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Where To Buy Croton Plant? [ Our Favorite Places To Get ]

Crotons are plants of tropical origin. They mostly originate from the evergreen forests of Southeast Asia and range from herbs and shrubs to trees.

They are famous for bearing bright foliage consisting of leaves of different shapes and sizes (mostly big) and displaying a myriad of yellow, orange, red, burgundy, brown, bright green, dark green, purple, etc.

The vividly colorful nature of their leafage has made them into such popular houses or gardening plants.

They can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and no matter where they are, they assure to give their surroundings a vibrant pop of color and grace.

Crotons are an ideal fit for your home décor, and if you are a gardening enthusiast or someone who is looking forward to adding a touch of color to your living space, do not shudder from getting yourself a croton plant.

Let us look into a list of stores online where you can find your favorite croton.

Where To Buy Croton Plant?


Nursery lives started with their business in 2014. The website has been consistently providing a variety of plants, bulbs, seeds, fertilizers, accessories, and gardening equipment to consumers all across India with promise. They have over 6000 products available online for delivery across the country, saving you multiple trips to various nurseries.


Plantsguru started in 2014 and is one of the leading online stores for buying plants gardening equipment. From flowering plants to aquatic plants to Avenue trees and more, Plantsguru provides a one-stop solution to all your gardening wants.

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Nationbloom is here to cater to all of your gardening needs like plants, seeds, pots, pebbles, different kinds of soil, fertilizers, green gifts, gardening equipment, etc. They ensure delivering top-notch products at your doorstep and also provide you with ample information to groom your plants.


Ugaoo believes in providing its customers with the highest quality services possible concerning delivery, quality, grooming, nurturing advice from experts, fine-crafted gardening equipment, and more.


Mashrita provides you with seamless delivery of their products and is a name in the business for trusted quality. They also offer a 90 days free maintenance service to their customers.

Is Buying Croton Plant Online Safe?

Even though trusted websites are usually safe for buying croton plants online, one must keep certain facts in mind before going through with their plan.

  • Always read the customer reviews. You shall get a fair idea about the plant you are interested in buying based on your knowledge from past customers’ experiences. Also, look for the number of stars that the product you are looking for has its name (5 stars being the best).
  • Read the product description thoroughly to know what to expect when your plant shipment arrives at your doorstep. You might receive potted plants, bare-root plants, or young cuttings. Read the policies and the description thoroughly before buying.
  • If you are looking forward to planting the crotons you are about to buy outdoors, make sure you are well aware of the growing zone your location offers. Crotons have a specific temperature requirement that you must be able to provide them uncompromisingly.
  • Keep in mind the planting time of the croton before buying. The ideal season to plant croton is in the warm months, so make sure you buy the plant accordingly.
  • Make sure you have the perfect type of soil for croton to grow in before placing an order online.
  • Always consider paying more and avail of the faster delivery options available on the website when you order croton. If the nursery or the greenhouse from where the croton is going to be in transportation to your place is far away and the shipping process takes a lot of time, the chances are that your plant might face some damage on its way. Always opt for the quickest delivery that is available to your area.
  • Do check the website or the seller’s return and maintenance policies thoroughly before placing an order. Avoid buying your crotons from websites that do not have a return or a maintenance policy.

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Is Croton Plant Expensive?

Croton plants aren’t the most expensive plants that are available in the market.

It has to do with the fact that they are easy to grow in tropical environments and do not take an immense amount of artificial care to grow in colder regions.

Crotons range between Rs. 300 to Rs. 600 online, depending upon the variety of the plant or the website.

Keeping the vibrant and colorful touch of finesse, it can bring to your living space, crotons are more or less a budget-friendly plant.

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Crotons are an ideal fit for your home décor and decorating your gardens or walkways, and you cannot stress this enough.

There are many trusted websites online that can ensure to provide you with high-quality crotons and bring them to your doorstep.

Carefully read through the website shipping policies, return policies, customer reviews, and product descriptions before you place an order for your crotons online, and you will be good to go.

There are great offline plant stores and nurseries from where you can choose to buy your crotons if you do not want to shop them online. Crotons are extremely popular plants; you can get them at numerous nurseries.

If you want to buy croton and looking for some guidance on where to buy them online and looking for some tips to ensure a safe transaction where you will get your money worth, look no further. This article is sure to help!