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Where To Buy Pumice For Plants? [ 7 Options For You ]

Where To Buy Pumice For Plants? [ 7 Options For You ]

The requirements of plants vary from one to another. If one variety likes moist soil, another species prefers aerated soil. Pumice has excellent drainage.

That is why some plants like cactus and succulents prefer pumice or volcanic rock with a modified soil.

During volcanic discharge, lava contains a higher amount of water. When the magma cools down, it gets a rock-like shape which consists of millions of airy bubbles.

This airy rock has excellent drainage and can circulate air with efficiency. Since plants like cactus thrive well in ventilated soil and pumice is the apt one for them.

The porosity of the rock provides shelter to microbes so that the soil structure exemplifies.

Since pumice maintains the pH balance and keeps it neutral, the plant can retain sound health.

If your plants, be it indoors or outdoors, loathe excess moisture, planting them in pumice would be wise. As sandy soils drain water rapidly, often the plants cannot get adequate humidity. Pumice elevates the absorption power of the mold.

Where to buy pumice for plants?

Since pumice does not get decayed or dense for years, it can maintain soil health well.

A gardener can use the soil as manure or humus to suck up excess water so that the roots do not rot.

But the most popular usage of it is an amendment of the soil. An appropriate mixture of pumice, other molds, and compost can ameliorate effluent for succulents.

But many gardeners are perplexed as to where they can buy pumice and whether those places are reliable or not.

While organic pumice improves the health of your plant, an inorganic or duplicate one can harm it. So here we list some trusted and authentic places where you can buy pumice for your green friends.

1. General pumice

It is an all-American company that mainly originated in Southern California. They offer the top quality pumice worldwide.

The sources of their collection are Olancha and California.

This small company hoards pumice from there ethically while maintaining proper guidelines.

Their business motto is to sell eco-friendly products to their customers. For the immense popularity they have gained, many small business owners follow them. If you search for top-quality pumice and support local businesses, this site is for you.

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2. Natures Footprint

This company follows a tagline that calls for a change in the impression of its products. Their effort is visible in the quality of their products.

This company always encourages gardening, usage of organic products, and recycling all-natural products.

Nature’s Footprint has already garnered a global appreciation and love for its transparent policy in trading.

They prioritize the environment in their work.

As the products they offer are organic and recyclable, experts recommend this company maintain an environmental balance. They have their pumice five-star rated for all these reasons.

3. Bulk Apothecary

Starting as a Brick and Mortar company in 2010, they have traded a long way to reach their current position.

Now they have their business expanded from construction to an online hub for natural, organic products.

Apart from pumice, you will find all-natural essential oils, vegan skincare products on this website. If you are browsing for a customer-friendly online pumice store, then Bulk Apothecary is there for you.

They will take care of any issues you face related to their products or placing orders. The top-quality customer service and exceptional products are what make the site trending for years.

Affordability is another benefit they provide to their customers.

Even though many websites offer natural products, most of them are expensive.

Experts assume that customers tend to buy more inorganic products because of the price of natural ones. But with Bulk Apothecary, you do not have to deal with the problem. They offer original pumice at a discounted rate.

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4. Amazon

Probably none of us has heard the name at least once. Amazon, being the largest and globally popularized retailer, offers whatnot.

They have everything you need, ranging from stationary to groceries, garments to gadgets, and even daily essentials. They also include a wide range of pumice collections on their site.

Pumice suppliers or manufacturers from different parts of the world register themselves in Amazon to put their products on sale. Customers prefer Amazon, as they have a variety of pumice that can meet numerous requirements.

A buyer can sort out the products that have all the specifications they want.

As there are plenty of sellers on the site, choose the apt one by considering the discounts, price, and review.

Always go for the one with the highest rating and quick shipping features. If you place your order for pumice on Amazon, you can expect a 3-4 days delivery after that.

5. Walmart

Walmart is probably the most veteran store on this list. It started its journey in 1962 and has experienced a lot of ups and downs.

Even though it is a USA-based retail corporation, there are more than 11000 Walmart stores across the globe.

Walmart is one of the few organizations that offer products for sale both online and offline. So if your place does not have the amenity of having a Walmart store, your smartphone has it.

When a company follows a rule of living better without wasting money, you will get assured of their product quality and affordability.

Similar to Amazon, Walmart provides you numerous varieties of organic pumice at a discounted rate. The gardening collection they have can dazzle your eyes.

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6. Etsy

Individual sellers across the world use the platform Etsy to put their products for sale.

Their focus on vintage products, items of art and crafts have put a common name among the gardeners. Their collection of tools and products used in the art of gardening is attractive and luring.

Browse their site and compare different types of pumice as per their quality, price, and composition.

You can even communicate with the sellers directly. This feature proves their transparency. Here, you can even avail of free shipping for your pumice.

7. Build A Soil

If you are a passionate gardener, then this website is for you.

An experienced greenskeeper loves to create his formula of the fertilizer.

But, if you do not want your hands to get messy, you can order customized organic fertilizer from Build A Soil.

Even though the site does not provide a countless variety of pumice rock, every product is top-quality.

What is the average price of pumice for plants?

The average price of 1000 LBS pumice for plants is around $200. Still, it varies in different stores, be it online or offline. Below we have shared the current price status of pumice for plants on a few e-commerce sites or stores.

  • Build A Soil provides 1000 LBS pumice at $192. If you select the size ½ cubic foot bag, they offer you free shipping.
  • Bonsai pumice sellers put their products on sale on the site Amazon where you have to pay $50 for 12 Dry Quart organic pumice.
  • Etsy sells organic amendments for cactus at $9.50 per quart.

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Final words

Pumice is a stone with versatile benefits. You can also use it as a skincare tool and a soil amendment.

The miracle rock has gained so much popularity that different online stores are flooding with their orders.

If you are a pumice lover, we hope this article will guide you to the apt store for buying it.