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Marble Queen Pothos : A Complete Guide To Care And Growing

Marble Queen Pothos : A Complete Guide To Care And Growing

If you are a plant lover with an admiration for trailing vines, you are probably aware of the pothos. The attractive devil’s ivy with its divine beauty can enhance the look of your adobe.

While pothos itself features an ultimate showy look, the beauty doubles up in the case of each variant of the vine. Marble queen pothos is one of the most graceful variants of the trailing vine.

The unique Epipremnum pinnatum features large, heart-shaped, waxy leaves with green and white shade. If you are curious to know about this robust houseplant, go through the rest of the article.

What is marble queen pothos?

Marble queen pothos or Epipremnum pinnatum is an eye-catching houseplant that is also a member of a robust pothos family. Like all other pothos cousins, the marble queen variant also stands out of the crowd due to the unique heart-shaped and huge leaves.

The houseplant features large leaves in white and green shades with a waxy upper layer, and that is why the stunning indoor plant illuminates even in a gloomy room.

You can grow the decorative house plant the way you prefer. If you love to put it on a coffee table with a white ceramic or a traditional terracotta container, the marble queen pothos can make a stunning table plant.

Also, many indoor gardeners love to place the trailing vines in a hanging tub so that the ivy can create a flowing trail.

If you are one of them, you can make marble queen pothos a gorgeous trailing vine. In both cases, they look equally magnificent.

Now, if you think this striking beauty can be very demanding, you are wrong. The easy-to-care profile of the marble queen pothos has made it even more popular.

Since it is another low-maintenance plant like every variant of devil’s ivy, the houseplant makes a perfect choice for a newbie or forgetful gardener. Raising marble queen pothos is so easy that you can grow them anywhere in the world.

Although the indoor plant is native to tropical climates, it can survive across the globe due to its outstanding compatibility.

The robust trailing vine requires minimal care, even no care at all.

But, marble queen pothos grows fast and stay healthy in an appropriate atmosphere. If the trailing vine receives bright indirect light throughout the seasons, it will reach its full potential.

The trailing ivy survives in any lighting condition. But, complete darkness or scorching sunshine can burn the foliage of the pothos and make them lose their variation.

The marble queen pothos love to stay within a temperature level of 18-29 degrees Celsius. Also, the trailing vine prefers to reside in a humid region because it is native to tropical climates.

If your home features a humidity range of 40-60%, the houseplant will thrive well in the adobe.

But, it does not translate, so you cannot grow marble queen pothos in a dry arid area. In that case, you will need to install a supreme quality humidifier to offer adequate moisture to the houseplant.

So, now you have probably understood that marble queen pothos is another sturdy member of the pothos family. Also, anyone can grow them if the individual follows our guidance while taking care of this stunning indoor plant.

Where do you buy marble queen pothos?

You can purchase healthy marble queen pothos on several online platforms, like Amazon, Etsy. Marble queen pothos is the most demanding variant of the entire pothos family only because of its stunning foliage. The leaves appear to be unique due to the shining green and creamy white contrast all over them.

So, the gorgeous waxy foliage changes the whole appearance of the marble queen pothos and makes it one of the most ornamental houseplants.

Since this decorative indoor plant even changes the look of the household, the vine is always in great demand. So, it will be difficult for you to find the trailing vine in a local nursery.

But, you can easily purchase a cutting or the live plant on multiple online platforms. They are user-friendly, and you do not have to step out from your house to get the gorgeous houseplant. Below we have shared two popular online e-commerce sites where you can buy marble queen pothos.

Amazon offers everything

Being one of the most veteran and familiar sites, Amazon even sells marble queen pothos. Probably most of us are familiar with the name of this popular e-commerce website, and it is because of the wide range of products that are available on the platform.

Many business owners across the globe sell various objects through Amazon.

You can smoothly get groceries, makeup products, garments, decorative items, and even live plants from the website.

So, it sums up that you can get anything on the e-commerce site. Now, let us talk about the marble queen pothos they sell on Amazon.

According to the product details, you can get live marble queen pothos in an 8-inch hanging pot at a discount rate.

The great deal will allow you to get a stunning trailing vine with strikingly variable leaves. If you provide an appropriate atmosphere, it will grow in a gorgeous vine.

Etsy will let you pick as per your choice.

Even though Etsy is a USA-based e-commerce website, they also offer cuttings and marble queen pothos vine on their platform.

Unlike Amazon, here you will find a large variety of cuttings and live plants from different sellers. So, plenty of options will allow you to select the perfect houseplant from the top-rated seller at a reasonable range.

Plus, if you talk about authenticity and careful shipping procedure, Etsy is one of the most trustworthy sites.

Their transparent business policies have helped them reach this top position. As they take care of customer satisfaction, you will even get a smooth return policy on your purchase of marble queen pothos.

How to properly take care of your marble queen pothos?

Even though marble queen pothos can endure negligence for weeks, a little care and maintenance can help them thrive fast.

Like any other variants of pothos, this whitish-green variety also has a shortlist of requirements. Although marble queen pothos grows well even in a shadowy area, bright indirect light will help them stay healthy.

The pothos does not bother even if you forget to water them for weeks.

But, the elegant trailing vine prefers to get hydrated when the upper layer of the potting medium becomes dry. Still, remember, excessive moisture hinders the growth of the plant. So, it is okay to water marble queen pothos a little less than required.

Another way to prevent overhydration for the devil’s ivy is using soil with good drainage.

Potting mixture with a well-drainage facility prevents the plant from standing in a puddle of water for a long time. Below we have shared a complete guide on how to take care of marble queen pothos.

They prefer bright places like a windowsill.

As we have mentioned earlier, marble queen pothos is another sturdy variant of the attractive training ivy. They grow well literally anywhere in any lighting condition. But, if you love to offer this stunning plant a little more care, place them in a bright room with indirect sunlight.

Marble queen pothos is familiar for its charismatic contrast of two marvelous shades, gorgeous green and captivating creamy white.

The huge waxy leaves of the pothos with these two hues can hold their shine only if you keep the plant in a bright area. We all know that pothos can grow even in a dark room or in a place with plenty of fluorescent light.

But, in the case of the marble queen variant, things are a bit different.

Since graceful ivy is familiar mainly because of its shade, the vine can lose its variation because of insufficient light, and no pothos-lover wants that to happen. So, it will be better to stick to the bright, indirect lighting condition for your fancy marble queen pothos.

But it can also be a concerning situation if your vine receives scorching sunlight directly for a long time of a day.

It can burn your divine houseplant. So, try to keep it in an indoor greenhouse or on a windowsill, or any luminous place that does not get direct sun.

Marble queen pothos love to get hydrated when needed.

Sincere gardeners prefer to stick to a tight watering schedule while taking care of their elegant houseplants.

So, pothos-lovers are no different, and they also think that only hydrating the trailing ivy at a fixed time ensures the apt moisture level. But, in the case of the marble queen pothos, the perfect method of hydration differs.

It will be best if you water the trailing vine only when the upper layer of the soil gets dry.

The top two inches of potting mixture take approximately 7-10 days to become drained. But, the time differs as per the several environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and climate.

So, put your finger into the potting medium before every watering schedule.

Checking the moisture level will give you an idea of how much water your marble queen pothos require.

It will prevent root rot. But, if you see the stunning foliage of the vines suddenly get droopy, the reason can be dehydration.

The roots love to get misted.

Although misting sounds similar to watering, it is not. Misting increases the humidity level of the ambiance so that plants can grow faster.

While marble queen pothos does not prefer excessive moisture, the huge waxy leaves get happy in high humidity levels. It is because of the tropical residence of the trailing vine.

The whitish-green devil’s ivy is mainly native to the tropical climate.

That is why the plant prefers to stay in a highly humid region. If your area has high humidity naturally, you will see noticeable growth in your marble queen pothos.

But, in a dry arid region, you can increase the surrounding humidity by misting the foliage when required.

Even though spraying water is convenient to increase ambient moisture, you can also consider installing a humidifier.

Since misting comes with a risk of root rotting or withered foliage, the humidifier sets the surrounding humidity to the perfect level.

Also, for a forgetful gardener, controlling a humidifier is easy, and you only need to select the required level and start the machine.

The well-drainage potting mixture helps the trailing ivy to grow faster

Marble queen pothos, like its other pothos siblings, loves to get planted in soil with supreme drainage. Mold with poor drainage capacity holds moisture for a longer time than required.

So, it can make your stunning marble queen pothos stand in a pool of water for longer. The phenomenon has the worst consequences, like root rot or even the death of the delicate vine due to excessive moisture.

So, always try to plant your elegant marble queen pothos in a nutrient-rich potting medium that will drain the water on time.

You can add perlite or eggshells to ensure better drainage. Also, while potting the houseplant, make sure the tub features a hole at the bottom for well-drainage.

How should you propagate your Marble Queen Pothos?

Like every other living being, a marble queen pothos also gets old and slender. A passionate gardener can get upset at that sight. The aging process is natural, and you can do nothing to stop it.

But, fortunately, with the help of propagation methods, a vine-admirer can grow infinite marble queen pothos even at home. The procedure will cost you zero penny and offer 100% effectiveness. Below we have shared two popular ways to propagate the striking vine.

The water method is very convenient

Since the water in a transparent glass bowl permits you to see the root development of the cutting, the water propagation method is convenient for any newbie gardener. To perform the task, first, you need to trim the stem of a marble queen pothos.

Cut a few inches below a node so that the cutting has some leaves.

Now put it in a jar full of water. Make sure at least one node immerses into the water. If any leaf touches the water, remove it. Also, replace the water whenever it gets murky.

If the cutting receives adequate warmth and indirect light, you will see new roots sprouting from the node within a few weeks. Now, you can plant the cuttings in the soil or leave them in the glass jar permanently.

You can propagate even in the potting medium.

The soil propagation method has a lot of similarities with the water one. Here, you will also need to cut the old marble queen pothos in the same way so that each cutting features one node.

Now, stick the cuttings in a container full of the moist potting mixture. Make sure at least one node stays underground. Now provide the cuttings with adequate light, humidity, and air so that new roots start developing within a few weeks.

End thought

Marble queen pothos has a stunning presence that multiplies the beauty of its ambiance. The robust vine can make even a bland room into a terrific one. Plus, the look of this variant doubles up for the artistic contrast of pretty green and creamy white color.

While the appearance can pause anyone for a moment, the easy-to-care feature can lure any forgetful gardener.

The low maintenance profile of a marble queen pothos is another reason behind its popularity, and they can endure negligence even for weeks. So, marble queen pothos can be a perfect leafy friend of any gardener.