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How Much Do Royal Palm Trees Cost? [ Here’s A Full Breakdown ]

How Much Do Royal Palm Trees Cost? [ Here’s A Full Breakdown ]

Royal Palm Trees is a Southern delight! As the name suggests, it stands out from the best of palm trees and has a princely appearance. Royal Palm Trees are the crown of coastal sceneries.

Royal Palm trees are of two types – the Cuban royal palm and the Florida royal palm.

It is difficult to differentiate between the two as both are magnificent trees with evergreen leaves that are about 8 to 9 inches tall, stripped barks, and a pinnate, which is about 10 feet tall.

The Roystonea or Roystonea regia are both royal palm trees that imply the character of royalty in the plant kingdom.

These trees are known for their quintessentially tall structure. They reach an average height of about 50 to 80 feet and are ideally suited for tropical and coastal areas.

If you want these royalties to increase the value of your garden, of course, you will have to spend a good chunk of fortune on them.

In this article, let us discuss the range in which Royal Palm Trees come and different species of palm trees along with their price range.

How much do Royal Palm Trees cost?

The costs of these masterpieces depend highly on their unprecedented heights. The starters can range anywhere between $200 and $250. There are claims that royal palm trees are even sold at a price of more than $10000 in some places. It implies that the approximate cost of these trees would be $100 per foot. Trees of average height are generally less expensive than the taller ones.

It may sound like a long shot, but you can even buy your own royal palm tree seeds and grow it from scratch. Selling a mature Royal Palm would earn you a handsome profit.

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What are the most popular palm tree species?

From a tall shade on a sea beach to hanging house décor, palm trees come in different sizes, shapes, and ranges. There are several types of palm trees available at different prices. Some of them are:

1. Kentia Palm

If you like palm trees but do not live in the tropical zone, Kentia Palm is an excellent choice for you. Unlike the other types of palm, these can thrive even in colder temperatures. These trees are native to Lord Howie Island in the South Pacific Zone. Known for their large palm-shaped leaves, these can reach up to a remarkable height of 40 feet.

Cost of Kentia Palm Trees

Kentia Palm trees that are locally available are approximately $ 250 per trunk sq. ft. the height of these ones are generally small- between 14 feet and 20 feet.

2. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm is an indoor palm tree. It is also known as the Neanthe Bella Parlor Palm. Central America is the home to these amazing trees. It can grow up to a height of more than 6 feet with proper care. Their maximum height can reach up to 12 feet. It is commonly called bamboo palm as they have tall bamboo-like stems.

Cost of Parlor Palm Tree

Parlor palms are generally available at all nurseries. Their costs range between $25 and $50.

3. Foxtail Palm

Butia capitata is a delicacy in the Palm kingdom. While they appear to be fragile, they are quite firm in nature. Their elegant, lustrous-looking pointed leaves elevate the aura of the place where they stand. They thrive best in tropical temperatures, between 15 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. They have a height of more than 20 feet. These extremely slow-growing trees might take decades to grow to their full size, but the end results are worth the wait.

Cost of Foxtail Palm Trees

These trees are quite expensive. 12 gallons of it in a pot will put you down by $200 or more.

4. Bottle Palm

Bottle palms are very popular houseplants that look very elegant and add nice décor to the house. The best part is it thrives well without much maintenance. For all those people who love the look of a tall, elegant plant but are not willing to take up the responsibility of maintaining one, this is a perfect choice. It is smaller, more concise, and easier to handle than other forms of garden palm trees.

Cost of Bottle Palms

The smaller bottle palm trees range anywhere from around $60, while the bigger ones can be between $250 and $880.

5. Cocos Plumosas

Cocos Plumosas palms, also called Queen Palms, grow up to an impressive size of 36 feet in height. The price of Cocos Plumosas varies based on the nursery and place where it is found.

Cost of Queen Palms

The average cost is at least $180 per trunk.

6. Canary Island Date Palm Tree

Canary Island Palms are 70 feet long palm trees that produce titular dates.

Cost of Canary Island Palms

If you want this addition in your garden, a 12 inch Canary Island Palm costs a minimum of $15. As the size increases, the cost increases. At 24 inches, it is $40, and a 30 inch Canary Island Palm is more than $100.

What is the most expensive palm tree?

Coco-de-mer is the most expensive palm tree in the world. It is incredibly scarce and challenging to grow. The plant ranges between $300 and $9000, depending on its height.  The high price of the plant is influenced by the following factors:

  • Scarcity: It is very difficult to disperse the seeds of coco-de-mer. As a result, it is scarcely found around the world.
  • Height: the tree grows up to a majestic height of 110 feet
  • Long fronds: the fronds or the Pinnate is about 30 ft long.
  • Rare flowering: the flowers of the tree bloom once in 20 to 40 years.
  • Germination – It is an extremely slow-growing tree. It takes 2-3 years for the seed to germinate
  • Heavy nuts – the tree bears heavy nuts weighing up to 19lbs

How much is a 30 feet tall Palm tree?

A 30ft Palm Tree costs somewhere, typically, between $75 and $400. Just buying a palm tree does not do the job. One also has to be fully aware of taking care of their palm trees and doing the needful to cover the expenditure required to look after them.

Palm trees require regular pruning to look attractive and not catch any diseases.

The cost of pruning a large palm tree that is around 30 feet tall takes nothing less than $350 to $500. It takes a 30ft tall palm tree around a decade to reach its full height. It increases by a measure of 2 ft almost every year.

Are palm trees worth the cost?

The cost of palm trees varies from different ranges, but it is indeed costlier than other types of plants.

If you have taken the trouble of growing a palm tree from scratch and you wish to sell it, you might be stocked by hundreds if not thousands.

If you are a plant lover, the wait and the price spent on palm trees are entirely worth it, as, in the end, you get one of the best, most attractive additions in your garden.

If you wish to sell your palm tree, you will earn a handsome profit on the plant as well as the extra expenses made like shipping price, landscaping, etc. It will easily add a few hundred dollars to your account.

How much does an outdoor Palm tree cost?

An Outdoor Palm tree has a fair cost from $45 to $10000. However, palm trees have much more to them than just buying. The most important responsibility as an owner of an outdoor palm tree is to take good and regular care of it. Once your tree is settled, you will have to pay a fortune for its regular care.

Palm tree maintenance involves pruning and fertilizing two times a year.

IF your outdoor tree is relatively smaller, you can do the pruning work on your own.

With taller trees, professional assistance is advisable as they are more experienced in work. Also, with hiring professionals, you won’t have to fear damaging your palms.

How much does a Full-grown palm tree cost?

Depending on their size, longevity, leaves, height, and other factors, a full-grown palm tree can range anywhere from $70 to $150,000+. This insanely expensive plant has over 2600 species, each of them unique in its own way.

Not only are these trees costly, but also there is a good amount of expenditure behind their Palm tree care.

These tropical plants are gorgeous and will change the level of your garden if you get one.

Different variations of palm trees, be it indoor palms, local palms, or rare species like Royal Palms, Coco-de-mer, etc., the elegance of palm trees is worth the price.


The height of palms is their biggest attraction. Apart from this admiring beauty, palm trees are also useful in many ways.

These were a few types of palm trees and their prices.

Though costly, these trees are a dream of every gardener. I hope this article was able to fulfill your queries about palm trees and their various price ranges.