivity and energy into the living room of your house or you want to bring more prosperity in your office or workspace, keeping a money plant will bring you more than just good luck and financial prosperity.

It is proven to enhance the quality of air too. So whether it is pothos or any other variety of money plant, you are loaded with benefits without much investment or intensive plant care regime.