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13 Best Flowers To Grow Hydroponically [ #9 Is My Favorite ]

13 Best Flowers To Grow Hydroponically [ #9 Is My Favorite ]

What do we mean by hydroponically? It means growing plants without the help of soil. It is because the technology has reached here that we can grow plants without the use of soil.

It is pretty impressive, and there are so many benefits to it.

Soil takes a lot of time to form, as it is created by natural means. When we use soil a lot for agricultural purposes, we are initiating soil erosion.

In recent times, soil erosion has increased drastically due to deforestation and soil used for different purposes.

After a million years of decomposition, one thin layer of soil can be formed.

You can indeed imagine the time soil needs to create a layer.

Well, as humans, we are responsible for the erosion, and now, we should take care of it. Therefore, this method of ‘hydroponic growth of plants has been discovered.

Can you grow flowers using hydroponics?

Yes, flowers can be grown by using the hydroponics method. Gardening is a time-consuming and hard job. Only planting doesn’t help. We need to take care of the weeds, pests, and many things to keep them safe. Due to the presence of soil, we often mess up the place in our house due to muddy substances.

We can use the hydroponics method to avoid, if not all, but many problems at once.

Plants will grow faster, and there will be no problem with any weeds. The plants will be hard, strong, and healthy as ever because of the hydroponics method.

It also requires very little space and works best for the people who think that gardening is not a thing for them. The hydroponics method makes everything very easy and convenient.

If you don’t have space for gardening, don’t worry, the hydroponics method also solves this problem.

It requires very little space. Hydroponics method means usage of water supply which contains a lot of nutrients for the plants.

It doesn’t include the usage of soil at all. Instead of soil, we can use plastics, rock, or mulch in this process.

Hydroponic plants can be grown outdoors and indoors both.

There are multiple choices available.

You can choose the small or big type of flowers to grow depending on the surroundings and the place you have. Which flower you can grow, Outdoor or indoor, depends on the above-mentioned fact.

The different plants require different surroundings to grow. Hence, decide the type and then arrange the plants.

Why do flowers grow faster by the hydroponics method? This is because of the absence of soil. You can control the pH level, nutrients level, and all the necessary needs for your plant.

The presence of soil creates a barrier for the plants.

In the absence of soil, the roots don’t have to put all their energy into absorbing nutrients from the soil.

There are less or no chance of insects and weeds. Considering all these factors, we know that plants will grow faster while using the hydroponic method.

Types of hydroponics system

There are six different ways we can execute the hydroponics method. Let us look into it for some more details.

Wick system: This is the easiest way in terms of a hydroponic system. It doesn’t require much setup.

There is no need for any electricity for this method.

The plants are put in an absorbent substance, and nylon wicks are positioned around the plants before sending them in a nutrient solution. It is best suited for small gardens and small places if placed indoors. It’s a great start for beginners.

Water culture: In this system, the plants are directly placed into the nutrient solution. In the wick system, certain things are placed between the plants and the water.

In the water culture system, this step is overpassed and is directly kept in the solution. The required oxygen for the respective plant is sent into the water by diffuser or air stone.

Ebb and Flow: This system is used by home gardeners and is a prevalent method. It requires some more space than a normal system like a wick or water culture system.

The plants are placed in beds that are filled with grow mediums such as perlite.

When the plants are planted, they will be flooded with the nutrient-rich solution until the water reaches a couple of inches below the top layer. This ensures that the solution will not overflow.

Drip system: This system is easy to use and can be installed by everyone. It is best for the gardeners who wish to make changes in the plants regularly.

The nutrient solution is used in a drip system by pumping into the tube, which sends the solution directly to the plant’s base.

You can also adjust the flow and the amount of liquid for the pants.

Nutrient Film Technology: It requires a huge place to be executed. The nutrient solution is placed in a large reservoir.

From the reservoirs, the solution is pumped out into channels.

It flows down the slopes and into the roots of the plants. This system helps the excess nutrient solution to flow back.

Aeroponic system: This system is easy to understand but challenging to build.

The plants will be suspended in the air, and some nozzles will be set up below the plants.

The nutrient solution will be sprayed over the plants through the nozzles. The nozzles are also connected to the water pump directly, and this is a very effective method.

Best flowers to grow hydroponically

If you are choosing to grow flowers by the hydroponics method, then you are taking a step ahead in the course of sustainable living. There are many vegetables, herbs, and flowers, which can be grown by this method, making everything easier.

1. Orchids

No one can resist the beautiful flower orchid. It signifies beauty differently.

When you are gifting orchids, it means you are showing that person is very dedicated. Orchids take eight months to mature. There are 20,000 to 30,000 species of orchids.

That’s a large variety, and we can choose between them.

Their colors and shapes are so eye-catching that they can light up any place.

Yes, they can be grown hydroponically.

This is because they are epiphytes; the roots grow outside the soil, in the air. They like high levels of humidity and absorb nutrients from the air.

2. Amaryllis

If you want to attract your guests’ attention, then you can go for Amaryllis. They are big, gorgeous flowers, which will gather praise from your guests for their appearance.

They mainly grow in a temperate climate. They are houseplants with a great variety. Amaryllis can be grown hydroponically.

If you are using this method, you can modify the size of the plants as well. You can produce big flowers hydroponically.

A simple deep water culture method will also do.

You can even grow this flower in a jar with some nutrient solution. It fits well in the easiest process.

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3. Iris

Iris is the most adaptable plant. They normally produce three flowers from one stem.

There are different species of Iris growing in different forms of medium. There are species of Iris that grow in water.

Hence, the hydroponics method can easily be applied to produce beautiful and colorful Iris flowers.

Iris has been grown for millennia. Egyptians and the Ancient Indian cultures have experienced the Iris flowers.

These are extraordinary flowers and have different names for each petal as well. It is lovely to grow Iris hydroponically at home.

4. Daffodils

These are famous flowers. We have a poem written upon daffodils by William Wordsworth. This beauty attracts people’s eyes and makes you feel calm.

Daffodil is also known to be the synonym of spring.

They are native to Mediterranean Basin and can be found in the parts of Asia, Europe, and North Africa.

The central petals look like a crown, and the rest are white big petals surrounding the crown of the flower.

It can be grown hydroponically in your respective houses.

Who will ignore growing this beauty in their house? These are amazingly extraordinary, and honestly, it looks best in the vases.

5. Freesia

Another exciting plant that can be grown in your hydroponics garden is freesia.

It has a sweet smell and gives you a tension-free life. How? We know that a good smell can change our mood.

In the same way, freesia can improvise our mood with its sweet smell and look.

Freesia comes in white, yellow, orange, red, and purple. Imagine growing beautiful flowers with a good smell at your home hydroponically. Isn’t it beautiful? Go for it without a second thought.

6. Chrysanthemums

Yes, now we are talking about the national flower of Japan. These beauties can be grown hydroponically as well.

Yellow flowers with a good smell. Well, it is mainly used during the death of a person.

Therefore, you can see these flowers being sold near the cemeteries.

These are mainly grown in western countries. You can also grow them in your house hydroponically.

You just need to arrange the required items and situations for the flowers to grow. It will attract people’s eyes within seconds.

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7. Gerbera

These are the substitute for daisies because they look alike.

Gerbera flowers are a bit different than the flowers, which are grown hydroponically, but they can be grown in this method as well.

It will look awesome and colorful if you are planning to go with it. There are many varieties of Gerbera.

You are left with many color choices in terms of this flower. Light to dark, anything you want is available for you.

They are mainly grown in tropical climates.

Gerbera likes water, and therefore, a kit can be grown by using the hydroponics method.

You just need to get the nutrient solution right for the plants.

8. Carnations

It is the epitome of a good smell. Along with being beautiful, Carnations also have a good smell, or I might say the best smell.

They have some longest blossom of cut flowers and are very suitable to grow in the hydroponics way.

These are known as divine flowers and come in a variety.

There is no reason why you can’t grow carnations in your home hydroponically.

If you grow them, your neighbors will wonder that you have started a perfume factory of your own.

9. Peace Lily

As the name suggests, this flower can bring peace into your life. Who knows? These plants look extraordinarily beautiful. You can grow them as a houseplant hydroponically.

This exotic plant is white and hence the name, peace lily.

A long inflorescence rises from the middle of the plant, and the petals gather around it.

The leaves give a special effect and emphasize the flower even more. It is unique and can be used to grow in your house. These are very popular flowers and will attract people’s eyes.

10. Hyacinth

The easiest plant to grow is Hyacinth. It can be grown hydroponically in your garden. It is a low-maintenance plant and saves time more than other flowers.

If you look at it from a distance, you’ll see a colorful bush in the name of Hyacinth.

It looks cute and doesn’t need much care.

You can choose this flower to grow any day you want.

You just need to make sure that the nutrient solution should not run out. Fertilizers are important in this case.

11. Hoya

Hoya is also known as the wax plant. When it starts flowering, it produces star-like shapes and grows in a bushy way.

The leaves are smooth and soft.

It is of low maintenance and can be grown hydroponically at your home.

Hoyas don’t need over-watering. You need to make sure to maintain the water supply level of the plant.

There are 200 species of Hoyas, to be exact. Leaving you with a great number of choices.

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12. Snapdragons

This plant is native to Europe and North America.

They are very popular and come in a variety. They can be grown hydroponically, but they will need a bit of care from the gardener.

These are very much sensitive to the weather condition. It is better to grow them indoors.

13. Dahlias

Dahlias are very popular flowers, liked by many people in the world.

You can grow Dahlias hydroponically indoors.

They are closely related to sunflowers. You need to make sure to provide them with a lot of space to grow. As we know, they are big flowering plants; hence they need space of their own.


We always find a way to live a sustainable life. The hydroponics method is also one of them. We can easily install them and grow all types of veggies and herbs with low maintenance. Choose your favorite and start cultivating!